Trop Sign

I’m sure a lot of you have been to the Pineapple Park in Nago, but did you know a couple blocks down, there’s a Tropical Kingdom awaiting you? We had a playdate there and the kids loved it!

Trop Fruit

Trop Butterfly

Trop Bird Ent They have hundreds of fruit trees, one of which bears the world’s largest fruit — the Jackfruit! There is a small butterfly garden with some interested décor, but our personal favorite is the Bird Zone! There are a variety of different birds, some in cages, but the ones that definitely catch your attention are the free flying multicolored parrots! You can buy food to feed them at a little stand near the entrance and the birds will come to you!

Trop Feed 3

Trop Feed 2 Trop Feed1

My boys LOVED feeding the birds. I think it’s 200Y for a thing of food. I spent a good 1000Y just on that!

Trop Shisa

As you leave the Bird Zone, there is a Fruits Café with some great smoothies and ice creams, all made with fresh fruit from their trees! There is also a restaurant upstairs, that serves the same food as most of the Japanese attractions do. We enjoyed getting our fill of sweet stuff at the Fruits Café!

Trop Goat

Price/Hours:  For a mere 1000Y for adults and 500Y for children over 4, it was well worth the trip and definitely an Okinawan experience! They are open from 9-6 year round!

Address: 1220-71 Biimata, Nago

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.6177446, 127.9691067

Directions:  Take the expressway all the way north until it ends.  Continue driving north on 58. Turn left on 84 heading through Motubo peninsula. Pass the Pineapple Park on your right and start looking for a colorful Fruits Land sign a couple blocks up on your right and turn right into the parking lot!


  1. I posted a comment on the new review and wanted to post it here too. We went, there are some updates as well as some downgrades. 1) we saw 1 butterfly total. 2) there wasn’t any fruit. 3) pineapple was the only fruit to taste. 4) the restaurant was good (yakuniku set was pre-cooked – not sure if it’s always like that, but it was good ¥1260). We were able to go into the restaurant, cafe and make purchases in the gift shop without showing an entrance ticket.

    Definitely feel like we wasted our money.