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I recently began a self-improvement procedure effort to kick off 2011 right.  I was very pleased with the salon I found!  I wanted to share so you can enjoy a great service during your time on Okinawa.  It is a salon called Me Love on Rt 23 east of Cocoks.  They use IPL (Intense pulsed light) which is a form of hair removal.

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I previously had laser hair removal in the States and it was painful and very expensive.  For 1/4th the cost I am having IPL hair removal at Me Love.  At this point I have had 2 treatments under my arms.  It has been three weeks since my last treatment and the skin still feels hairless.

I paid 3,000 yen for 4 treatments using a special they ran when the salon opened in October.   I am pretty sure after 4 sessions, I will not have to shave under my arms again.  Very VERY worth it!

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 Me Love salon is open Monday through Saturday 10 am to 7 pm.

Payment:  They accept yen, as well as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Phone:  Reservations may be made at (098) 926-5523.

Directions:  Take a left out of Kadena Gate 1 onto 58 south. Turn left onto 23. A block after the Starbucks you will see United Christian Center on your left. ME LOVE is located on that same block. It is on the first floor of a 3-story beige and white building.



  1. Some posts say hair grows back after treatments stop is this an issue for everyone? New to island and am interested but don’t want to waste money for it to grow back after treatments stop. Any input would be helpful. TIA

  2. I heard about MeLove the first time I lived in Okinawa…but it was near the end of my time on island. This time, I made my first appointment while still in lodging, waiting for housing! I have NOT been disappointed. I started with my underarms because it’s about $60 for 12 treatments…think about that. $60 to almost never have to shave your underarms again. I quickly added in my bikini, and after a while splurged and did my whole legs. It’s been two and a half years (you go every six weeks or so, and can start spreading that time out after the first year or so.), and I can honestly say that I rarely need to shave under my arms (and only then because I have fine, blonde hairs that are annoying) and only occasionally have to touch up my bikini area. I used to have dark brown underarm and body hair…what little hair I now grow on my underarms, bikini and legs is fine, blonde hair that is barely noticeable. Shoko-san is SO professional and knowledgeable…and she never suggests you do treatments you don’t need. If you have a year or more on-island, GO to MeLove! I promise you won’t regret it.

  3. I loved going to me love while we were in Okinawa. Hair was gone while we were there. Ever since moving back to the states about a year after my sessions, hair on my upper lip started growing again. Bummed that after all that time doing the sessions they came back.

  4. I highly recommend Me Love as the one and only place to visit for Laser Hair Removal. Shoko-san and her staff is the most professional of any business I have guested on Okinawa in my nearly six years of being here. First appearance is the first impression as the facility is spotless with a calm, relaxing smell of aroma therapy in the air. The atmosphere is very relaxed as well with a warm, smiling welcoming as soon as you enter. There’s a very nice setup for a play area for younger children to be occupied while the adult(s) are receiving treatment. Depending on the body area, the treatment potentially could be uncomfortable, however, the staff is very sensitive and attentive to the patient’s comfort at all times.

    I have been receiving treatment for various areas for a little over a year now with resounding results! I have personally recommended Me Love to several other people who also have had positive results. Me Love has my highest recommendation for your hair removal needs and the prices are THE absolute best. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences each visit. They are also very great at providing excellent monthly specials. Go see Shoko-san ASAP! You won’t regret it. 🙂

  5. I’m not sure why i had a bad experience. My first visit I chose the 7500 yen full face 12 sessions. However, since my friend referred me to them it was 50% off. So therefore I paid 3750 yen. I was satisfied but then I came to my second appointment and and they told me that was for only one session. I was so confused. So, basically I paid 7500 yen for one session for eyebrows and upper lip. Even though i paid 50% it was still worth 7500 yen. I don’t know……haven’t gone back.

    • Hello Camille-san,
      Thank you for your feedback and I apologize for the miscommunication there may have been regarding the costs of the sessions. We would appreciate it if you can please contact us through email so that we clarify the confusion.
      Again, thank you for your feedback.

