With one toddler and a baby, to get a hair cut dropped down on my list of priorities. When flipping through Japanese women’s magazines, I see all these beautiful models with cool hair. I want their hair! These days, I feel that if I can blow dry my hair in the morning, I’m lucky.

Anyways, before I left Okinawa in mid July to move back to the States, I went to this one hair salon in Chatan called “EARTH”.


I had to get a hair cut before leaving Japan because I knew that I would probably not have another chance to go to a salon in a long time.

I started looking for a place that would give me a groovy hair cut and be inexpensive. I knew a few salons I used in the past, but I didn’t know if I could take my baby with me. She was 5 months at the time and needed to nurse pretty frequently. I thought “would they allow me to have a baby sit next to my chair during the hair cut?” Then one day I saw an advertisement of EARTH, which said that they had a children’s room. Very cool!! I grabbed the ad and called to make an appointment for the following week.


I made an appointment at 10:00 a.m. to give enough time for me to drop off my older daughter at her pre-school and drive over to the salon. I was very excited. I love getting a new hair cut.


The night before my appointment, my older daughter got sick and started running some fever. As guilty as I felt later, the first thing that crossed my mind was, “Crap! I will have to cancel my hair appointment if she doesn’t get well by tomorrow!”

I didn’t take my daughter to school the next day. I almost cancelled my appointment, but shamelessly I admit that I took both of my kids to the salon. I figure that my older one who wasn’t feeling so well could stay in the children’s room with her baby sister.

I got to the salon with my daughter hanging on my leg and another daughter in the car seat. One person lead me to this chair right next to a tiny children’s room surrounded by glass walls. It was much smaller than I imagined, but it was fine.


About 1.5 – 2 hours later, my haircut was done. That was as much as my baby could tolerate. During those two hours, my daughter finished a small box of cookies and some crackers and watched two “Anpan-man” movies. The employees at the salon were very sweet. One female employee came to the children’s room to check on my daughters. When my baby started fussing about an hour in, she came to hold her. My hair stylist was a guy, and he even offered to hold her while I took my older one to the bathroom. They were totally cool about it.

This children’s room is free of charge, but you must make a reservation at the time of making an appointment. It’s a small room, so probably 2 children would be max.

I personally think that this children’s room can be useful if your child is either a tiny baby who would not move around or old enough to be entertained by movies. My baby is 8.5 months now and very active. I don’t know if I could use the room now. It works only if the timing works out and she takes a nap soon after we get there.

It is a Japanese hair salon, so many of you probably worry about the language and the haircut by a Japanese person who probably don’t know much about different hair types other than thick Asian hair. You can request a hair stylist of different levels. I think that it was something like hair stylist, senior hair stylist and trainer level hair stylist. Additional charge will be made for the senior and trainer level hair stylists. (Please check with the salon for more accurate information.)

If your concern is the language, I recommend you that you take a picture of the hair cut you would like to have. That’s what I always do wherever I am. When I asked if there was any staff members who would speak English, the answer was unfortunately no. However, they say that they have some non-Japanese customers, so they do fine with a little English. Maybe they are being humble.

I asked for a senior hair stylist. I was happy with the end result. The whole experience was good.

Another cool thing about the Earth salon in Chatan has what they call a “premier celebrity booth”. If you pay 1,500 yen, you can use this private room to get a hair cut. You can watch DVD, listen to CD, or use internet while you get a hair cut. If you go as a couple with your friend, family member, etc., the fee for this room would be 2,500 yen for two people.


They also have what they call “men’s booths”. This area is for men.

Phone: 098-983-7055


Weekdays (perm & color) 10:00〜20:00
Weekdays (cut) 10:00〜21:00
Sunday&Holidays(perm&color) 10:00〜17:30
Sunday&Holidays(cut) 10:00〜18:30

Address: 15-67 Mihama Chatan, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture 904-0115 Japan

GPS Coordinates: 26.3163889, 127.75686489999998

Leave the main gate of Camp Lester and drive straight. Turn right at the second stop light. You drive pass JUSCO on your left and towards Makeman (Japanese Home Depot). The hair salon “Earth” is almost accross the street from Makeman. It is in the center called Gourmet Kan.

