EDITOR’S NOTE: This attraction is now closed. We’re leaving this post on the site so that those of you who may be looking for this information will be able to find it.

Monakids Jungle, originally uploaded by okinawa hai.

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Chances are that you’ve been to Monakids Jungle at least a half a dozen times if you have young children and you’ve been on the island a while.  However if you’re still trying to get your bearings on this island then this post is for you!

Monakids Jungle is an indoor playground complete with a rollerslide, zip line, ball pits, and plenty of tunnels to climb through.  There is also a smaller play structure for the really little kids.  Your monkeys should be quite pooped after they’re done with this place.  Nothing like a drive home with two sleepy monsters and a stop at the coffee shop to make me happy!

If you’re planning on throwing a party they also have a party room that you can rent that has kid-size tables and chairs.

Don’t forget yen for food and drinks (no outside food is allowed) and socks when you visit.

ADMISSION for three hours of play:

    • 18 mos-35 mos: 500 yen (Under 18 months free only with admission of older child)


    • 3 yrs-12 yrs: 700 yen for weekdays, 800 yen for Saturdays, 900 yen for Sundays and Holidays


    • Guardian:100 yen


  • Admission on weekdays covers 3 hours of play while weekend admission covers 2 hours of play.

PHONE NUMBER: 098-875-3665.

HOURS: 1000-1900, closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays


    • Take a LEFT from the Camp Foster Commissary Gate to head South on Hwy 58.


    • Pass MCAS Futenma and stay in the middle or right lane to go over the overpass.


    • After you pass KFC and Makeman (big orange and white monkey sign), both on your right side, make sure to be in the right lane.


    • You will see a San-A (yellow sign with three red triangles) on your right.


    • Get into the next right-hand turn lane and make a U-turn.  NOTE: If your car is large you can turn RIGHT at the next light instead (the same one for Camp Kinser) and loop back around to head North on 58.



    • Turn LEFT into the parking lot for Monakids just before this sign.



  1. Vanessa- You have to reserve space at least 2 weeks in advance, more if you want a weekend. You can reserve half the room or the whole thing, it’s not much more to get the entire space if you expect a decent crowd. You can bring your own food for a party, their are mini-fridge/freezers, and I seem to recall microwaves as well. I rented the entire room on a Saturday, had about 10 kids and 7 adults, and spent just over $100. If you party on a weekday it should be cheaper, or at least you can stay longer.

  2. If you do that u-turn and miss the immediate turn before the very chrome pachinko place, just pull in to the San-A parking garage and take a 2 minute walk back towards the Kinser gate and you should have no trouble finding it. Just look for that crazy looking tree thing/entryway. Look for the illuminated sign with the baseball and bat on it.

  3. Melissa, Monakids is set back from the road a bit so it’s easy to miss. After you make your U-turn, turn left into the parking lot just BEFORE the pachinko place. If you pass the pachinko parlor and San-A you have overshot Monakids. I believe the yellow sign is gone now and has been replaced by another Monakids sign.

  4. Melissa, I usually turn around at the gate for Kinser (there is an american pizza and steak restaurant there) and you will see the sign for Mona Kids Jungle. It’s right behind a pachinko place. There is a 2 level parking structure just to the right of Mona Kids.

  5. I’m having trouble finding this place. I took a drive up there today and followed all the directions posted and never saw a sign with a monster on it. Do you have to turn down a side road? Can someone give better directions from that U-turn? or is it really there and I just missed it?

  6. This place was great! I took my 6 y/o and my 22 m/o and they had a blast. I was able to sit and drink coffee while keeping an eye on my kids. We went on a Friday morning and it was not crowded at all! More Americans than Japanese actually. We also ate french fries while there. You have to purchase a food ticket from a vending machine and then go up and order your food and give them your ticket. There are tons of snack/soda machines also. They have a large room off to the side and up a couple steps for women that are nursing if you prefer privacy. There’s a decent size party room towards the back although I’m not sure how much it cost to book a party. This was a great three hours! My kids were exhausted and I was relaxed! My only complaint is that the lights in this place tend to put off heat so it got a bit warm. Oh and you have to pay at a vending machine and take your tickets up to the counter.

  7. FYI this place opens during the weekdays at 10:30 am and not at 10 am (that is on the weekends)…we had to sit in the car and wait for 20 minutes so just wanted to keep this posting up to date.

    Also we DID have to pay for the baby who is 15 months old…under 18 mos is only free if they enter with another child OVER 18 months old that you pay for. There is nothing on their signs about it but on the machine you get the entry ticket from it is posted on there so it was a little confusing.

    One last thing…there is no “yellow sign with a blue monster” as far as we saw…there is a sign that says MonaKids Jungle (just like on the building itself) right before the parking lot so maybe they changed it or we missed it.

    The baby did have fun but since the little kids area was not blocked off in any way from the rest of the place she did kind of just run around the whole place which was fine since it was pretty empty but I dont think I would be able to take her if it was busy…think it is really best for kids a bit older and more independent but like I said she did have fun playing with Daddy!

  8. Yes!

    We go there at least once a month..my kids love it. Big one (11yr) and little one (3yr)! Easy to just sit and relax and enjoy watching them have fun! The place is small enough to keep an easy watch on them. I prefer going during the week as it is less crowded. You also get 3 hrs..vs..2 hrs..of fun for your money. Yen only..and you can get discount admission at the ITT.

  9. I love Monakids!! I remember going there a long time ago with my old babysitter and a whole bunch of other kids; it was awesome. I highly recommend it. In fact I’m still hoping I’ll get to re-visit eventually ^_^

  10. We went to Monakids yesterday and were pleasantly surprised to see a clown performing there. He was not a scary clown, either, but had fun with the kids during his little performance where he made a few balloon animals and gave them away. At the end, he gave everyone a long balloon and taught you how to make a couple of animals, we made a puppy and a rabbit, or usagi! He’ll be there during these dates: August 2nd through August 23rd, with performances at 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and then July 30th through August 6th with a performance at 2:00 p.m. I wish I could read the sign to know if those dates which overlap mean weekend/weekdays only. I’ll post more info as I have it (which means when I find someone to translate, I’ll be of more use!).

  11. MonaKids is a great place – wish my kid was not afraid of the huge jungle gyms. Maybe when he gets a little older.

    Linking to you guys. Let me know if you want to have anything weather-related posted – I am a Lead Met in the USAFR and can keep you updated on typhoons, if needed.