  6. This place is amazing. I have been going since August and love the results. Shoko and her staff are wonderful. Shoko has been completely honest about which areas work the best and how much time it will take, even when I wanted to do other areas, she didn’t try to up sell me; she told me to try one session first. AMAZING. I doubt you would find that in the states. Their professioanlism and atmosphere make this a great place to go. I even went one night on the wrong day and they were able to squeeze me in. I would highly recommend them to anyone. If you are even considering going, go talk with Shoko she will be honest and set your mind at ease.

  7. My sister I have been going since March of this year and love the results. We’re tan complected and dark haired to perfect candidates. We have our under arms, full legs, and bikini done. For me personally I can go six weeks without shaving my legs and it’ll only have a few random hairs. Same with underarms. My bikini will need more sessions but this area shoko told us takes longer. Would definitely recommend to anyone who hates shaving.

  8. I’ve had 8 sessions on my underarms and still have lots of hair growth. Even after my treatments the hair does fall out but then it grows back. Although its not as much hair as I started with but Im kind of disappointed.

  9. Shoko is super friendly always have a good time talking to her ! She’s the best 🙂

    Me Love is the place to go ! I’ve been going for a year and super sad that my time on island is coming to an end because I will surely miss the staff of Me Love and all the results that have came for hair removal ipl

    Defiantly recommended

  10. I have been going to Me Love for over a year now and the results are amazing! The staff is very kind and caring and always friendly. They make sure you are always feeling comfortable. I have struggled with dark, coarse hair and now I have beautiful smooth skin. I would recommend Me Love to anyone who is even considering trying laser hair removal….I can tell you I am obsessed! Thank you!

  11. Me Love and the staff are amazing! You will not find prices for IPL this low anywhere else! I am more than pleased with the service I have received here. I have recommended this place to all of my friends and they all have positive things to say about Me Love as well. Prices already are low and there are always deals on top of that. I saw huge results after my first treatment. I love not having to shave!

  12. Visiting Me Love has been amazing opportunity for me, as well as my husband, during our time here on Okinawa. I have tried several different types of laser treatments before, and by far, these treatments have worked the best for me. Not only are the treatments showing results, but the staff and owner, Shoko, are extremely friendly and helpful. Me Love has made the sensitive subject of hair removal, something to be excited about. I have loved the results so far and after seeing how happy I was, my husband even started with treatments too. Hair removal is not just for ladies – Me Love caters to both men and women in the most delicate places to ensure that everyone is happy. Living here on Okinawa where summer…shorts…and swimsuits are always in style I always want to look my best, and Me Love helps me do just that!

    • Mr Ino,

      Thank you for your concern.

      We would love for you to come in again so that I can clarify any miscommunication we may have had or answer any other questions and concerns that you may have.
      Thank you.

      Below are some details regarding the hair removal treatment:
      IPL uses broad spectrum laser technology at various wavelengths (500nm to 980nm) to target hair cells due to the contrast in color between hair and skin. That wavelength targets pigmented tissue (i.e. hair). The absorption of that energy is received in form of heat – thus the reasoning to why we put the cooling gel and ice pack. We set our machines to best fit our clients’ color and condition of their hair and skin. The use of an ice pack is optional for those who are very sensitive to the procedure to help alleviate the pain.

    • I love ME LOVE! It is such a professional, relaxing and effective hair removal center. I am no stranger to laser hair removal centers. I not only have used them in the past, but as a medical professional, I have been employed by Dermatologists who specialized in this specialized field. I have had the best results from ME LOVE than I did at those medical facilities in the States AND at ONE FOURTH of the cost!!! This is definitely a class act facility that I am happy to tell all of my friends about!!

  13. We arrived to Okinawa last year and my daughter and I started going there. Since the both of us saw quite noticeable changes. All staff as well as the owner are very knowledgable about what they are doing and they are there to tell you what will work for you. It has been nothing but great! Definetly recommend to everyone to take advantage of the opportunity and use their services prior moving back to US.

  14. I have to tell you, this is the best hair removal spot that my husband and I have went to. The process works. The salon is super clean. The staff is amazing! The prices are comparable to the rest of the island, but definitely cheaper than in the states. Did I mention the staff? They don’t try and hassle you to get more money. They genuinely care about your happiness and are willing to work with our hectic schedule. Love ’em!!!

