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I think pretty much everyone agrees that a good haircut isn’t absolutely essential for living like say, oxygen is, BUT a good haircut can definitely increase one’s quality of life or level of cheeriness.  Don’t we all feel better when we’ve had a good “hair day?”  So, on that note, let’s help out Rebecca’s quest for more good hair days on the island, shall we?

     “I was wondering where people get their hair cut out in town? I’ve had a couple not so good experiences on base and i would really like to try going out somewhere but I don’t want to trust my mane to yet another butcher!! If you could put the question out there that would be great, I’d love to hear where people are going!!”


  1. Hello,
    My husband and I are moving to Okinawa in May 2016. He is an excellent hairstylist having worked 20 years in Morocco and 3 years in the USA. He has expertise in men/women hair cuts, blowdry, color, highlights and keratin treatments. He currently works at Salon Rouge in Washington DC.

    We look forward to joining your community!

  2. Hi could someone help me by telling me a good saloon /hair colorist that can dye my hair platinum blonde or rather maintain the blonde i already have ? I’m southeast Asian and have naturally dark brown hair,I will be in okinawa this july coming from Toronto, Canada. I’ve been to earth salon before but I find the blonde they use is almost golden rusty .I could even send a picture of the hair i have now to have a better understanding if needed .Please and thank you !

  3. So, I pcs’d from Oki last August, but just wanted to follow up on this post. While on island I did finally find a place I trusted to do my hair. Earth salon in American village. They spoke very little English so I was super nervous. I took a picture of what I wanted (long layers and sweeping bangs). They did an awesome job! It was a guy (sorry don’t remember his name). It’s totally worth it to have them wash your hair too. It was a full scalp massage with the shampoo scent of your choice. I think my total out the door was ¥5000.

  4. everybody should try angara hair salon, here is the website, you can find phone number and map on the website.

    I am asian, so I dont know if it is gonna work out if you are not asian, but you can try…….my japanese friend recommend this salon to me. they speak little English. you can bring a picture to show what style you want. I also went to a Japanese hair salon when I was in Boston. and since I came here, I tried the Borjan and rumiko, Borjan is not bad, thought not as good as the boston one I used to go, rumiko is only ok. and this Angara, the stylist Mr. Nobu, he is even better than my boston hair stylist. I am really impressed. the best hair cut I have every had.

  5. I went to Earth Salon in American Village about 2 weeks ago to get a much-needed change… about 6-7 inches off my hair!! I was hoping to try Borjan (sunabe seawall) but they were booked solid for two months and I was itching to get it done same week 🙂 So I drove my happy self to Earth Salon, got an appointment for the afternoon, and I haven’t been this happy about a hair cut in about 2 years!!

    The staff were very nice, very courteous, and although they didn’t speak a lot of English, it was enough to get by. I brought photos of what style I was looking for and was pleasantly surprised to get EXACTLY what I was looking for. And all for FAR less than I would pay for the same service in the states!!

    The service was wonderful, they even let you pick out what scent of shampoo and conditioner they wash your hair with! Not to mention a nice head and shoulder massage while you’re in the chair 🙂 I’m definitely going back!!

  6. Definitely avoid Shear Perfection (Holly Zigga). It’s unfortunate she is good at styling but her coloring is remarkably poor. She made a friends hair pink when she regularly dyes it blonde and then destroyed another friend’s hair going blonde. Another issue known is she tends to put down others, very petty, and any competition she tends to berate as well. Very unprofessional. When it comes to make up, I’d stay away from there as well. She is neither certified or sanitary. She uses her fingers instead of brushes and does not clean her brushes, etc.

    If looking for a stylist/Colorist, I’d recommend Autumn (you can find her on OYS), and definitely had a great experience with Borjan. I avoid base experiences. For a MUA I’d highly recommend Amy Higareda, Summer Johnson, Christina Duran Rodriguez, and Audriana Danielle (Avery). Some do lashes, styling of hair, etc. They are all remarkable and I’ve worked with them all. 🙂

  7. Has anyone gone to the salon in American Village by JonJons? I asked some of the locals that I work with where a good place to get my haircut off base would be and they suggested there. They said they heard a lot of American women go there but Im skeptical. I have had SO many bad cuts I am now terrified. Also I have mixed hair. It is somewhat curly now that I have had to put texture softeners in it to combat the humidity here but if wet you can surely see that I was not born w/ straight hair. Does anyone know of anyone or any place that can handle cutting curly hair and styling it after??

