Okinawa Hai fallback


I’ve been meaning to give props to this place for a while now.  It’s a locally based flower delivery service called  While I was in the States several months ago and needed flowers delivered to my husband (yes, I believe that men need flowers too…), I used this site and was extremely satisfied with the service.  When I e-mailed asking for a mixed bunch of the “manliest” flowers they had available,’s response was instantaneous.  (They suggested a tropical arrangement, in case you are wondering.)  Upon delivery, they had him pose for a snapshot with flowers in hand.  As it was made at his office, he was mortified by this, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his sheepish little grin when FlowerDrop surprised me by e-mailing me the photo.  Great work!

According to the website, they need at least 48 hours to make deliveries and they make them both on and off base.  Check it out!


  1. While my husband was deployed, he surpprised me with a beautiful bouquet of lilies for our anniversary from this company. They took a digital pic of me and my daughter with the flowers in hand to send to him. They were very nice and the flowers lasted for 2 1/2 weeks! Great company!