Okinawa Pet Food (OPF) is the cutest little pet boutique geared towards dogs and cats! The perfect place for anyone who loves to spoil their animals as much as I do! Don’t let the name fool you, they have MUCH more than just pet food. They have everything from cushy dog beds to Ed Hardy shirts and accessories for your pooch!

They also offer grooming, the prices depend on the size of the dog and start at 4,000 yen for a shampoo and cut.

Okinawa Pet Food (OPF)

Business Hours: Open 10-8; Closed Sundays.

Phone: 098-936-7773

Directions: Exiting the Foster commissary gate on Hwy 58, turn right towards Kadena. OPF is on the left side right after a Daihatsu dealership and before the 130 intersection (where Foster ends).


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  1. Just got here about a month ago! I am looking for a grooming salon I can work at without knowing any Japanese. Does anyone know if I could get by at this place, or are there any other salons you know of? I have 11 years of experience and am IPG Certified. Thank you!

  2. I think that I might just stick with the pet food we get at the BX. We have a Beagle and she’s 20 lbs. If I order the big size of dog food to get a good price, I’m afraid that it will go all stale before she eats it all. Plus the kind we are feeding now is pretty good considering all of the other options here. Thanks for all of the help though!

  3. I use as well and my pet food gets here within a week or so every time. Buy in bulk-60 pounds costs me $32 or so to ship. Just remember we can’t get packages that weigh more than 70 pounds.

  4. Krystal- We feed our cats Blue Buffalo and you can’t buy it on island. The best option we found was The shipping is steep, but the prices on there are lower than what we were paying in the States, so it works out only to be slightly more. They also ship priority so it gets here within 10 days usually. There are other sites that will ship as well, so I recommend looking online, but West Coast has been great for us so far.

  5. I am also looking for a place that sells really good quality pet food around Okinawa. I used to feed my dog Blue Buffalo back in the states. Now I am feeding her Nutro holistic from the BX, it’s not bad but still not the quality that I’d like for her. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. A few years back I was in the store and ended up buying a white Pomeranian puppy who was “on sale” for around $800. She was “Pedigree”, with papers, but we just wanted a pet. Three and a half years later it’s pretty apparent that she is a Pomeranian Papillion mix. Although we only wanted her as a pet and nothing more, it’s still disturbing that we paid $800 for a mutt. I would suggest, instead of buying a pet there, to simply head on down to Karing Kennels shelter and rescue a dog from there.

  7. Most of the toys that OPF carries come from I order from there often for my dog/cats and it’s SO much cheaper than OPF. The packages get here in about a week and it’s worth the wait for how much money you save. You can also order cat towers from there (since I know a lot of people look for them here). They also have clothes and treats and beds and just everything! Check them out 🙂