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This park is near the Gushikawa Jusco mall and has a lot of fun things to do.  There is a large roller slide surrounded by a cement slide and climbing walls.  There’s also a wooden play structure where kids can climb, slide, swing, or brave the balance beams.  There is plenty of open space to run around, a basketball court for older kids, and pavilions to take refuge under whether there’s rain or shine.
Directions from Kadena from Gate 2:

    • From Gate 2 head straight through the Goya four-corners intersection onto route 20.


  • Pass the intersection for 329 onto 33 and take a LEFT at the 1st traffic signal to continue on Route 33.



  • Follow 33 as it curves to the left and right.  You will pass an Esso gas station at the 3rd traffic signal and then a Hot Spar, both on your left.



  • Pass a San A on your right and you should see a sign for Union and then an Eneos Gas Station on your left.



  • The park will be on your right side just past Eneos.


Take the Legion Gate Exit (exit by Taco Bell and the Shopette) and head straight out onto 81.

    • Continue on 81 as it turns into 227 and pass Comprehensive Park.


  • You will pass a Shell station on your right and then an intersection with both a San A and Mos Burger.



  • Take a LEFT at the 2nd light after the San A/Mos Burger intersection.  You should see a yellow building with some big fish on your right just after you turn.



  • Take a RIGHT at the 2nd light (there will be a Lawson’s on your right).



  • Take a RIGHT at the 3rd street and park along the road.  It’s an easy turn to miss so if you overshoot you can take a RIGHT at the Eneos gas station instead to loop around the park.




  1. Went with the family yesterday. Fun! That cement slide is super fast. Don’t do it with a child on your lap. My hubby almost crushed our 3 yr old! Charlene’s directions from gate 2 got us there perfectly. Thanks!

  2. The directions Charlene posted were perfect! Drove right to it!! Perfect way to get the kids outside! The roller slide is pretty slow, but that cement slide goes pretty quick! We left with one scrapped knee, but all three kids had smiles!!

  3. I decided to take my son to a park today- and since I know the area around Awase pretty well, I decided to try to find this park. The directions were great. Yes- a little outdated with the buildings, but easy enough to find. As per the last comment, I will put down the directions.
    Go out Kadena Gate 2 (20). Pass 4 corners (330) and stay on this road (20) for a bit. You will go down a big hill- and you will be able to see the ocean. The light at the bottom of the hill is 329- go though that intersection and at next light make LEFT. This is 33, there are no signs- but a small one after you already turn on it. Stay on this road- Go though 5 Lights- and you will see the park on your RIGHT- you can’t miss it.
    You can also go out Gate 3 on Kadena and make a RIGHT onto 74- then after about 3 lights (sorry, I forget to count them) make a LEFT onto 85. Follow 85 for a bit- till you go down a large hill and you come to the 85/33 intersection. Make a RIGHT onto 33 (AEON mall is on the right corner). 2nd light on 33 make a right. Make your first LEFT (no stop signs or light). At the 1st light you will see the park catty-corner on your left.

  4. So…50 minutes and a quarter tank of gas later, no park and a VERY disappointed 3 yr old. Can anyone update and/or post some better directions? I followed these (from the orig. post,from KAB gate 2) to the LETTER and they led us nowhere (literally–we had to u-turn at the dead end). Perhaps 4 years ago, in 2007, they made sense, but after 3 tries we gave up. We passed 330, and 2 Esso stations, no Hot Spar, 1 San A sign–on the left, not the right–and never spotted an Eneos gas station at all. We finally got to 329, crossed it to “stay on 33” and ended up at the dead end. We were way down in the Awase area…??? Help please? This looks like a fun place.

  5. The directions for this park are outdated, as some of the landmarks are no longer in business. From Gate 2 Street, follow route 20 through Goya intersection. Pass straight through the intersection for 329. Turn left at the second light (no landmark here, but it’s after Awase Soba and before KFC, both on the right side.) Then follow this road past a Lawson’s on the right. The park is a block or two further on the right. The neighborhood is called KaihoCho and you can find it on map #20 (grid block BK48)of the 2009 Okinawa Yellow Pages by Peace Phone Services.