A peek at the hair cut menu…

Lastly, here is the picture of some of the staff members. They are so cheerful!!


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  2. I was so nervous about getting my hair highlighted here in Okinawa. I have to say that I had the best experience ever. I have been getting my hair done for years and cut and highlighted at some top salons in CA. I had the best customer service on top of the most amazing highlighted hair today. I am very fair and very blonde and was so nervous. They did an awesome job. I cannot wait until my next service. Thank you so much. Love my hair:)

  3. The salon is cute and hip, but my last experience there was a nightmare. I used to go there for my hair cuts and had highlights once. They speak a little english but I always bring picture and used to go to the same guy all the time, the salon manager and “art director” stylist level. They can cut, I liked it. So when I decided to go for blond ombre with brown base (my hair is medium brown) and a long bob I went straight there, even though my intuition was trying to stop me – thinking that Japanese or at least Okinawan colourists probably are not the best at making anything blond. I had photo and we communicated, well as much as we could. Should have listened to myself. Long story short, I ended up with fried and crunchy orange-red hair with somewhat purplish ombre and a horrible cut after excruciating 7 hours in the seat. Things turned quite unpleasant when they tried to charge me 24 000 (around $200) yen for that disaster and did not even apologised. That price did not even included deep conditioning from all that bleach, they wanted to charge another 2500 yen for that. I lived in CA which is very pricey regarding hair services, but this is outrageous. I refused to pay that and ended up paying 14 000 ($115)yen. They are nice only when you like what they do. I was so upset and heard not a single sorry, instead clearly said “thats what you get when you colour box dye your hair” and showed me the door. All done by “art director” level colourist and stylist. I find japanese men rude, the exact opposite of females, but did not expect that at the salon, which is not cheap and famous for their customer service. I see a lot of happy american clients there and feel like a** that I have to write this, but to warn you – don’t go there for a transformation or colour. Regular cuts they will do really well. They don’t care if you will return or not. I had it all fixed by one amazing american hairdresser, Hair by Joya, but my hair is fried.

  4. I have heard amazing things about this salon and decided to give it try. All I can say is I had a horrible experiece! Payed 5,000 yen for a hair cut I didn’t ask for! I called 3 days ahead for an appointment at 12 and they the hairdress started on my haircutt at 2pm! I waited 2 hours and ended up with a hair cut I didn’t leave happy with. Never again!

  5. We moved to the island last week. My two daughters (11&7) and I would love to get our haircut (short) at this salon. Does anyone have any recommendations for the kids styles? What we should and shouldn’t ask for! Trying to keep the price reasonable

  6. I went here last week and they are amazing! It’s one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had! It was 3500 yen for the cut, plus an extra 2000 for the owner/master stylist, and around 3000 extra for a deep conditioning treatment. So, it can be expensive or inexpensive depending on the add-ons or options you choose. For me, it was totally worth it!

  7. I wish that I could say I had the great experience that all the others have had here. I left without having any service done because the staff was so unprofessional. I talked to two stylists and they were both rude. I would have to say I would not recommend this location.

  8. Earth salon is the most relaxing, wonderful experience you can have. The people are so nice and they are awesome at what they do! The only thing that would make it over the top would be if they took off my shoes and gave me a foot massage at the same time 😉 LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Recommend it to anyone!

  9. Walked in for an impromptu haircut last week- one of the best hair cuts I ever had! I have eaten at the neighboring restaurants in the past and walked by once and was impressed with how modern and shwanky it looked inside. I needed a haircut and just walked in without an appointment on a weeknight and they were able to accomodate me right away. They were very nice the moment I walked in and gave me a locker to place my purse. My stylist Taka was very polite and friendly. I showed him a picture of the cut I wanted. Then I was surprised to have my choice of aromatherapy shampoo. The shampoo/conditioning/scalp massage was very relaxing. He even placed something over my eyes so I did not get soap or water in my eyes. After this he asked me if I needed to use the restroom which was a simple gesture but much appreciated since I always have to pee:-) Then he asked if it was okay to give me a neck massage which I gladly agreed to! After this relaxation he gave me the most gentle haircut with excellent attention to detail with the layering.

