Ogido Park l Okinawa Hai!

Editor’s Note: A reader has commented that a sign at this park names it Nakagusuku Park, rather than Ogido Park. 

Introducing the crème de la crème of all playgrounds, Ogido Park. Talk about amazing! Wide open spaces, plentiful parking, as well as THREE playgrounds that will keep your children occupied for hours. The only complaint that I heard from my son is that that his legs hurt after four hours of hardcore play. The park has open green fields, a stream that runs through the middle of it, walking trails, drinking fountains and a restroom. There is construction going on around the pond so there may be more to come.

Ogido Park l Okinawa Hai!

The first playground has a sandbox, metal slides and a maze-like playground. This playground is the most little-kid friendly.

Ogido Park l Okinawa Hai!

The next playground is like an obstacle course. There are tire treads to walk over, tall grass to walk through, arches to climb around, etc. It offers a number of different playground features as well, such as, net stairs, a roller slide, tunnels, periscope and telephone tubes. I saw a great deal of imaginative play among the children at this playground as the possibilities were endless.

The third playground is a fortress of fun! From the distance it appears to be two large white domes, but up close the net underbelly is discovered. This playground requires that shoes be removed before play. You can climb on the white vinyl top and slide down it. There are a few places to enter the net area on the bottom as well as from the vinyl top. There are railings along the top to ensure safety. Kids were bouncing and jumping on the vinyl top and net like it was a trampoline. The most complaints I heard from the kids playing at the park was when it was time to leave.

Ogido Park l Okinawa Hai!

The playgrounds here looked like so much fun that I really wanted to go play on it as well. There are only a few benches, tables and trees to sit at to watch the kids, so a blanket to sit on would be a good idea. We found that it was easiest to stay at one playground at a time then move onto the next one. The playgrounds are too far apart to be able to watch them all. I recommend taking some snacks, drinks and dressing the kids in pants. Their knees may get roughed up from crawling and climbing on the third playground. This is not a playground to play at when it is raining. It can get very slippery. It is stroller friendly.

Ogido Park l Okinawa Hai!

Directions: From Kadena gate 2 – Go south on the 330. Turn left onto the 81 (Foster legion gate intersection). Turn right onto the 146. Follow the road to the Onishi Golf Course intersection. (The sign for the golf course will be on the left) Turn right. Follow the road down the hill, you will be able to see the park in the distance on your left. When you get to the bottom of the hill, you will see the Ju building that has a yellow bear on it. Turn left before this building. The road shares the fence line with the parking lot. Follow the road until you can make a right turn into the parking lot.

From Kinser – Go north on the 58. Turn right onto the 81. Turn right onto the 330. (This is before the legion gate) Turn left onto the 35 (the next light). Follow the 35 until it comes to a T-intersection with the 29. Turn right. Turn left at the next light. Turn left at the intersection on the other side of the bridge. You will see the Ju building on your right that has a yellow bear on it. Turn right after this building. The road shares the fence line with the parking lot. Follow the road until you can make a right turn into the parking lot.

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Google map points: 26.287985, 127.792179


  1. Great post and great directions! We had no problem finding this amazing park. We took our 15 month old and it was great. First she played in the “little kids” playground but soon she was having fun on the main play area (which means we were too!!) This park is clean, open, and dog friendly (a plus). Perfect place to pack a picnic and stay all day. The 3rd play area (with the white domes) was closed and had construction barriers around it… so not sure when it will re-open but I hope soon. Also, there are 2 pavilions there and the one in the big field had a kids b-day party going on. It is a GREAT place for a birthday party! 🙂

  2. There is another parking area that is closer to the parks (over by the restrooms). Follow above directions to turn off Hwy. 330 onto Rt. 81 (or just go straight out the Legion (shoppette) gate on Foster. Go down 0.5 kilos and turn right at the first stop light onto Rt. 29 (keep going pass the Kitanakagusuku Expressway turn) go down a total of 1.1 kilos and turn left at the 3rd stop light. You will be making a sharp left turn going down hill. Go 0.6 kilos and you will see some small park signs on the left. Turn left here and drive down a tiny road (this is in a neighborhood) and you will be in the other parking lot.

    • What an amazing park! We went there this past weekend, followed this direction to the parking lot, but it is currently under construction till February 2015. This parking lot is smaller, but is definitely closer to the restroom & all three play areas. All three play areas are finished only certain walkway was closed and the main road is rocky so it might be a bit challenging with the stroller.
      It had been raining off and on for the two days before, I was a bit concerned if the park would be too wet & muddy to play in, but we still went there anyway. And I’m so glad we did!! Only certain area of the grass was muddy, but the slides & equipment seemed dry.
      We went there with our friends’ family, we have kids aged from 17-month to 9-year-old, and we all had fun (yes, even the Dads!), everyone was tuckered out after hours of play, very highly recommend!

  3. Such a fun park! Unfortunately when we went the big dome part was roped off because of rain. But we enjoyed ourselves regardless. There are also hills that can be played on. If you have those plastic seats the kids sit on to ride down hills I recommend bringing them! We were sad when it got too dark to play and we had to finally go home.