A few weeks ago, I posted about the various avenues to getting in shape on this island, with an emphasis on Risner Gym’s Extreme Fitness Challenge. Well, I am 5 weeks into the 8 week program, and I have to say, I am a better woman for it.

I had lofty goals of dropping 15 lbs to fit into skinny jeans and thought that any workout regiment worth its salt would accomplish this (I’m a numbers gal).  However, as each daily workout passes by, and we’ve gone from spinning to pilates to timed runs, to weight lifting along side the scary dudes in the weight room, I’m paying less attention to the scale and am shocked with amazement at what my body can do with just 5 weeks of conditioning:

1. I am no longer short of breath biking straight up hill to the gym for 20 minutes. 2. I dropped a full minute off my 1.5 mile run time down to 14:07. (I now have a 1.5 mile run time, like a real athlete, thank you very much)  3. I went from 35 push-ups in minute to 63 push-ups. 4. I am the first one to say yes to an invitation to snorkel, play beach volleyball, or go for a run.

The 4th was most important to me, as the whole purpose for getting in shape for the summer was so that I could truly enjoy all the activities that presented themselves to us on this island.

Additionally, I have seen amazing progress in my groupmates.  We are committed to each other’s progress and really put our best effort into each day not just for our own benefit, but for that of our team.  It is a fantastic way to become active and meet a cross-section of people you might not otherwise encounter.

Speaking of fun outdoorsy things to do, the hubby and I went golfing on Saturday.  I’ve been golfing exactly twice before, although we have been practicing at the driving range.  Banyan Tree golf course is….well, it’s amazing.  If you can let go of the pressure of trying not look like a fool and just enjoy yourself out there, it is a zen-like experience.  How beautiful is this?


Now of course, I would prefer to get better at golf so I can play with people other than just my husband (who loves me and my lack of skills unconditionally).  The golf pros over at Banyan Tree feel my pain, so they are offering FREE group lessons to ladies on the last Thursday of every month at 5:00pm.  They recommend scheduling the appointment a week prior.  For more individualized help, You can purchase a package of five 30-minute lessons for $100.

I’m also looking for information on Triathlons, and Triathlon training groups…can anyone lead me in the right direction?

Have a beautiful and active weekend!


  1. My husband and I used to ride our bikes through Comprehensive Park… Lots of bike trails, and awesome spots to stop and relax or play…

    If you’re interested in SCUBA diving, Okinawa has some of the best diving in the Pacific… Tsunami Gear is pretty good for prices, and classes… Once we were certified, we were out diving every weekend for 2 years… I actually lost a lot of weight diving!!!