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Cara wrote in to pitch the movie theater out in Mihama, American Village, across from Starbucks. Thanks, Cara!

I recommend going to the Japanese theater in American Village. Yes, it’s expensive. That’s the only drawback! Usually you will have 2-3 movie options (in English with Japanese subtitles) to choose from. Before Kyla was born, we frequented the military theaters often, but not enough. With one movie showing at one time, there were occasions we wasted a good two hours because our choices were so limited. So at Mihama 7-Plex, besides having choices, you can have ‘baseball game’ draft beer. And for us, seeing a movie in the same theater as locals is part of the total Japanese experience. Try it once before you leave Okinawa.

I searched long and hard for an English version of their site. TO NO AVAIL. However, I translated their site through Google HERE. You will be able to discern prices and movies and times.

To boot, you’ll get a quirky and mostly incomprehensible summary of movies in translated English. You’ll find Happy Feet summarized in the following festive way:

In Memphis the husband and wife of the emperor penguin, the man bull of the son is born. It grows in the nice elementary school student. But, in class of important song, being tone-deafness of the metal reinforcement entering is detected for the penguin. Man pulling where you see the seniors and from also the companion and is released, becomes the single, as for those where it advances instead of singing, was step of dance!


  1. I was wondering if anyone knew if food was included with the ticket price? I want to say I heard somewhere that you get a drink and popcorn when you pay the 1600 yen, but there was nothing about that posted on here. All info from anyone who has been would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Thanks for the tip! Still much cheaper than the typical 1600 yen per person for a date night with the hubby. We could get cheesecake with the money we “saved”…assuming we ever actually get out of the house again!

  3. Hi, I guess you folks are living close to where I live 🙂

    Mihama 7Plex has weekly/monthly discount – 1100yen and I know it’s still expensive than US price…
    Mon – Men’s day
    Tue – First/Last Show discount
    Wed – Ladies’ day
    Thu – First/Last Show discount
    Fri – Last Show discount
    22nd – husband and wife day
    (excluding Japanese national holiday etc.)

    Just FYI and hope this helps.