Kauai 242 

When I initially told my Korean friend about a place to buy fresh kimchi out of someone’s house, she told me it sounded a little sketchy.  But after bribing her with free kimchi and lunch, she agreed to be my kimchi taste-tester.   After not caring much for the pickled dish myself, I’ve come to like it since living in Japan – at least the fresh kind that doesn’t smell rotten!

Kauai 246

We quickly found the directional signs, then the sign outside a white house with a stairway to a grassy area with the door on the left.  There’s a sign with the menu outside the door: regular cabbage, cucumber and daikon.

Kauai 240

We rang the doorbell and a lady came to a door to the left of the front door.  She sells small containers of each variety to go for ¥500 apiece.

Kauai 252

The verdict: fresh and good flavor and not as hot-spicy as authentic Korean kimchi.

Homemade Korean Kimchee

Phone: 098-933-2383

GPS Coordinates (approximate): 26.329917, 127.789105

Directions: Turn on road across from the entrance to Kadena Gate 5.  Go .3km and turn left at the light just after Mister Donut (on right).  [If you pass A-Price on the left, you have missed the turn.] Go .2km and make a right at the third street.  Go approximately .1km and look for the white sign on your left. The stairway is just past the sign on the left.