  8. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good place or person to go to for the ball? I need an up do and of course have no clue where to go. PLEASE HELP. I just found out that its Oct 27th.. I can have a picture to show exactly what I need..

  9. La Plage it’s French ( for the beach) across from the Dragon on 75 between Courney and 8. I have taken both of my daughter and have recommended the Japanese perm to other girlfriends who are please with the results. I paid 95000y for it and it was worth it in this high humidity area. Love my color and cuts. Just take a picture it will be exact.

  10. Hey at all,

    does anybody knows a place around Okinawa that is selling glue and spray for full lace hairsystems?

    I be moving soon to Okinawa and I am wearing a full lace hairsystem (like beyonce most of the time).

    Just was wondering if I need to order my products from overseas or if I can get them there.

    Maybe a salon that assist in reattaching once in a while when i am lazy? :p

  11. Since no one has commented here for a long time I just wanted to say check out Debbie at She has a salon in her house. She is awesome. She will be here another year or so before PCSing.

  12. I second the comment on Chelsea “Shear Distinction”. I’ve been seeing her for a year now, and all of my friends I’ve recommended to her love her just as much. Getting your hair cut off base at a salon which traditionally cuts Japanese hair is not something I’d recommend. Any difference in ethnicities/race causes the hair to lay differently when cut, manage and style differently. I wouldn’t trust someone who didn’t have the background in my hair type to understand what my hair is going to do after its cut once its dried.

  13. Hello to all in Okinawa!!!! I”m a liscensed cosmetologist soon to be arriving in Okinawa. I have 20 yrs in the business. I have trained and had some of the best education in this fabulous industry. My expertise are women and mens haircutting and hair color. My family and i will be moving to Okinawa some time in January of 2011. My name is Patricia I’ll keep everyone posted… Looking forward to a great start!!!

  14. I would say take out 10000yen, when I had a cut/hi-low lights -Blow-dry and style is includedit was 7900yen or may depend on your hair length though. She does take dollar but the conversion isn’t great. She does a great job.

  15. Hi,

    I have an appointment at “Hair By Rumiko” tomorrow for highlights and lowlights. Has anyone gone to her recently, and if so, can you please tell me approximately how much Yen I should take tomorrow? I have no idea!
    Thanks for you advice.

  16. Hi, everyone! I am new to the island and have heard that finding a good stylist off base can be tricky!!! Any suggestions? I have wavy, thick hair…. Also, any suggestions on products to fight the friz this summer?????

  17. The ONLY place that I will now go to offbase is Shear Distinction. I’ve gone from one bad hair cut to another until I was able to find Chelsea Robbins to fix my butchered tresses! We’re talking chunks of hair missing. I won’t call out names of all of the “stylists” that I’ve had issues with but most of them are listed on this website in various places. My biggest concern with offbase haircuts are that they cut dry hair. Unless you go in with straightened hair, you will not get an even haircut. Unfortunatly with the humidity here it is almost impossible for me to make sure my hair is pin straight (although it is in the states). So, if you’re having issues like I’ve had for years here…go check out this lovely lady. Here’s her website… . She lives off of 58 over right past the kadena marina. Really easy to get to get to. Here’s her email… Also, I snagged her phone number too…08035480077. I know I sound like a commercial for her but seriously when you’ve looked as hard as I have for a great stylist you’d understand. Go see her, you absolutely will not be dissapointed! Chelsea, if you see this…Thank you for saving me before I PCS’d out of here!!!

  18. For those who live on Kadena, I tried out the salon at the new Exchange, and got Ryo. Very serious, and very precise. One of the best shampoo’s and a really great haircut. I showed him a picture which worked well. I think it was around $35 without tip.

  19. Sounds like Yukari is great.. I might try her sometime but I have been going to Foster Concession and seeing Laura. She is American so no worries about miss comminucation. She does a great job, I get 2 colors, blonde and dark, and cut. Love her! Just figured I would let you know if you are worried about an off base adventure.

