Knocking_down_pins Every Saturday at 9:30 for the last month we have made our way over to the Emery Lanes. My 5 year old daughter is in the local bowling league. When our neighbors first suggested that she join I almost laughed out loud. What a funny sport for my 5 year old to participate in. Then I started to think about it. We love to bowl as a family and she is good so why not?

I wasn’t sure how she would do at her first game but she loved it. She enjoyed going every Saturday to bowl. She improved her bowling skills and enjoyed the friendly competition. At the end of the season they award personalized trophies to all of the bowlers. They were able to earn trophies as a team and as an individual for over all standing and for various tournaments through out the season. The older children are awarded scholarships instead of trophies. I have never seen my daughter smile so big as when she received her trophy – even if it was for 4th place.

She enjoys going to bowl so much that we are signing up again for the fall season. The fall season starts on September 6th at and is 28 weeks long ending in April. If you join at the start of the season you can form your own 4 person team – and choose your own name. We are still trying to come up with one for our all girl team and suggestions are welcome. Obviously if you join later in the season you will be placed on an already going team. Best of all there are no waiting lists! The games are every Saturday and start at 9:30am. If you are not able to make the Saturday game you can schedule a make-up game either a week prior or a week after. They try very hard to make sure all of the kids on the league get to bowl.

Here are the different leagues and prices for the games.

  • Pee Wees (6 and under) 2 games with bumpers $5 per week
  • Bantans (6-8) 3 games with no bumpers $8 per week
  • Preps (9-11) 3 games with no bumpers $8 per week
  • Jr/Maj/Sr (12 and over) 3 games no bumpers $8 per week

The bowling league turned out to be the perfect sport for our 5 year old daughter. Joining the league has taught her so much about bowling and sportsmanship. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the Kadena Youth Bowling Program. The director Greg Strickland was great to work with and tries hard to make it a fun experience for the kids. You can sign up for the winter league at the front desk of the Emery Lanes. We hope to see you there!