· First stop was the Forest Adventure office in Onna where we read the rules, signed a waiver and paid admission.

· Next we drove our vehicle across the street to a dirt parking area, and climbed into a shuttle van, which took us to the park itself.
· After a short trek on foot from the shuttle van to Wipeout Lodge, we were aggressively buckled into harnesses by a professional assistant and given a quick demonstration on using the safety clips.


Note: these harnesses are no joke! Be prepared to have all “your business” squeezed, squashed and spilled out for everyone to see.


· Final stop before actually riding the lines is a guided safety and skill demonstration on a mini-course. Not all of the guides speak English, but we had a spunky lady from Scotland and she was a riot. We each got to practice our new-learned skills on the mini-course, until the guide was confident that we knew what we were doing.


· At that point we were free to go through the course unsupervised. It was great!  There was no one clipping us in and out and no nets below. I felt a sense of freedom to just go along at my own pace and by my own power.  I only saw a couple of employees during the entire course.


· The course itself is a series of zip lines, hiking paths and other obstacles. To ride the zip lines we were challenged to climb ropes and cargo net ladders.  Midway through the course is a complimentary cold drink case, where we got to choose between orange or grape soda – 1 per customer, please!


· The last section is a giant sized multi-level jungle gym complete with swinging board bridges, ring bridges, and the final zip line of the day. It also has a Tarzan Swing, a big free-swinging rope that’s reached by climbing a series of tall ladders. You fasten your clip into the rope, and then launch yourself off the platform! After a short free fall, you swing Tarzan-style right into a floppy cargo net! It’s a hoot!

· There are plenty of chances to take pictures and video. If you haven’t gone already, plan the outing right now!

If you would like to buy tickets for Forest adventure please click the book now button below.

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Directions:Take Highway 58 to the Renaissance Resort (Marriott). Turn onto Highway 6 for roughly 3 Kilometers and watch for the Forest Adventure Park Office on your left.
Operating Hours: Park is open daily from 9-5; last entry must be by 4 p.m.; closed for bad weather and holidays. Call 098-963-0088 for updates and reservations.
Price: 18 and older is 3,500 yen. Under 18 is 2,500 yen. Family of three is 8,000 yen; family of four is 9,500 yen; and family of 5 is 11,000 yen.
Reservations: A group of 8 or more requires a reservation; the reservation office is open until 6 p.m. daily.
Restrictions: Participants must be at least 140 cm tall (roughly 4 foot 6 inches) and weigh less than 130 kg (about 286 lbs). No pregnant women or flip-flops/slip-on shoes allowed on obstacles.
Amenities: Port-A-Squatty bathrooms are available behind the Wipeout Lodge.

Additional Internet Forest Adventure Park reviews/information:
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WELL?! Why are you still sitting there? Get off your duff, find out if it’s open and GO!



  1. Going tomorrow for our 3rd time. First two times awesome and our youngest is now tall enough to join…. Staff is great and surprised that typical Japanese safety concerns are put aside and here, they let you experience the fun without all the typical Japanese safety belts. They do teach you all the required safety stuff and prepare you but do not hamper your experience. Definite MUST if you are in Okinawa, promise, you will have a blast

  2. I took a few of my Marines there for a PME and we LOVED IT! A group of 8 or more was only 3,000 yen! This price is for ALL DAY, you can go through as many times as you want! I remember reading somewhere that there is a free meal with reservation (may not have been here), and when we asked about it, the English speaking guy (he’s not an american) told us that we were crazy! lol! So make sure and eat before going or have a plan to have lunch afterward! 😛

  3. I just called to make a reservation and they actually had an American working there, so there were no language barriers. He may not work every day, but if you have trouble when you call just try back another time.

  4. Just went with a friend from out of town and had a blast! If you plan to go on a weekend or a holiday–call first! They may be booked up! It is recommended you make a reservation on those days. It was great going on a weekday b/c there were few other people there. Buy the gloves they sell and save your hands from callouses. It is pretty strenuous so be careful when going on a hot day. Don’t wear short shorts, and don’t wear shoes that don’t TIE. They do not accept slip-ons at all. Bring a small camera case to hold some yen and your camera and sling it over your body. You can buy water at the top starting/ending place. Otherwise, I would leave all your valuables and jewelry hidden in your car, but you can rent lockers too. Careful of your watch–if you have a nice one, take it off. Go forth and jump!

  5. It should be noted that the actual requirement height is 4’8″ not 4’6″… This tidbit may save some sad faces of kids waiting to reach the height requirement. Its a great park and a huge accomplishment for the little ones! :>

  6. I have gone about 7 or 8 times now with my husband and with other friends. You dont need reservations if you pay by the individual usually, unless it is on a busy day. You still have to pay if you decide to sit out, and they dont check IDs to verify age, but it is considered a really bad thing to lie to a Japenese person. You could be asked to never come back again.

