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Reader, Kara, wrote asking for help for her hair:

I am an African American woman in desperate need of a black hair dresser.  I have made two separate appointments with black hairdressers at the Kadena BX beauty shop, and both appointments were canceled at the last minute. Ugh!  So I need help for salons, stylists and which services are offered (relaxer perms, weaves, braids).  Thanks!

We’ve had several inquiries on this topic, but not a lot of answers.  Please help Kara out!


  1. I am new to Okinawa. My hair is relaxed and I have been wearing wigs which is not me. I would definitely like to meet someone who does good haircare and maintenance. I am a young 50+ female. I need a relaxer, trim, and style.

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  3. Hi, sore for not replying back to anyone’s questions to get with me about hair, I was out of commission due to a difficult pregnancy, but now I’m back doing hair for reasonable prices. Braids, perms, dyes, sew ins , trims and more. Please email or call 08064829147 and I can supply what ever you need just need to know in advance.

    Thanks love
    Ps please text names

  4. I have gone to Bright hair braiding several times and have left satisfied every time. They move from their old location and are now partnered with a nail salon. This is a great thing because I can knock out two things at once sometimes. They have a nice website with some pictures here ==> please check it out. The girl there is very nice and courteous and she tries to accommodate your needs. You should go to bright hair braiding because she does excellent work and is pleasure to chat with, you can get your nails done and your hair braided which means to you is you spend less time searching for a company to braid your hair and waist more time looking for nails. It’s a one stop shop. From last I check she was going into a slow season so there may be openings so check out the website and request an appointment!

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    From SHERQUNIA on 9/25/13:
    “Hello please please help I have been in Okinawa for almost a month and I have a short hair cut or braids,I really want to maintain my short cut. I was looking for someone who can cut and style my hair. If there is anyone or know of anyone I really would appreciate it so much. If you could email me at mrsclena03@yahoo.comI would really appreciate it so much.”

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    From Star on 9/15/13:
    “Does anybody know where I can get a curl like Hawaian Silk or Nuvo for my hair. I need someone who really knows what they’re doing. I don’t want it over processed. Please help. This stuff is looking rough. (≧∇≦)”

  7. I have just arrived in Okinawa and in need of black hair care. I usually wear a large afro, but the weather here keeps my hair extremely dry and brittle. I am looking for someone who can create some protective styles for my hair type (3c). I live near Foster but I am willing to travel.

  8. Hey everyone! I’m in need of help !!! I have tight curly hair jet black and I’m trying to get it dyed a light brown ! So far I’ve been to 3 spots , went to Rumiko , Stylique in foster and in Kadena all said they were afraid to touch my hair! So frustrating because I really want it done. Please if you know a salon that can deal with long tight curls let me know ! I’m in okinawa Japan husband is in schwab but I have a car and will travel I don’t care ! Lol my email is

  9. Hello everyone, I”m leaving Okinawa in a few days. My hair stylist Chanel does great hair anything you need she can do. She is locate at Calvin Nicole salon off gate 2 Street. She can be reach at. 080-4610-8574.

  10. Hi guys!
    My name is Niska and i’m currently stationed at Camp Pendleton But in a few months i’ll be pcsing with my family to Oki. I have lots of experience with extensions and i’ll also be selling hair. Malaysian, Indian, Brazillian you name it i’ll have it. If any of you would like to email me to keep in touch my email is

  11. Hi,

    Does anyone have any new updates to this post? I have been to Elemes twice…months ago but I believe she has PCS’d by now:( I would like to find somebody that does the same services she offered…cut, color, relaxer, etc….

    Please help!

  12. In the same vein, where do other naturally curly girls get their hair cut? I don’t have tight curls (3a type curls if you are familiar with curl types) but need someone with a knowledge and understanding of curls to cut my hair. I’m not interested in straightening, I only wear my hair natural. Can anyone help me?

    • We took our daughter with extremely small curls to get them cut at the Kadena Exchange Salon, and the Japanese lady did a great job. We were impressed! She was older, you might have to ask for her name. Hth.

  13. Deja-Vu Hair Salon, Kitanakagusuku Village/Camp Foster area

    I live nearby but haven’t tried it. A friend from south africa loved it and recommended it for anyone with her hair type. Not sure if they have all of the services you need, and sorry, I don’t have a phone number or web site for them.

    The google map is really clear. Its off the 81 on the 329. From the Toguchi intersection just before the 81 veers north. On the google map, street view has a decent photo of the store front also.

    Deja-Vu Hair Salon,127.809607%20%28Deja-Vu%20Salon%29

  14. Jori Thorns lives on Kadena. She is good at everything, flat twists, micros, cuts, color, etc. Her number is 080-4320-2354. She leaves to go home May to July, this week coming 4/25-5/2 is her last week until she returns from the states.

  15. I like Oriental Magic. However, they don’t know how to take care of our hair. I go to get anything dealing with braiding from them. When they sewed in my weave, I had to get another lady to cut and style it (elemes hair studio). My mother is a hair stylist and I know what is to be expected. Which is why I would NEVER get a relaxer from them if you’re an african American woman… They do not apply it correctly… I believe many African Americans go there because our options are slim and it’s hard to get an appointment with a good stylist here. So if you just want any type of braiding service go to them but if you want a professional or have healthy hair go to

  16. I just took my daughter to Oriental Magic and she has extremely thick and long curly hair. She had the Japanese straightening done and it turned out amazing. And although all the employees were Japanese, all the customers were African American and everyone had wonderful things to say about the services they get there…braids, weaves, relaxers, straighteners, coloring and all the styles were amazing. We were there for 6 1/2 hours and I can say that every customer left happy! One lady said she is stationed in Korea but comes here often and ALWAYS has her hair done at Oriental Magic. It was our first time and I was nervous but the reviews and referrals I’d gotten before going, were all good and what we saw and experienced first hand was great service and very fast. Although my daughters extreme hair took a long time, that particular straightening takes several hours and they even had 2 other stylists help out when they were between customers. The end result was just what my daughter wanted and its gorgeous! We will definately go back! Their number is: 098-926-4545. They are located in Chatan but its kinda hard to find so they meet folks at the McDonalds on Hwy 58, across from Foster, when you come for the first time..they just ask what you are driving and they come get you. They were waiting when we arrived at McDonalds. These folks really seemed to know what they were doing!