    I will definitely be back and have recommended friends!

  10. Just went there yesterday, I got a perm Y10000, deep conditioning Y2000, and cut Y3900 so Y15900 total with Komesu, no tip (just going by local custom). He shows you how much the total cost of the service would be before he started, this was nice because I’m not good with surprises. He knew enough english to get by, but don’t expect conversation. I brought a picture in of what I wanted and he studied it very carefully and matched it perfectly. I’m very satisfied with their service. The head/shoulder massage was amazing, felt totally relaxed. Their deep conditioning treatment was so fresh and clean smelling I felt that my senses went on vacation. It had a tangerine/grapefruit smell, and my hair smelled awesome the whole night. I’d definitely go back, with a picture of what I want my hair to be of course 🙂

    Also, I made an appointment same day, the number above is correct for the Chatan location (right next to Make-man American Village). I guess they weren’t swamped, lucky for me 🙂

  11. They do offer Japanese Hair straightening. I do not remember how much…I remember it being over 20000yen for the straightening and a cut. If you go with someone who has a referral card, you get a percentage off. I had mine straightened last year and went in April to get a retouch and it is still very straight. You have to take a curling iron to it to give it some body! Let me know if you are interested, I need to go in for a trim. 🙂

  12. Does anyone currently have a referral card I can have? I have seen EARTH in American Village and always wondered what it was like. Thanks for all the info! I’ve been here for 2 months and really need to get some color done. I got a cut from one of the salons on base but it was a whopping $32, and did not even include a shampoo and style so I don’t want to go back there. I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

  13. I love and miss this Salon. I always had my hair straightened there and it was not expensive at all, unlike the so called “Brazillion Blowout” here in the states. I miss and will always love Okinawa.

  14. i went here a little before thanksgiving to get a cut and color he did an amazing job his name was micako or something like that he was the most senior stylist their he was really good and really nice:) pricy but highly recommended i’m going again in about 2 weeks to try some highlights:).

    this was the day i got it done

  15. LOVE this place! Booked an appt after reading the great reviews and I’m so happy with the results. I have blond hair and super picky about my highlights/lowlights but they did a great job. I booked the senior stylist, Michado (I think I spelled his name right?) My friend went a few days before me to a different stylist and her blond highlights were also fabulous. They are also such a nice group of people there.

  16. Took everyone’s suggestions and chanced it today…NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!!! Best haircut I’ve ever gotten! I was so nervous because I was going from long layered hair to a sleek bob. Took a photo with me and he was so excited to give me something new. His technique was like “edward scissorhands extrodinaire”. I have thick coarse hair that needs shape since it’s so stubborn. Got home showered and simple blowdry gave me same results as when I left salon. My seven year old also need her ratty-tatty hair cut and we went for a little girl’s simple bob. She looks so cute with a baby doll face. So worth the money, which is about the same what we would pay in the states. The staff is so polite, professional and I love the way the Japanese take so much pride in their work. I have no plans to try any other salons while we are here. Earth is perfect!!!

  17. Ok, so since my husband is in Thailand I decided to treat myself to a little Valentine’s gift. I went to Earth and absolutely loved it! I’m really picky about who cuts my hair, so was a little hesitant. It was so worth it though and my hair is exactly how I asked. I have long, layered hair. I asked for a trim (including the layers) and for them to re-cut my side swept bangs. It was 5000 yen including the hair wash. I highly recommend them.

  18. I had a bad experience about Earth hair salon. A couple weeks ago, I couldn’t get an appointment at Borjan, so I went to Earth then I got some high/low, touch-up and hair cut. I was getting my hair done about 5hours there because they re-colored many time. They didn’t understands what I want. My hair was awful, and unhappy, and I got a lot of damaged. I was disappointed and going to give some money back from there but I didn’t it.