  20. After reading all of the glowing reviews, I made an appointment with Yukari for a cut and straight perm. My hair has been driving me crazy since we got here about 5 months ago. I have that not curly but not straight, frizzy in the humidity, looks awful all the time hair. Yukari is very good at what she does. Her cut is among the best I have ever gotten, and I love the straight perm! It is amazing for me to be able to wash and wear for what seems like the first time ever!

  21. Dassia,
    I don’t do extensions now. I am sorry about it
    but I do hair colors, hair cuts, straighten perm, perm, make-up, updo styles and
    Most of my clients are American. If you are interested in
    getting hair done, please visit me at Borjan anytime. Borjan is open until
    Dec 31st, and will be open from Jan 5th in 2010.

  22. A friend of mine referred me to a WONDERFUL salon out of Kadena Gate 2 called Harmony. I’ve gotten my hair ‘permanently straightened’ twice and not only are the prices 1/2 that of on base salons, the employees are extremely friendly and professional. Might I add that the shampooing and conditioning is to DIE for! They give you a complete head massage with the best smelling products. Every time I’ve been in, there has been English speaking staff. They also take Yen only. The owner also has a punch card for every 3000y purchase and also gives free samples at every visit

    Directions: Coming out of Kadena Gate 2, make a Left onto 330. It will be about 2 blocks down on your left. HARMONY is posted right above the door.

    To Park, make a left onto BC street from 330. Make your first Right and your first Right again (kind of making a U-turn). Immediately before you get back to 330, there will be a few parking spots on the left for “Harmony”. Just walk up to 330, take a Right and you’re there.

  23. Hello,

    I just arrived in Okinawa and i really need a haircut. I have curly hair but my hair is very thin and soft, so due to this weather it gets so frizy and tangled, it;s unreal.
    I saw alot of people posted about Borjan that it is an amazing salon. Can anyone tell me how much is a Japanese straight perm, what products does Yukari use (I heard Liscio are the best) and how bad it affects the hair? I am really interested in getting one and also cutting my hair.

  24. Yukari at Borjan (on Sunabe Seawall) is AWESOME! I have only had two stylists in my whole life do my hair exactly like I wanted it. She was meticulous and comforting as well as incredibly friendly. She knew what she was doing and did it well. I want to recommend everyone to her as long as I can still make an appt. 🙂 I like alittle funkier cuts and colors and she nailed what I requested! The shop is beautiful and seems as though it came straight from Urban Outfitters (which is awesome to me). I will definitely go back until I leave the island.

  25. Went to Yukari about a month ago to get my hair straightened!! My hair was totally naturally curly and it was frizzing up with this weather and now it’s so straight and no frizz to worry about !!! 🙂 Totally love my hair!!! Thank you Yukari!!!

  26. I went to Borjan salon on Saturday and was happy with the color although it was not what I wanted. I brought a picture from a magazine but obviously was harder to do than I imagined. Ms. Yukari is a great person but I payed over 9000 yen (which is expensive) for color and a trim and today is monday and I already see color coming out of my hair. Also was there from 11am to after 3pm,,,long time at the salon. I have very curly hair and I do not believe the salon was equipped to handle my hair. After I arrived at my house my hair was being very difficult even though I had got a trim….it was suppose to be bouncy and vibrant. I would like to try another salon, not that Ms. Yukari isn’t a great stylist but I just think she does a better job on people with straight hair versus curly. Beautiful salon…great person,,not my greatest hair job.

  27. I have visited Yukari at Borjan twice and already have next appointment scheduled. She is fabulous! I highly recommend adding the head spa to your haircut. It is a great head massage. I have had to color my hair for years (prematurely gray) and she does an outstanding job with my color. Her salon is absolutely adorable. Her haircuts are awesome, the color is great, and the price is excellent. I even took my 10 year old daughter with me for a haircut and hers was awesome too…and she’s naturally curly.

  28. alright, so people are raving here about miyagi at cocoks , but I dont like him! he cut my hair once and I will NEVER go back. I left crying. He didnt even charge me. He chopped my hair a couple inches shorter than I told him, like he kept messing up and had to shorten it to fix it. It was supposed to be a bob but it was so uneven and choppy in the back, no matter what i tried, including straightning, it looked horrible. I felt like a little boy who cut his own hair! NOT impressed at all! maybe he was drunk for me…dont know, everyone else seems to like him….hummmm.

