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For the New Year I’ve been looking for a fun new way to incorporate more movement into my daily life as well as do something fabulous (jazz hands)! I was so excited to find out that a new dance studio right outside Gate Street on Kadena was opening up in January. I took one of the trial classes in December and loved it! I am definitely signing up for classes!

Footloose Kids Ballet | Okinawa Hai

The studio, Footloose, offers classes for all age ranges and in many styles including Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Burlesque, and many more! Their talented staff consists of both English and Japanese speakers, many of whom have been dancing their entire lives and have professional experience.

Footloose Schedule 2013 | Okinawa Hai

Don’t sit on the wait list at the youth center any longer, sign your kids up for Footloose dance classes now! Cost is broken down through sliding scale tuition and there is a onetime 5000 yen membership fee. Compared to other studios I’ve seen in theStates, this one is a great deal for the money you’ll spend.

Footloose Directions | Okinawa Hai

Footloose is right across from Koza Music Town in Sun City Mall. They are starting classes now! For the full schedule of classes you can find them on Facebook or visit their website. They are very quick to respond to all inquiries. Start your new year off right and “shake it, shake them, cut loose!”


Phone:  098-989-8160

Hours: 8:00- 22:00

Payment: Cash, Yen, Credit Cards, or online

Directions: From Kadena Gate 2, you can park at the USO and walk towards the 330. There is also parking in Koza Music Town (100 yen per hour) or the meters lining Gate 2 Street (free after 8:00 pm).

Physical Address: 1-7-18 Chuo, Okinawa City, Okinawa, 904-0004


  1. Started my daughter here about 4 months ago and very disappointed so far. The costs for the “costumes” is crazy, then we had to pay $30 for a seasonal t-shirt that she won’t even wear for the recital (that we also have to pay for, and that is also no guarantee that she’ll beer in) then we have to pay for a dvd or photo of the recital that’s also ridiculously overpriced. We thought at first it was a good deal compared to the states but with all of their overpriced items it’s not a good deal at all. Add to that their sub par instruction and we won’t be doing another “semester” with them

  2. My child has been at Footloose almost since they opened, and we have always loved it! That is until recently…. and while I realize things/prices will change I feel that there has been a huge increase in prices/fees and you’re getting less for your money. There was an increase of $15/1500 yen per month without any notification to previous students, also they now charge $30/3000 yen to participate in the recital at a venue they get for FREE, the DVD/CD of the rehearsal and recital went from including all pictures to having to go through all the pictures to pick out 50 (or less, depending on how many their photographer took with your child in it), there was also an increase in price on that CD/DVD. Then this semester, after the fees to be in the recital and the costumes have been paid for, they announce that we are not allowed to have our phones or cameras to take pictures of our own children at a public venue! Instead we have to purchase a package from them to have any memories or pictures of our children from this recital. Very disappointed!

  3. We have been on Island for almost two years, my daughter has been at the youth center since we have got on island. We have always looked into putting her into more lessons or privates, but because the youth center has a restriction on how many you can take, no private lessons and you can not move up till you turn a certain age, I have thought she was going to be behind once we get into the states. Then we found Footloose, I was a little worried since it is off base but decided to try it. It is amazing. One my daughter is learning more and more like she would if she was in a studio in the states. She is also taking private lessons. She loves it so much, the instructors are amazing. You would think you were at a studio in the states. There they can do so much more than the youth center. The prices are almost the same, but you get so much more here than at the youth center. They even have showcases. I would say just go take a trial and you will automatically fall in love. The parking is not bad, on sunny days you can park at the uso and walk down. Then if its raining we just park and pay 200 yen which is not bad at all. They have so many classes to pick from, just pick on and do a trial.