One of the many things I love about Japan is dining out. In addition to all of the amazing choices, styles, and tastes available, I love the attention to detail and the stunning presentations. After having kids I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this also extends to young diners, too! Instead of super-sized servings of the same fried foods in paper bags covered with over-stimulating graphics and ads for the latest kid movie, child diners in Japan are treated to an amazing variety of foods in the most delightful ways… little boats with octopus hot-dogs and smiling shrimp, plates divided into multiple sections with playfully carved carrots and little steaming bowls of soba, and the meal is always followed by delicious sweet treats in tiny servings. And don’t forget the child-sized utensils. I truly believe those colorful chopsticks and forks with funny little sayings eliminate whining and wiggling. So where are your favorite kids meals on the island?

Look what’s inside!


  1. One of the other “chain” restaurants where my kids love the kids meals is at Bikkuri Donkey. It is the hamburger-steak house that is made up to look like an old wooden shack off of 58 next to Book Box near Foster.

  2. The restaurant on the second floor of San A (the one across from the Araha Pirate Ship Park and Fountain) has a good selection of kids meals. They also have a large picture menu so the kids can choose their own.

  3. coco’s!!! my kids love thier kids meals. so yummy and the little hotdogs come in little shapes and come with a drink and a jelly thing and a toy or cookie

    Also the ramen houses have a kids set that is really good and comes with a soda or orange juice.