    So, I went to Borjan for the third time and fix my awful hair.
    She did a great job on my hair and I was sooooo HAPPY.

    Yukari is AWESOME and her English is good and she makes sure she completely understands what you want. She was sweet and professional. Most of clients are American. I highly recommend her. Go see her or visit her website…
    Thanks again Yukari!!

  19. I got my first haircut on the island at Earth Salon (the one in American Village) back in October (2009) and it really was a great experience – they definately pamper you with all of the little extras that you don’t get back in the states. I have a blog about our experiences here in Okinawa, and I wrote a post about my experience at Earth Salon – you can check it out here:

    As far as the price goes, I can’t believe that the price just for a haircut could be 20,000 or even 10,000 yen ($200 or $100 dollars about) unless they also got a color treatment. The price for a women’s haircut was 3,900 yen (about $40) and if you wanted a more senior stylist, it was either 600 yen or 1,100 yen extra (depending on the stylists level). At the most, the haircut would be 5,000 ($50 about) and then its $5 extra for the hair wash/scalp massage – which, if you read my blog, I HIGHLY recommend! Maybe Earth isn’t the cheapest salon, but they certainly don’t charge $200 or even $100 for just a haircut, and its a GREAT experience overall.

  20. This Hair Salon is amazing. I have never had such an amazing experience in my life. I was spoiled! Going back to the states and getting a haircut will NEVER be the same after this hair salon. I highly recommend this place =)

  21. Hi I am new in Japan and wishing to to have a haircut ,I read your page about Earth, but I came to know that they are quite expensive ,one of my friends got her hair cut from there in 10,000 yen(which was actually 20,000 yen, for first haircut she got a discount of 50%), which only consist of her hair cut no additional service. I would like to know from you about the expenses.

  22. i would love to tell everyone about borjan hair salon near the seawall. i thought that it was great. she did a great job on my hair. i felt great when i left and everyone was giving me compliments on the hair. i got it highlighted, shampooed with a great massage, and styled. it cost me 7140 yen. i paid more on base, i also did not know she did not take credit cards, so i came with no money. she was nice enough to finish my hair and then i left and went and got the money and brought it back!! i must say i don’t think that would happen anywhere else. look her up, she is great!!! just search borjan and you will get all of her info.

  23. I think the price is high. I have long (very long) hair and the straight perm without a cut cost me 11,000Yen. I did it 8 months ago and my hair still looks great! But the Hair Salon is at Kokusai Street in Naha. Sorry I can’t remember the name right now.

  24. Suzanne,
    That’s for a straight perm and a cut from a top stylist. That is what I was quoted and she said it could be higher depending on the length and texture of my hair. :/ It is pretty steep….unless that is the standard price for the above all over island then I guess I can’t complain =)

  25. I finally made the decision to call this salon for an appt after reading/hearing alot about the place…except now I’m on the verge of cancelling it because of the outrageous price. It’d be 22,300Yen! The lady said that if I could come up with a ‘referral card’ I’d get a discount. Does anyone have a spare one? 🙂 Or could someone point me in the right direction for an affordable yet reputable hair salon?
    Thanks so much!

  26. They speak enough English to get by. Very friendly staff! My advice is to bring a picture of what cut or color you want that would help to avoid confusion on both sides. I did of the front, back and side of the haircut I wanted and he did a perfect job. They wash your hair after they cut it and the massage they give you is to die for.

  27. Deborah, on your highlights were they able to understand what color you wanted? I just need mine redone, so they can see the color, where it grew out. Will this be easy to explain to them? I am terrible explaining stuff at the salon, my hairdresser back home just knew what to do and did it everytime. Thanks!

  28. went today for the second time.
    first time i just got a wash, blow dry and flat iron. loved it so much that today i went for a cut and color. it was wonderful. I got highlights and a cut, plust the massage was worth 7,500 yen. I paid a little extra for a top stylist. will be back again. i did find out that with each addiditinal service each the cost gets cheaper. basically i got 3000 yen off just for doing both at the same time.

    i have tried rumiko. she is good but she stays booked. I don’t like waiting months to get a hair cut.

