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Today I went to Lawson’s to pay some bills. Inspired by the “kittu katsu” post, I went to search out the Kit-Kat section of the candy aisle, eager to see what new flavors I might discover. Hmm…let’s see…Peach, Cherry… Regrettably, in my Lawson’s that was the extent of the Kit-Kat selection. (Besides plain, of course.) Disappointed, I almost left Kit-Katless. But wait! What should I spy down there, a few chocolate bars away from the other Kit-Kats? Could it be…a Kit-Kat CD? Why yes, there for just 432 yen was not only a Kit-Kat, but an accompanying CD from Japanese pop group, Remioromen, all in one nifty package. Score!

As a Japanese Kit-Kat has two delicious chocolate fingers, Remioromen’s Kit-Kat CD has two delicious songs. Now that I’ve listened to both of them a few times, I think I can safely say I prefer the first. It’s got a kind of Oasis-y vibe that I dig and has a nice crescendo. (The “LaLaLas” at the end are a little grating though, I admit). The second song is okay, but not nearly as catchy as the first. All in all, my Kit-Kat/CD package was a worthwhile purchase: a nice little introduction into J-Pop, a tasty snack, and (after I get tired of it) fine gift for one of my obscure-music-loving friends.


  1. I want to go see them. Will they ever come to Okinawa, I wonder? For that matter, does anyone know where I can even see some good live music here in Okinawa?

  2. Thank you for using my photo!

    As a matter of fact,Remioromen’s drummer is my friend;)
    We’re from same high school!

    I really like their music♪

  3. Oh my gosh! Dormant memory revived…my friend’s nickname for me in high school was Kit-Kat. (My name for her was T-Love) Who knew I’d come full circle here in Okinawa.


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