Maybe you call it the White Rabbit Store like myself. Or the pink and white store. Or that store near Foster. No matter what you call it they have CHEAP clothing worth checking out.

The clothing sizes are based on the child’s height in centimeters. My older son is a 2T and fits best in size 95. I believe the sizes go as low as 70.  I never figured it out precisely but I just bought big so things would eventually fit. Here’s a cheat sheet of sorts. It ignores everyone under the age of 2 and without 90 centimeters of their own.
16/18                            40/55                            90                            cm
100                            cm

110                            cm

28/3070/75120                            cm

80/85130                            cm

38/3890/95140                            cm

Children’s                            Clothing
US 2                            4
6 8 10 12

I have never seen a piece of clothing over 1,000 yen. I count that as about ten bucks which isn’t exact but I don’t take on math these days. Normally a t-shirt runs between four and five hundred yen. My favorite shirt of all time was bought there. I’m also partial to this one.

Nishimatsuya also carries shoes, diapers (which are often cheaper than American ones), toys, maternity clothing, baby gear and a bewildering and fun line of Japanese baby food. I especially like the crackers that contain various vegetables, fish and/or seaweed. These crackers are especially cheap and portable.

Getting there is easy. Go straight out the main Lester gate past the drive-thru Starbucks on the corner of 58. At that first light there is a convenience store on your left. Take that left. You’ll follow that road until you’re about parallel to the Foster Commissary gate. The store will be on your left. It’s a large white and pink building. Hard to miss. There is plenty of parking.