  29. I just went to Earth Salon and can say without hesitating..the best hair cut I have ever had!!! The staff was so kind and work quite well with the VERY little Japanese that I know. I did bring in pictures in of the hair cut that I wanted..he cut it exactly like the picture if not better. I am glad I found a stylist (Makoto Machida) that I will stick to my time here in Okinawa! He is so friendly and did an amazing job!

  30. I had a great experience as well. I typed some instructions on how to cut my hair, ran it through babelfish to translate it to Japanese and brought it with me. That seemed to work very well.

    You get a discount if you’ve been referred by another customer. They also give you some cards to refer other people. When you do refer others, you get a discount on your next haircut (at least, that’s what I gathered from the receptionist).

    Fabulous place.

  31. A friend of mine went here and told me I just had to go…so I called to make an appointment for a haircut and style, they got me scheduled the very next day. I was very impressed with the salon, it was beautiful and everyone was so polite.
    I picked out a scented shampoo and received a wonderful scalp massage while getting my hair washed from a japanese woman. Then, armed with just a picture, my stylist expertly cut my hair exactly as I wanted and even better! The stylist left me with the hair dryer guy, and then came back to finish my style off.

    This was by far the most enjoyable experience I have ever had at a salon. There were so many little touches that american salons (at least the ones I am used to) overlook.
    A must to go to!!!

  32. I am pretty sure they will do any style you can bring them a picture of. I went here once a little while back. They can certainly do magical things with my hair. I had a card that listed prices and options – I thought one of them was just styling, but I can’t find it. I remember my husband asking me if I wanted to keep the card when he cleaned out THAT drawer in the kitchen. I said yes, but it seems to have dissapeared anyway.
    One thing that I was surprised by is that they wash your hair after they cut it, then they style it. I was used to just rolling out of bed, maybe catching a real quick shower, and heading out to the salons back home with my hair just in a ponytail or whatever. I wouldn’t say I was funky or anything, just not freshly washed. So, basically, I went into this really hip, posh place and the stylist had to mess with my dirty hair. I was mildly mortified. But, as has been said, the head massage is amazing. Amazing I tell you. I had been suffering from a really bad cold and the aromatherapy that was put into my shampoo was the first thing I had smelled in weeks. It was amazing.

  33. I just went here about a month ago, ’cause my regular stylist moved. LOVED my cut. I splurged for the Director to cut my hair. If you have a friend recommend you it’s something like 30% off. I had no idea about this but happened to run into a friend in the salon and she told me about it, so I got 30% off. (This is policy, not just because she’s buddy buddy with them.) A great short haircut.

    Sorry, I don’t know about the updo question!

  34. These are some good reviews here, I will definitely try next time I want to get a haircut. But another question who would know where to get a hair up-do for a formal party or ball? Does this salon offer those services I wonder. PLease help.

  35. I have an appointment on Thursday and I was wondering if anyone tipped the hairstylist after the cut? I know it is said it is not customary to tip in Okinawa but I wanted to see what others have done.


  36. Checked out this salon yesterday after reading the review. Loved it!!! Space is every bit as modern and clean as the photos look and my stylist gave me the hair cut that I was exactly looking for. Great service, very friendly, very hip, and very affordable!

  37. I go tmy haircut their yesterday (Dec01) and I have to say that it was the BEST haircut experience I have ever had! It was worth every bit if the $39 that I paid! The head massage during th shampooing was GREAT and then yet another massage after the cut! It was a great experience! I will definitely go there again!

  38. I too tried out Earth beauty salon and I must say I was really impressed with the results. I loved the professionalism and attentiveness my stylist (Komesu-san) demonstrated. Plus their rose scented shampoos and massages are a must-try!! ^_^ Thank you for sharing this salon. After reading your article I made an appointment the same day 🙂