  7. We just tried to go to FAP and on the site it said reservations for 8 or more, when you need a reservation for any amount of people…bummer, because we really wanted to go today! Call ahead before you try to go!

  8. We just went with a group of 7 people and we had SO MUCH FUN!!! If you have a group of 8 or more the price goes down by 500¥ to 3000¥, we should have invited one more friend! Definitely make sure you bring tennis shoes or you’ll have to buy some there for like 15,000¥, which was not that bad. It is definitely is a great place to go with a group of friends or family. We’ll try to go again!

  9. @ Amanda, the # is (098) 963-0088.

    I recently took a large group, 27 people, and had a fabulous time. The staff was friendly and very accommodating. We brought a big lunch in coolers that they brought up to the lodge area for us. We shared sandwiches with them and they shared bee larva with us (no kidding)!

    We made reservations and bought tickets through Kadena ITT and it worked out wonderfully. We needed to reschedule once and everyone made it work.

    Did you know that there is a Forest Adventure park at the base of Mt. Fuji also?

  10. Rob-
    It took us about an hour and a half. We took our time and played for quite a while on the obstacle course part. Just a friendly reminder, wear tennis shoes. They won’t let you go with anything else!

  11. I am ADDICTED!! Can’t wait to go again! If you have 8 or more people you get a discounted rate at 3,000 yen a person. You should definitely make a reservation if you plan on going on the weekend as there were large groups waiting. Such a blast!

  12. Recommend calling first even for small groups because Staff will tell you if there is a large party during the time you were planning to Zip. Starting earlier/later can prevent a lot of waiting in line. FAP has a few fluent English speakers but they’re at the Lodge. With your patience the office staff is very accommodating.
    Definitely bring a small drawstring pack or camelbak pack for water to zip with. No restroom or drinks are on the trail. There is a cooler with free generic soda before the Last Zipline. My family always takes a cooler with drinks/sandwiches to leave at the “Lodge”. We’ve started bringing extra snacks for our friends at FAP. They love trying them. You have to take off the harness to use the restroom or smoke. They do not want any smoking in their harnesess or near the Lodge so they will point you out of the area. Use the Western toilet at the office before they shuttle you up to the lines. (You’ll sweat out the rest of the moisture in your body.) Bring everything you need out of your car: Sunscreen, Food/Drink, Yen, & Cameras. Bring a small sweat towel and use eyeglass straps and Boonie Hats with chin straps to prevent lost ballcaps.
    I have sat out on Zipping before and stayed at the basecamp. The staff is a lot of fun and you can videotape most of the action. There will be one Zip line and one bridge crossing that you’ll miss but otherwise you’ll see it all.
    *For children, it’s not strictly their height that is the concern but whether they can reach the wire to apply their own caribiner. My 9 year old has a better reach than my 11 year old and is shorter. My 11 year old has a longer torso causing her a bit of difficulty so definitely stop by their office and use their practice line before giving up on taking your monkeys. They’re open everyday until 6pm. That also goes for bigger folk. You may be under the weight max but I’ve seen some Gym Rats with huge leg muscles turned away because the harness wouldn’t go up to the waist.
    The office is on RT 6 just before Maeda Point and across from the Fishing port/Sports Field. They share the building with a little Mom&Pop Grocery store that has some great last minute goodies to take up with you. If you’re starving afterwards there are a bunch of そば (So-ba) shops along 6 to choose from. Besides Okinawa Soba most have the old standbys too: Yakisoba, Taco Rice, Coffee, & Beer.
    Torii is only 15 min away and has a Subway if you’ve spent all you adventure-ness at FAP. 🙂
    These are from trial/error experiences my family has had with FAP. It’s great fun and turned my monkeys into adrenaline junkies. They climbed Mt. Fuji this summer and heard there was a FAP at its base from the Onna crew. New adventure? We’ll see.
    Okinawa is a Tourist Haven so things do cost a pretty YENnie but if you never do it when will you get another chance? Go Explore!!

    • You said you sat out once. Did you get to do anything? Did you have to pay? My family is gong there but I’m very apprehensive. I have MS which is controlled but my legs aren’t the strongest. I’m worried whether I can make it or not. What do you think? Do I need to be in really good shape to do this?

  13. Great half-day outing! My wife and I went with a group of friends and had an incredible time. I recommend going; especially if have some fears of height. It is just safe enough to still feel the thrill! (be sure and bring your tennis shoes)

  14. Just got back from Forest Adventure Park with my three teenagers and we had a blast. (Or Beast, as the kids say) Went up early, by 0900, and was on the trail by 0930. We got done the first run about 1100, and the Staff guy at the last Zip Line pointed to the beginning and told us to go again. So off we went again, atleast my boys went with me, my daughter sat it out.
    But it WAS CHEAPER paying there instead of at MCCS ITT at Foster, and they told us on Saturday that “FAP” was full until 13:30 and my Son had to be over 18 YO to be an adult, this was wrong, atleast 18 YO to be an adult. and after I left Foster, I called the “FAP” and told them we would be there at 0900 and they took down the info and said “See you in the morning!” Can you tell I’m not very happy with MCCS ITT?
    Anyway, it was a great treat to take the kids the day before they go back to school. it did get very hot about noon, even with the light rain shower we got. Heres a hint for you, shorts with zippered pockets for yen and keys. Exposed buttons caught up in the net bridges. Take a couple hundred yen up to the actual trail they sell Cold water and sodas at the Hut. We took a CamelBack and that took care of the four of us for the 3 hours we were there, should have put ice in it though. Sun block too.