  15. To be honest, I cannot say anything negative about Me Love. I have had nothing but positive visits. There are three things I love about me love- their staff, their specials/prices, the results! I started my Me Love experience back in 2012 with 12 sessions for my underarms. I had no idea what to expect, since it was my first time, but $100 to never shave my underarms again sounded more than reasonable to me. I’ve since started lower legs, Brazilian bikini and also navel area.

    Their staff- the ladies at Me Love are always, always so kind, genuine and helpful. When I started the bikini area, I was very nervous. But their staff was extremely professional. They never once made me feel uncomfortable. The service they provide is unlike any other. I always look forward to my appointments and interacting with these great ladies!

    Their specials/prices- Every month they do a special and it isn’t one of those specials that you save just a couple of dollars. Their specials have saved me A LOT of money and the staff was always willing to sit down and work with me on what special I should take advantage of that would benefit me the most. They also have Facebook specials that have helped me save as well. Their referral program is great! I have received 3 discounts to date by just telling my friends how amazing they are! Their prices are definitely reasonable and affordable.

    Their results- It’s been over a year, 13 sessions later and my underarm hair is gone! I only do touch up sessions every now and then to make sure, but they are only Y900 for touch ups. I have had 3 Brazilian sessions and after the first I could already tell the difference. The hair was just falling out and then never came back. It is AMAZING. I have had 2 lower leg sessions to date and same thing, after the first session I didn’t shave for a month. WOW. I start my navel area tomorrow but I am sure the results will be fantastic like everything else. My money has been well spent!!

    Sure, the first few sessions are uncomfortable, but the pain does not last longer than my visit and I have never had any redness or soreness. Its a small price of pain for a shave free lifetime!

    By the time I leave Okinawa in 2015, I will never have to buy a razor again and that is a great feeling! I thank Me Love for such great results and a wonderful experience every time I walk through the door.

  16. Both my husband and I go to Me Love for hair removal.

    We priced laser hair removal in the states for my husband and it was WAY out of our budget. Me Love’s price for his chest and back was 1/3 of the State side price, and my full package (lower leg, underarm, brazilian) came out to about the same cost as waxing in the States and laser it’s permanent.

    The salon caters to mostly foreigners so there is always someone who speaks English available, and the ladies make me feel very comfortable (even through the brazalian). There is some discomfort in the procedure, but for me it’s less than waxing and I have had no redness or tenderness afterwards.

    I have my last session scheduled in January and I’m looking forward to the summer of 2014 being shave free!

  17. I have been going to Me Love for a little over a year now. The staff there is wonderful! They are so welcoming and friendly. I had several areas done and have had great results with major hair reduction. The staff gives you payment options if your purchase several areas and it is over a certain amount, so you don’t pay for it out of pocket all at once. Some areas are a bit more painful that others, but the staff does their best to make sure that you are comfortable. I had the Brazilian done thought it would be awkward, but it wasn’t. Unlike waxing which hurts afterwards, this is only painful during the procedure. I highly recommend them.

  18. This salon is a great place for men too!

    I am an Active Duty male who has had a lot of skin sensitivity problems on my face and neck due to being required to shave everyday for work. I used to have a lot of ingrown hairs, but Me Love has solved my problem. I have been getting treatments from Shoko-san every 4-6 weeks for the last 18 months. My hair growth has slowed and thinned tremendously so now I no longer have to shave every day. Shoko-san is extremely friendly, speaks great English, and makes me comfortable in a predominantly female environment. The prices are very reasonable, and they often have great specials. I would highly recommend Me Love for any men out there who hate shaving!

  19. My first experience with melove was in August 2012 and that was with Shoko-San herself, it was an unusual experience as it was my first time for laser hair removal but I really do not regret going to her at all.
    The environment at melove is very relaxed and all the staff that I have encountered have been nothing but professional and accommodating in every way. As I do not live in Chattan and have often had travel encumbrances that have delayed me from making my appointment in time; Shoko-san and her staff have always found a way to still fit me in to their busy schedules and so understandingly so.
    Concerning treatment-I am dark skinned and you can imagine how anxious I was of being burned and even worse having scarring and the treatment not working but Shoko-san and her team put all my fears to rest and I have no regrets going to them.
    Prices are reasonable and they are so professional and hospitable even with areas that could be considered awkward and have made my experience with them comfortable and something I will continue to do. I highly recommend their services to everyone despite whatever your thoughts or discomforts may be-even just go in for the free consultation and I assure you that you will not regret it.

