Futenma Market

I have been searching high and low for a produce market that isn’t too far off the beaten path and yet still has a large selection.  I finally found it, at the suggestion of two friends, and it fits the (Yen) bill perfectly!

The market is conveniently located to Foster, Futenma and Kinser.  I live on Lester and don’t think the drive is too far, and because it is right off of 58 it is in close proximity to other errands I might need to run.  Perhaps most importantly, the price is DEFINITELY right!

Futenma Veggeis

Check out what I bought on this particular occasion:

Two small heads of lettuce 100Yen

Box of cherry tomatoes 138 Yen

Two medium tomatoes 100 Yen

Two medium yellow onions 98 Yen

Three small potatoes 128 Yen

One huge bunch of bananas! 180 Yen

Grand total 744 Yen!

You can’t beat that price, and everything is so fresh!  Aside from what I bought today, they also carry other staples like carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, cabbage, and various types of lettuce in addition to other less-common items such as asparagus, pea pods, strawberries, kiwi and mushrooms.  Of course, they carry lots of Okinawan items (goya, various noodles, etc.) and typically have cartons of fresh brown eggs for only 200 Yen.

A great find and a quick stop – with such close parking, I was in and out in less than 10 minutes, even with my 1-year old!

Futenma Close Sign
 Due to conversational ineptness on the part of the author, the hours are unclear. However, I can tell you that I have visited this market as early at 9:30 a.m. and as late as 3:00 p.m. during the week, and I know friends who have visited there on Saturday.

Payment: Japanese Yen only

Directions:  Take 58 South past Foster.  Turn left at the traffic light for MCAS Futenma and then make a quick right at the first opportunity.  Follow the road down about one kilometer and you’ll see the produce market on your left-hand side, almost directly across from the Family Mart on the corner.  There are four parking spaces available.


  1. I visit this market at least once a week on my way home (Kinser) from work (futenma). They are open until 8 I believe on week nights. The staff does not speak english, but they are always so friendly. Their produce is 10x more fresh than you will ever find at the commissary and so much cheaper (no matter what the yen rate is!) I buy all of my produce here. Not mentioned in the other posts, they also sell lots of fruit; especially depending on what’s in season. There are always bananas, oranges and apples. Their pineapples are amazing and I normally get at least one every few weeks. When strawberries are in season, they are also amazing and worth the little bit higher price that they seam to be. I definitely recommend this place to anyone!

  2. Thanks for the information, but are those Dole bananas? I personally wouldn’t preferably choose to buy from Dole because of the company’s negative involvement with humans and the environment, although the choice it totally up to you – I just wanted to point that out for people who are unaware! 🙂

  3. We took the first right off 81 towards futenma and went down quite a ways and did not see the produce stand or family mart. Ended up at another gate for futenma. Any other directions that can help?

    • if you go south on 58 towards naha and then make the left like your going onto base, you will see a place to eat called My House on the right, it’s a split in the road. Go right on the split (instead of going up the hill to base) …head down that road maybe 2 or 3kilometers and it will be on your left on the corner right before Jimmys.

  4. Mindy: There is a JA produce market outside of gate 3 on Kadena. You go straight at that light and past Camp Shields and it will be on your left. If you hit the main road again you went too far.

  5. Like most privately owned Okinawan businesses, they are closed on Mondays. I have been there a few times on Monday because I kept forgetting. I’m not sure about Sunday, but I think they are open.

  6. Living here over 6 years I learned very quickly shop for vegies of Base. Free of pesticide, lots organics, and its fresh from the local farm. Also the eggs it’s free from grown hormones.
    Try the market by Camp Shield sometimes.

  7. That sounds lovely! Being closer to Kadena near the Kadena Marina, I wish there was something like this closer to me! For great, cheap, flavorful produce though I think I’ll just have to make an exception! Thanks for the article!!