If you have been shopping or dining recently, you may have noticed an enormous bouquet located at the entrance. I’ve even seen them proudly displayed at our local gas station. I have admired these bouquets for years, knowing that they must have to do with the opening of a store- or promoting a new venue. Apparently, it is quite common in Japan for business partners to send an “open store” greeting. The flowers that you see here range in price from 250,000-260,000 per arrangement.
I consulted a Japanese friend, Seiko Higa, and she kindly put it like this:
“It’s called HANAYASAN in Japanese.  HANA means flower, and YA is store. As you know, SAN is kind of respect words, we use it for things, not only for person.”
So next time you’re out readers, take time to smell the flowers! It may lead you to delicious new cuisine- or a groovy store.

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  1. I recently saw these boquets in front of the new Lawson’s (across from Lester hospital). Now I know what they are called. Pretty!

  2. I had wondered what those arangement were called. $2500-$2600!? Although very pretty, i’d like a little more flower for my 2K! (sure it’s not 25,000-26,000 or $250-260 instead?)


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