    • I am actually replying to my last comment (above) over a year back. I just had a session with Shoko San and her wonderful staff and I cannot reiterate more how accommodating they are for all your queries and worries concerning treatment. Concerning the actual treatment; in comparison to waxing; I find this less painful though both are momentary pains. I highly recommend MeLove to anyone looking for comfortable and extremely efficient hair removal. I have been going since mid 2012 and the results are amazing. They are truly lovely and will put you to ease during the whole process and I can guarantee that you should not have any regrets in investing in them.

  20. I was introduced to melove by a friend and I thank her every day for it! Absolutely amazing and professional service! And I’m beyond happy with the results! I’m on my second treatment and the hair growth is very fine. Amazing amazing results and service!

  21. Me love is one of the best things that I could have done and wish I could have continued my sessions but we had to PCS!!!! I did my underarms,bikini area, lower back and photo facial. Thank you so much ladies for the honest advise for my consultations. There is no better place to remove hair than Me Love. I recommend it to everyone that wants unwanted hair gone or acne and acne scares gone.

  22. If you are looking for a friendly yet professional service, great expertise on the topic, local atmosphere, then “Me Love” is for you. Shoko-San and her staff will take care of your “hairy” problems with courtesy. Personally, I have been a customer for the last two years and am more than happy with results.

  23. I’ve known Shoko and Remi since Me Love’s opened! Great at what they do and very knowledgeable. She’s increasing her staff who are just as great!
    I’ve tried electrolysis before in the states, takes way too much time and SO expensive. Found out about IPL and fell in love!
    They explain everything and answered all my questions during the free consultation and patch test.
    Results are awesome!
    I’m getting my Mom to go now too!!! (^o^)==333

  24. I love Shoko! She’s completely honest and offers incredible prices and flexible scheduling. Although she doesn’t advertise it and when I ask she said it wouldn’t help, the IPL treatments I’ve been getting for hair removal are also helping to alleviate some serious stretch mark/c-section scar damage around my tummy and bikini area. Love love love Me Love. Highly recommend her to anyone who’s lucky enough to be on the island for her IPL treatments. Considerably cheaper than what’s offered in the states and amazing quality service. So glad I’m doing this before we PCS back.

  25. Shoko is wonderful and will tell you all about it in honesty! I also started using IPL from Crea and followed Shoko to her own salon.
    I am still getting my hair removed from underarms, and Brazilian bikini. Shoko is very professional and I always feel so okay and never uncomfortable with bikini area treatments!
    I dont have much hair anymore, and have to wait longer now for me to shave the little grown hair. This is the best alternative I have found for me after waxing. WHy should I pay so much every time to wax, where I can pay the same or even less to have it removed for the rest of my life? Yes! I do choose IPL and say no to unwanted hair!
    Five Stars to MeLove and Shoko!

  26. I just love going to see Shoko san. I’ve been going there since the salon first opened over a year ago. She is very professional and makes me feel very comfortable. I had thick coarse hairs on my legs and after only 4 sessions, I don’t have to shave anymore, YEAH!!!! My under arms are taking a little longer, I used to shave on a daily basis, now I only shave once a month 🙂 For the first time ever, I didn’t have to worry when putting on a bathing suit this summer.

  27. I just booked a bunch of stuff on their anniversary special for this Saturday. Nervous but excited – for the same price on one part for just one session in the states you can get multiple parts and sessions here. What a deal! Can’t wait to write a review, hopefully everything goes well. :]

  28. I just booked my first appointment here. I wanted to add that although they take credit cards there is a 5% charge to use them. Also, I was told that the wait between treatments was two months and that each session would be one hour (I’m having lower legs done). Also in case you were wondering about how booked up their schedule is there were 2 or three appointments available for the next two weeks, I had to book 2 weeks out to get a time that worked for me, not bad. I’m very excited to get started!

