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Kaho’s Japanese Corner: Oishii! Oishikatta!

Many of you go off base to eat out.  You have many opportunities to use Japanese you have learned!  Many of you probably know this already, but here is the words for “delicious” in Japanese: Oishii and Oishikatta.

What’s the difference?

Oishii is a present tense and oishikatta is a past tense.

You say oishii as you eat.  If you want to tell the waiter, waitress, cook or sushi chef that the food tastes great, you can say “oishii” while you have food on your plate.  If you finish your meal, you can say oishikatta.  You can also say this to the cashier when you pay.

Oishii pronounces “oh-ee-she”.
Oishikatta prounces “oh-ee-she-cut’ah”

I don’t know if this makes sense.  You’re welcome to pitch in and write how you would spell the pronunciation.  🙂

Gochiso sama.  Do you remember this one?  It means “thank you for the meal”.

Here is how you can say as you walk out a restaurant.
“Oishikatta!  Gochiso sama.  Domo arigato!”

If you want to say you’ll come back again, you can say “Mata kimasu!”

Mata means ‘again’ and kimasu means ‘I will come’.

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  1. Wow. This is exactly what I was looking for. I knew Domo Arigato (Thanks Styx) but I wanted to be able to say Delicious in Japanese. Your info here is perfect! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this.

  2. I used oishi-katta at Awase Soba, one of our favorite restaurants, the other day! The ladies (who I am sure know me and the kids by now) seemed to appreciate my effort. At the very least they understood me, and thanked me in Japanese. My kids are enjoying using some of your phrases too. Thanks so much for posting!

    and thanks, too, AmgirlinJapan for the idea about the white board – I think I’ll add a white board for Japanese phrases to our homeschool room.