  29. Yukari at Borjan is wonderful. I had a very damaged permanently straightened hair which I asked her to now make “wavy”. My hair did not respond well and it was difficult to style it. So when I went back in for a highlight a week later, I asked her to see what she could do about styling. She tried different methods of perming, cut some more off and worked on it patiently to make sure I walked out of the salon happy. It is a cute little salon with a beautiful view of the ocean. Worth a visit! Oh, don’t forget to check out the cool hanging light fixtures made of pretty beads…she hand made them! I wish I could buy one of those from her… LOL.

  30. I went to Yukari at Borjan about a week ago and I LOVE what she did. I had shoulder length hair that was really unruly in this humidity. Now, at my request, I have short hair and it is much more manageable. My hair is really thick and Yukari thinned it out beautifully. She was very maticulous. My husband even liked my short haircut, and that says a lot!!! I will be visiting Yukari for the next 3 years!

  31. This is a bit late, but I went to Yukari at Bórjan a month or so ago. She is great! Me and my husband love the cut! I only got a cut this time but I look forward to getting highlights as well next time. She gives a discount to first-time costumers so go in! The salon is adorable too and has a great view right on the seawall.

  32. I went and saw Yukari today. I don’t think Americans should be intimidated by Japanese hair dressers. Most go through at least 5 years of training and 2 years of apprenticeship. Plus, the experience and travel the good ones are able to obtain. Anyway, she gave me a partial foil (I have light blonde hair) and I had her dye my bangs pink and trim them up so I have a nice side sweep. I love my hair!!! Her English is good and she makes sure she completely understands what you want. She was sweet and professional. Please go see her or visit her website… Thanks again Yukari 🙂 – Jaymie

  33. Dear Yukari,
    I would like to thank you for my new haircut. You’re probably the best stylist of the world… and a very very pleasant person. Unfortunately, I live on the other side (of this world) in Quebec city.
    See you a last time in Okinawa later in August… before my departure.
    Have a good summer!

  34. Yukari at Borjan really is that good! I saw her a few weeks ago for a cut and a color. I was very happy with the results. Her shop is darling and I felt like I had stepped into Paris. You will not regret this decision. Enjoy!

  35. I went to see Yukari and was very pleased with her services. As it turned out my highlights ended up not like I wanted them to look like and went back to her and she fixed them for free. I will definitely be going back to her! Plus the scalp massage was awesome! I would recommend her to all my friends! It is a cute little salon!!

  36. yukari at borjan is wonderful! i saw her yesterday for a hair cut and color and LOVE it! i love the new bangs, love the cut, and love the color… everything was exactly what i asked for! and not that it matters as much as her talent and obvious experience as a stylist…but her shop is beautiful:)

  37. Does anyone know who can do Thermal Reconditioning (permanent straightening) It was developed in Japan so I’m assuming some salon does do it. I got it done in the States but it was really expensive. I need to get a touch up and my daughter wants to get it done. Please help!

  38. Hello! I got my hair cut by Yukari at Borjan (she’s the only stylist there at this point) and LOVE the cut! I waited a couple days to make sure I just didn’t love the way she styled it, but nope – I love it all. I’m a wash and go kind of girl and she cut it perfectly. That’s saying a lot when you have curls as uncooperative as mine. I’ve tried a couple other places since living here and definitely liked her the best. I already made my next appointment.

  39. I was hoping to get a straight perm soon. I was in Tokyo a few years a ago and had my hair straightened several times and loved it.
    At the salon I went to they called it “super straight perm” and there was “straight perm” on the menu also. Does anyone know if there really is a difference at off base salons and/or know of a place that does them?

  40. Per Amie’s suggestion, I went to see Yukari at Borjan tonight. I got a cut and straightening. Can I just say that I have never ever had a haircut that I loved as much as this one. I am hooked! I will be going back soon and recommending her to EVERYONE I know!
    Thanks Yukari!!!!!

