The area just north of Naha is quickly becoming my favorite place to shop. Amidst the weathered buildings, newer, trendy stores seem to revitalize the neighborhood, as well as supply me with hard to find gourmet items.

Jan 15 2010 021
Such is the case of fresh coffee beans.  In my opinion, there can never be enough.  I began my coffee education in Seattle, where Starbucks cornered the market on every corner.  While I’ve attempted various at-home brewing methods (regular coffeemaker, French press, espresso machine, etc), I’ve settled on a funnel filter method which more consistently produces a delicious cup of coffee.  When your brew is consistent, you can more accurately compare the flavors of different beans.

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Okinawa Beans Shop provides you this opportunity, offering roasted beans from around the world including Columbian in Supreme, bitter and regular, a mild-flavored Jamaican Blue Mountain roast, Tanzanian bitter, a strong aroma coffee called Guatemalan SHB, Kilimanjaro blend, Brazilian Santos, and an Indonesian blend recommended with cake.  If you can’t decide, you might try the recent top sellers marked with red stickers.  Prices range from ¥380 to ¥1400 per 100g and can be ground to your brewing specification (coffeemaker, espresso, etc).  Okinawa Beans Shop carries a selection of brewing equipment, mugs, and treats like Kobe doughnuts.

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There are also pouches of coffee with built-in filters – simply open the flaps, place on a mug and pour hot water through to brew – perfect for camping.

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You can order freshly brewed coffee your way, or an Italian soda in peach, passion fruit or raspberry to take out.  I recommend the almond iced latte.

Okinawa Beans Shop

Hours: 1000 – 1900 daily, closed Sundays

Payment: Yen

Phone: 098-863-0489



GPS Coordinates: 26.2630146, 127.71556209999994

Directions: Route 58 heading south towards Naha. From Camp Kinser’s main gate/gate one, go 1.5km and turn left at light (Ameku intersection). Go through the first light.  Shop is on the left side at the end of the third block – this is approximately .4km from the first stop light – .8km from the turn off 58. The turn is not long after Coco’s curry on the right side.  If you see a Family Mart, you’ve gone to far.  After you turn for the shop, continue straight down this short road into a parking lot – spots 35 & 36 are reserved for Okinawa Beans Shop.