  29. I love this place…Shoko-san, is my all time favorite person. I love her and her services. I have been going to her for over a year. If you are uncertain about her products and services rest assure because she will treat you well and very honest! That’s why I have followed her from CREA. This place is a ‘ROCK STAR!”

  30. I am guessing that I can’t post pics here, but I posted the March specials and a photo of the map on my blog ( They have some great deals going on right now. I just started treatments yesterday and it’s virtually painless (even when she uses the stronger of the two machines). Shoko-San is amazing, her English is great! HIGHLY recommend!

  31. Shoko-San is fabulous. I was referred to her by a neighbor who used her while she was working under another company. She was very satisfied with her results and was very eager to spread the word as to her grand opening. I’m olive skin, with thick hair, and was afraid. The pain was minimal. Shoko-san made me feel very comfortable. My husband is just as satisfied with my results. I am only on my third treatment for underarms and second on my hollywood bikini and truly couldn’t be happier. For the first time I can’t wait to put on a bathing suit. Besides her great specials you can save more by referring a friend. 🙂

  32. I would be happy to answer your questions. My e-mail address is As I mentioned in the article, I have been to places in the states and here. I want to make sure I complete all my hair removal before I leave Okinawa. Me Love is the only place I would go. She has different specials every month. Her specials are very good deals. Feel free to e-mail me your “other” questions.

  33. Shoko-San is amazing!! Call and make an appointment and she will give you all the details – When to shave/when not to shave. It’s usually shave 1-2 days before the appointment. I was told 8-12 sessions to be completely hairless (underarms, upper lip & bikini). Although, the underarms and upper lip are quicker, the entire bikini area is what takes more sessions. She said 1 to 1 1/2 years to have all the hair completely gone (since you have to wait longer between sessions as the hair growth slows down). I’m doing the “other” area and it’s not awkward at all. She makes you feel very comfortable. She alternates between ice packs and the laser – hardly any pain at all!

  34. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I have been wanting to know about IPL on Okinawa for the longest time & I would certainly be too big of a chicken to go and try it out for myself. Does anyone know anything about any other stores or locations? Does it usually only require 4 sessions? Has anyone else had it done in ‘other’ areas that wouldn’t mind sharing? I would love any information that you could provide about the process…. I have extremely thick hair with an olive complexion.

    Thanks in advance,
    signed – the big chicken!! 🙂

  35. Shoko-san is wonderful – she is accomodating, speaks great english and is most professional. The service doesn’t take long at all…a few minutes (underarm) to 30min at most(other areas). Pain is almost non-existant; the most uncomfortable part of the whole experience is the cold pack used to prep the skin prior to the actual pulse of laser. I’ve never looked into IPL in the states, but I’m told it’s far more expensive. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed; I’m on my third visit and am thrilled with the results!!

  36. Yeah great place and service!
    I’m dark skinned, have sensitive skin and hate unsightly hair! However, after much reasearch found Me Love to be absolutely terrific!
    I am about to undergo my 4th Underarm treatment and my current hair growth is almost non-existent!
    The initial wait period between sessions is 21 days, however, as your treatment/s continue, your hair grows finer and the wait period is longer.
    Prices can be found on their website: however they always have great monthly specials which can be found in Okinawa Living.

    • I just had my first session at Me Love, I’m so glad I decided to start early because I want to have a lot done and that will take a lot of time. I was told for the first session that I must wait 2 months before the next. However the instructions they make you read ask if you’ve had a treatment in the last 21 days. So I’m guessing you can shorten the time a little. I asked if I could get a treatment on a different area of the body sooner but was told no, one treatment regardless of area. Shoko-san was very nice, I enjoyed talking with her during the treatment.

      • I worked at a day spa back in the States and we would schedule our clients for treatments for every 4 weeks for the face areas and 6 weeks for everywhere else. But a lot of people are different b/c our body chemistries are different and any medications will affect how our hair grows, so we worked with them and their hair growth cycle.
        Normally a “treatment set” should take about 6 sessions and then you’ll go in about twice a year for ‘touch-ups’. For men, it’s a few more sessions since they typically have more hair than women.
        I hope my input offers a bit of insight for y’all in the world of laser hair removal!