  41. I called Yukari yesterday morning and she got me the same night! I had long REALLY wavy and frizzy hair and I have always hated it! I asked her to straighten it and found a picture in her magazine of what I wanted. The price was more than I expected, but she explained it to me (I am so inexperienced in the beauty department!)… What I paid was well worth it >> she is AWESOME! Very thorough, very professional and kind! I LOVE my hair, it is THE BEST style I have EVER had!! And I am going back to see her next week for my highlights!!
    I just can’t say how happy I am that I went to visit her!

  42. I have just returned home from Borjan and I am extremely pleased with my experience there. Yukari is FANTASTIC!! I had a trim, went from blonde to brunette with highlights, got bangs, and I love it! She is great at achieving what you want and making sure you’re comfortable the entire time. Her prices are fantastic (June is 1/2 off of her menu, so be sure to take advantage of the great deals)!! I will definitely be recommending her to everyone I know!

  43. I went and saw Yukari at Borjan today for a haircut and highlights…it was wonderful! I love my haircut-she spent a lot of time, cutting carefully, and making sure it was exactly right. The highlights came out wonderfully and the scalp massage was fantastic. I really appreciated her attention to detail. Her salon is very nice. I really encourage everyone to try her out-I think you’ll be pleased. I know I’ll go back.

  44. WOW, Yukari at Borjan does sound great and everyones experiences thus far. I called for an idea on cut/color and she said probably 6000 depending on length of my hair~during her promotion sale! Sounds real good. Do you suggest bringing in a pic or does she have plenty of hairstyle books? Also, is she the only stylist there and does she normally just take appointment only or walk-in as well?

  45. I went to Borjan this evening for a haircut. Yukari was awesome. I love my hair. The scalp massage was amazing also! I have curly hair, so it’s usually hard for me to find a good stylist, but Yukari did a wonderful job on my hair. She even used a flat iron on my hair to show me another way to style it. I highly recommend her, and I’ll be going back. Thanks Yukari!!

  46. Borjan + Yukari = Perfection! Success…on behalf of Borjan salon, I proudly and highly recommend taking advantage of the steals Yukari has in her salon this month and get an experience of follicle proportions!!! I love love love my hair after my visit today. She gave me the best head spa treatment ever (ok so maybe I’ve never actually HAD a head spa treatment), but you can bet I will from now on. It was heaven. P.S. I am going back for her to style me for the Army Ball this weekend. Hit her up people…she is a hidden gem!!

  47. Yukari,
    Thank you for your reply and explanation. I agree with what Joelle’s two cents. I remained virgin hair/scalp during my first two pregnancies, but this time my hair is out of control and crazy! It is growing all weird and wavy in the back. I can’t style it or do anything with it! It needs to be straightened!

  48. Hi, Rachel,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I can’t say perm and coloring products are 100% safe to the human body. But there are types of coloring where the perm, straightening and color solution is applied to only hair, not scalp or hair is dyed only on the surface. Also, I always apply cream to the scalp to protect it from those solutions. Hope this will relieve your concern.

  49. When I decide to get my hair cut I want it cut right now, so that I don’t chicken out. I have been wanting it cut but haven’t been able to find someone, so this morning I called Yukari at Borjan and she gave me the choice of 2 times today. I showed up about 20mins early, wasn’t sure where I was going. I told her that I didn’t know what I wanted, but I didn’t want anything TOO short. It had been a really long time since I’d had a haircut. I also wanted her to color my hair, which I had never had done before (too chicken). I have never been so happy with a haircut, there is NO more gray,a nd the highlights that she added where just enough. I love the hair cut, it’s short but not too short and the bangs are great and I can still put it up in a pony tail. I will defintely being going back to her, and I’m taking my son the next time he needs a haircut. Thank you Yukari!

  50. I went and saw Yukari at Borjan today and I was soooooo impressed! Because I have really light blonde hair, it’s always hard to find stylists that can match the color…. but she did it perfect! The cut is also amazing! If I could have her as my own personal hair stylist for the rest of my life, I would! Hands down, best experience I’ve ever had at a salon. Thanks Yukari!

