Jimmys front

I’m sure you’ve seen a sign for Jimmy’s somewhere on the island, but if you are like me you may never have gone in! I live five minutes down the road from one and it took me a year to walk in their doors. But now I go every week.

Jimmys bread

I love their fresh baked bread — especially their big “Texas Style” bread pieces, which are great for making paninis.  And they’ve got a wide variety of cakes, pies, cookies, fruit cakes and other seasonal goodies.

Jimmys pies

Jimmys close cake

And if you are wanting something other than the commissary cakes, check them out! They’ve got a Birthday Cake menu which helps you order the specifics of the cake you’d like made or you can just pick one from in the case.

Jimmys cake menu Jimmys cake menu 2

Each Jimmy’s is a little different — carrying different items.  And most of the Jimmy’s I’ve seen are part of a grocery store, but I’ve never checked that part out because I’m really there for the bakery!

Directions near Courtney/McT:  This is a smaller one, but still has a great selection.  Located on the 75, going south on the 75, once you pass the 8 you’ll see it on your left. Going north on the 75, once you pass the 10, it’ll be on your right a couple lights up (if you pass the 8, you’ve gone too far). Open from 10am-10pm.

Directions near Kadena:  There is also one near Kadena Circle on the 58 near the 74. Going out Gate 1, take a right onto the 58 and follow it north, a few km up, you’ll see it on your left. (If you pass the 74 you’ve gone too far!) Open from 10am-9pm.

Directions near Uruma:  The biggest one I’ve found is on the 75, inbetween the 329 and 10. Going north on the 330/75,  once you pass the 329, it’ll be on your left. Going south on the 75, pass the 10 and start looking for it on your right. Open 10am-10pm.

Website with information on a location near you can be found HERE.


  1. We were stationed at Kadena from 89-92. Loved Jimmy’s! Great baked items and customer service. My wife hates fish and seafood (I love) but she liked an octopus and cucumber salad in a tangy thin tomato sauce. Does anyone know the name of that salad?

  2. I’ve stopped at the one on the way to Shuri castle a few times to get an early lunch. Not at the restaurant (which that one does have) but inside the grocery store. They have a hot counter where they have chicken, yakitori and all kinds of salads and rice. Just tell them what you want and they box it up for you to go. Very good local foods on the run.

  3. The grocery sections are really great for those of us who are not sofa status… they have a pretty good selection of random import items from a number of different countries. It’s not always the same stuff, but it’s always fun (and dangerous for your budget!) to look and see what they have. 🙂