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I love martial arts. I have been a practitioner on and off over the years. When I arrived in Okinawa I decided it was definitely time to get back into it again! But I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated by all the choices of dojos in Okinawa, plus the fact that my grasp of the Japanese language is almost nonexistent. Also, most schools are filled almost entirely with male students (I’m female) & few, if any offering Wing Chun Kung Fu as well as traditional Okinawan karate. And I have never been a ‘star’s student, so I was hoping to find a teacher with a good measure of patience.

A colleague of mine was taking me around the area of highway 58 in Ginowan when I spotted the sign for both karate AND Wing Chun at the same place (he also has a school in Chatan and lots of classes for children as well as adults of all skill levels)! I figured I had nothing to lose by sending an email ([email protected]). Sensei Sandro responded kindly. Yes, I was welcomed to both types of classes and he speaks English (as well as Japanese, French, and his native Italian)! Plus he is an accomplished teacher and martial artist with over 30 years of training and a presence on television (you can see clips of interviews on the school’s website. The rates are very reasonable and he is easy to reach by phone.

After 2 months of training, I feel I’ve really come a long way. I’m back in good shape and enjoying every minute of my training! Looking for a great teacher? You’ve found one here!

Website:  Okinawa Ryuibukan Association

Phone:  080-3952-2109

Dojo Instructor: Sensei Alessandro Arangio Febbo

Dojo Locations: Ginowan, Chatan

Ginowan — 2-15-1-2F Oyama Ginowan-shi
Okinawa-ken Japan 901-2223

* Karate Classes: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Kids — 6pm-7pm

Boys — 7pm-8pm
Adults: — Mon – 7pm-8pm,  Wed, & Fri – 8pm-9,30pm

* Wing Chun Classes:
Kids — Mon, & Wed, 5pm-6pm
Adults — (evening class)  Mon, Tue, Thu, 8pm-9,30pm and (morning class) Tue,Thu, 11am-12,30p

Chatan — 1-28 Aza-Miyagi Chatan
Kenei Sunabe Danchi Jichikaikan

• Tuesday and Thursday, (2 classes)
5pm to 6pm
6pm to 7pm


  1. How strict is it if you couldn’t make it to a session. Also would it be possible to take both wing chun as well as okinawan karate?

  2. UPDATE***

    I’ve been attending this Wing Chun school for almost two full months now and I must say it is awesome. The atmosphere, classmates, and most of all the individual teachings of Sensei Alessandro Arangio Febbo is top notch. If you been wanting to do Wing Chun I recommend this school.

  3. thanks for your post and information. I checked out the website but I didnt find prices for the classes, can you tell me what they are charging for just wing chun classes. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Grace,
      My son is taking classes here. He loves it. I glanced at his price sheet when we sign him up. If I am not mistaken, he charges 7,000 yen per month for his wing chun classes. He is a great sensei. He speaks English so he can answer any questions if you email him or call him. He is pretty quick in replies. Good luck!


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