  51. I chose not to do any color/chemicals during my pregnancies. I know a lot of people do color that doesn’t touch the scalp (like foils) but basically this stuff has never been tested on pregnant women (cuz who would sign up for THAT study??) and so I decided to err on the side of caution. But if I WAS going to do something like that I would choose something where the chemicals wouldn’t actually reach my scalp — just my 2 cents…

  52. Yukari,
    I am a couple months pregnant and interested in getting my hair straightened (straight perm), but my health-nut girlfriend thinks the chemicals used in the process will harm my baby. What is your professional opinion on this?

  53. I just went to the new salon Borjan that is on the sunabe seawall and I am completely sold. This is where I will be going for the remainer of the time I am in Okinawa. The salon is adorable, very comfortable with an awesome view. Yukari is really nice and speaks amazing English. I got hilights and a haircut really fast and it was under $50. The 50% off is running until the end of June and even after that she is still giving 20% off. And she is doing scalp massages for free if you get any color right now. I could have stayed there all day.
    Go see her. You will not be disappointed!

  54. I go to Mr. Miyagi at CocoK’s too. LOVE him. He’s the only stylist I’ve ever had that can make my hair look exactly like the picture I bring in. I have a really short inverted bob. He does a great job and I literally have to spend like 3 minutes on my hair in the mornings because it’s cut correctly.

  55. I thought I posted it already but it didnt show up… Apex, near camp courtney. go down the road and make a left at AW and itll be facing the same way youre driving (behind you) For a guy you pay 26 bucks and get a awesome haircut, shampoo, facial, and a face and arms massage. I go there once a month. Only con is they are not very fluent in english, so be patient.

  56. I didn’t see the previous questions about unnatural coloring until now… but [the aforementioned] Rumiko might be someone to try for that. I haven’t seen her for a while, but when I went, she had blue in her own hair. I figure if you’re willing to sport it, you’ll do it to others.

  57. I go to Karen on Lester. She has over 20 years experience and I am always in love with my hair after she is done. She carries professional hair products and uses Redken for coloring. I have sent many of my friends to her and they are always very happy with her work. Her number is 646-6364

  58. Just for anyone interested…i just went to King Cobra directly across from Foster’s Commissary Gate and they did a great dye job. Takano Teruya did a full color and was able to bleach and dye bright red highlights for me. They have just about any color you can think of. They also make very nice wigs and do extensions. I recommend them to anyone looking for the not so usual styles but also for regular cut and dye jobs. I was there all day and saw all four stylists work and they did excellent job. There is not a lot of English spoken there, just bring a pic in and they work from that. They also have a salon in Naha.

  59. I am looking to get my hair done and want pink streaks place through it. Does anyone know a good place that will and can style with out of the ordinary colors? I saw the question about blue hair but no answer. Sharon, did you find a place?

  60. I got my hair cut by a woman on kinser. Best hair cut ive had in a long long time! SHe is so Wonderful! Very nice and has a beautiful salon in her home!!! She has cut hair for 12 years and specializes in Framesi color! She is the best on island!!! Give her a call!
    Her name is Ginger
    646-1451/080-3314-6562 or

  61. The only person that I would recommend onbase is Chelsea who is right now working over at the Kadena Concessions Mall. I send all of my friends to her when they get bad haircuts that need to be fixed or if they’re just looking for someone who really knows what they’re doing. She’s fabulous. She’ll tell you if a style won’t work for you and she’s very precise about the color products she’ll use on hair. She orders everything and has it shipped to her from a friend in the states. I really lucked out when I found her here.

  62. I was admiring a mom’s hair at my son’s school. She had blonde highlights and said that Miko at the Olympic mall salon on Kadena had done them. I also had my haircut by her once and thought she did a nice job. I would call and ask if she still works there. I hope that helps.

  63. Hello!! I am a licensed cosmetologist..Paul Mitchell educated and I am in the process of opening a home salon!! I already have a professional space set up and I am offering Haircuts for now…my shipment and complete salon business will be up and running soon!!!

  64. I used to get my hair cut at cocoks by Rumiko as well, but she has since left and has her own shop right outside of Gate 1 on Kadena near the seawall. Very cute little shop, and she does a great job. She cut my 16 month old sons hair as well, and she’s very patient! She also speaks very good english, so no translation problem. For those interested, her tel # is (098)936-8766

  65. Yes, I have my color done on base, not off. My colorist, Julie, is PCSing this summer so I’ll be finding a new one. Sigh.