  15. We went last weekend and it was fantastic! We called a few days before and we were glad we did because they were packed by the time we left. It was really hot and I also wished I had brought a water on the course with me – I would bring a very small pack with me next time – also, we went at 9 and it was HOT by the time we were done.
    Going in large groups seemed to take forever. We went, just us 2, and it took us an hour and a half. The large groups did a lot of waiting around, but everyone was nice enough to let us go on ahead instead of getting stuck behind their lines.

  16. I don’t know if it was already mentioned but they only take yen. No American dollars or credit cards. My husbnad and I went a few days ago and had a blast but saw a few people leave because they did not have yen.

  17. Michelle, there are picnik tables where they can wait in the shade, or they can wander around and take pictures – but we were there for about two hours, with no waiting between zips. If it’s summer and crowded, you could be looking at four hours – it might really be better for them to wait at home where it’s cool and comfortable. 🙂

  18. This was a lot of fun, there are like 10-13 zip lines and even though they were tiring, it was a blast, i was a lil scared at the tarzan swing but i finally went after 10 minutes, i figured if i was gonna pay 3500 yen i might as well take the hard route, i would definately be going again!

  19. I went here once and can not wait to go again. The freedom that you get from gliding through the air on the zip lines is unparalleled. Not having to be supervised all the way is also a plus. I have told everyone I know about FAW and will continue to go as often as I can while I am on Island.

  20. My hubby and I went there a couple weeks ago and it was a perfect day!! The weather was just right and it wasn’t crowded with people. We went around twice-I really hate that rope ladder-it was a blast!!! We will most likely do it again many times!! If you go as a family-you get a discount on all the admission prices as a group-so you may want to borrow someones kids, it can give you up to 500Yen off each admission.

  21. We went there today for my husband’s birthday. Wow, it was fun! I’m not at all a fan of the ladders, but the ziplines, bridges, etc were a blast! Even my heights hating hubby loved it.

    It was really easy to find & they were very friendly and helpful. I think I read that they close in November?

    I thought I read somewhere that they were only open from July-November? I can’t find that info now though so maybe I’m wrong?!?

  22. If you have not yet tried this place out- YOU HAVE GOT TO GO!! We went today with a whole group of boys scouts and had an absolute BLAST!! Staff is very helpful and friendly. I am not keen on jumping off of things, but did it and LOVED it! Even the Tarzan swing- which was scary but OH SO FUN! (little hard to chicken out with a whole group of Boy Scouts cheering you on) Please note- they require one adult participating for every two kids…so be prepared for that. Also- the adventure begins as soon as you leave the office and get on the shuttle- those guys are crazy! It was certainly a thrill ride driving up through the sugar cane/pineapple fields to the park- we all had a good laugh about it (not unsafe- just crazy!) My two boys (11 and 16) are already asking about going back…and we are going to check into the season passes…Oh, they do have picnic tables up at the Lodge as well as small pay lockers. Good place to secure your keys, HATS (one of our group lost his over the jungle), or camera…

  23. WHAT A BLAST!!! My husband & I are already looking forward to going again! We met up with some friends there, and I just wanted to point out something about the directions posted on here…they turned on the first sign for Highway 6 which will still get you there, but it’s about 10 km down the road on the right. My husband is sure that it’s faster to go up to the Marriott, but just in case someone doesn’t catch that part of the directions, it’s doable from both ways!

    Get out and go! It’s worth it!

  24. I’ve been to this place twice and I would do it again and again if it were cheaper! It’s a complete blast! It takes me a good minute to let go of the Tarzan Swing, but It’s absolutely worth it! 🙂

    I do want to add that your directions (the same ones from J.U. ) take you about 10 minutes out of the way. Instead, take Highway 58 north until you see neon orange palm trees, then turn left at the big Ryukyu Mura sign that looks like a TV. Take that road all the way down until it T’s and turn left. (A right here will take you back toward the Renaissance) Forest Adventure will be on your left about a minute after the turn for Cape Maeda.

  25. We went today with a group of hard-charging Young Marines (HOORAH!)and we had an absolute blast! The guides were great and made sure the kids (and adults) knew what they were doing before letting us move on. We had a great time, but safety HAS to come first at this place. With no safety nets or guides at most points, we were for sure “on our own.” I highly recommend it and look forward to going again!