    B. – that is a difficult question. My good friend got her hair completely cut short so she didn’t have to find a stylist because she’d had bad experiences. I don’t remember the name of the place, but there is a salon near my house that is staffed by african-american men & women and owned by an african-american man; it’s on the street toward the sea wall that you take past the Pizza Inn shopping center out gate 1 Kadena. It’s on the right hand side about 2 blocks from the sea wall. Does anyone know the name? It’s a proper name, but I don’t remember. I also have no idea if they give a decent haircut, but maybe this will trigger someone’s comment 🙂 Good luck.

  66. I went to Mr. Miyagi a handful of times. I too have curly hair and I loved how he cut it. He took his time and went thru and cut again even after it was dried and styled to make sure it was perfect. My only complaint was his coloring. The first time was awesome. After that, I felt my highlights were way too brassy and unnatural. The last time I went I tried to explain this, but was unsuccessful. That was the last time. I would highly recommend him for a cut and solid color.

  67. I love everything about Takako at Tarm Powder, across the street from the Max Value in Yomitan. With the possible exception of her little dog, Moogi, that hates me. She speaks barely any English, and I hardly any Japanese and still we chat and chat and chat. How does that happen? Anyway, her haircuts cost 3.000 yen and I’ve loved each and every one of them. They’ve been kind of Japanese style, which means you can bet thinning shears are involved. Fortunately for me, that’s the kind of look I’m going for. So, if you live in Yomitan and you dig a hip, friendly atmosphere (with awesome music) and you don’t mind yappy dogs, this is the place for you.

  68. Romeko (spelling?) is the name of the woman at Cocok’s. I just had my first cut and highlight with her last Monday. I love the color, but it hasn’t been my favorite cut (looks okay, but much more work to style). I will definately give her another try though. I have several friends who absolutely swear by her. One of my friends suggested taking a picture in with me next time. P.S. she gives an amazing scalp massage.

  69. Miyagi-San (the guy at Cocok on Rte 23) cuts my hair and I love him. He’s meticulous and sweet. Not much English but when you go there the first time the front desk girl comes with you to translate so you can explain exactly what you want. He is fabulous – and Kim, you’re right – the woman’s good too, but I don’t know her name.

    I have curly hair, so it was tough for me to go out in town (I know most Japanese do NOT have curly hair) but even Miyagi-San quickly understood that it bounces up shorter when it’s dry! Many American stylists do not realize that simple fact, so I was already impressed.

  70. If your willing to venture into the world of Japanese hair salons I go to `A-One` in Chatan (ph. 098 926 0844). Some of their staff members speak some English, but nobody is fluent – you need to be patient and make yourself clearly understood. That said, all the staff are super friendly and helpful. If you take a picture in of what you want, even better. A-One is on the same street that Araha Beach and Hamby Town San-A are on. Head on that street towards Naha. A-One is on the left side, just before an intersection.

  71. Good post. I love “RYO” on Kadena (the salon next to the gas station. He is amazing. Trained and lived in Tokyo. Has the groovy belt o scissors, don’t expect a chat. He takes his art seriously. 633-9251. LOVE him.

    • I second this. Ryo is amazing and obviously highly trained. If he worked at a salon in DC, where we’re from, he could charge over $150 easily and would have a devoted following. It kind of breaks my heart that he’s getting $35 at a base exchange. He’s an expert and you should go to him. My layers are perfection.

      • Oh – and he is now at the salon in the Exchange, next to the nail salon. If you walk in the main entrance and walk past the escalators on your right, take a left and it’s right there on your left next to the AU store.

          • I’m not sure if he does color, actually. I know he doesn’t do blondes, because I asked after loving my haircut so much. I was sad, but really appreciated that he declined to do my hair because he knew he wasn’t experienced enough with light blondes. If only all colorists were so honest about their limitations. Speaking of which…does anyone know a really good colorist for blondes??

  72. I got a great cut from the woman at Cocok’s. I’m terrible with names, but there are only two stylists and one is a man, Mr. Miyagi, so it’s not him. However, I’ve not been able to get back in to see her because she books up quickly and I’m always waiting until the last minute and expecting to get in TODAY. 098-936-7807