Okinawa Hai fallback


We recently went on a trip to Taiwan and parked at Naha Airport.   The airport is south on 58 for about 40-50 minutes from Foster.  I know, it was expensive and cost us 2200 yen per day and 1200 yen per additional day.   As with most things, I blame my wife because we were running late and forced to park there.  Parking for the domestic side is indoors and for the international side is outdoors.  The international parking is directly in front of the terminal and really convenient.

An alternate option is the Naha Port (Army base I think) parking lot which is on your right as you head south to the airport. It is located just before the ramp for the airport and about 5 minutes by taxi to the airport.  One thing you will need to park there is TAD orders.  So if you are on orders and take leave, you can still park there and it is free.  I think it costs about 600 Yen for the taxi.  All branches can use it.

Another option is to park at Kinser.  I have not personally tried it but was told that the taxi ride cost about 1700 yen.  Anyone can park there but it is still about 20 minutes or more away from the airport.  Again, it is free. Just ask the guard when you enter Kinser and ask him to call a taxi for you.

Of course, having someone drop you off is the cheapest and most convenient for you (but not for your friend).  I think if you are traveling for a few days, Naha airport is a very convenient option.  Otherwise try Kinser or your buddy.


  1. Just an update since there’s been no comments since April 2013. They are still up and running and providing the great service they always have. for details. They will even offer to fix existing minor damage and other repairs while you’re on vacation. Just ask if they don’t first. Departure terminal dropoff and pickup outside baggage claim. Their number is still 098-891-8670.

  2. There is a place at the port, past Kinser right before you get to the Seamens club, where if you are on orders you can park for free. It is secure and the cost of a taxi from that location is cheap.
    If you are not on orders the Sky Parking is the way to go.

  3. We recently parked at the airport in one of the structures for over a week. It was the last structure, I parked on the top floor and we were running late due to a change in plans, so we had no choice, really. We were worried that it would cost a fortune. It ended up being Y1,000 per day.

  4. We used Skypark at Christmas when we went to Tokyo. They met us at the airport, we paid then off they went. When we returned we called them when we were at the baggage claim and before we got outside they were there. They even loaded our luggage for us! I loved their service and highly recommend them to anyone!

  5. We just went to Korea for the weekend and parking at the airport was fabulous. It costs 1000 yen per day. I’m not sure what some of you were talking about with 2200 per day etc bc we just went for 5 days and it was 5000 yen. Just pull into the parking lot by the international terminal (not the parking garage) and take a ticket and then cash out on your way out! Hope this helps!

  6. You can park as long as you like, but make sure you already paid your road tax. The only problem with parking on Kinser is the possibility of the car being hit or vandalized. Park at your own risk.

  7. How long are we authorized to leave our car at Kinser??? We’re flying to California this weekend and my ride bailed on me and I’m totally distraught. We’ll be gone for 3 weeks. Please help!!!

  8. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for posting this info! My ride bailed and I need somewhere to park the car for 17 days and 16 night… with Sky Parking it is only 9500 yen!!! That’s even cheaper than in the states :0)

  9. We also flew out of Naha to Tokyo week before last. We werre gone for 8 days and used Sky Parking. You just call and make a resv, for them to meet you at the airport entrance. We paid and left. When we returned, while at baggage claim my husband already had a message from them to call when we were ready. By the time we had our bags, our car was there! 8 days, 5500 yen! Best way to go!

  10. I just used Sky Parking last week. Reservations are now needed; just call 098-891-8670. Sky Parking agents now meet you at the airport departures area and drive your car back to their lot while you are away. They return with your car at the airport arrivals area when you get back. They are prompt and it is so convenient! I paid 3500 yen for five days, four nights.

  11. Just an update. Sky Parking was an excellent alternative to parking at the airport; however, it seems they’ve either changed location or gone out of business. They had a sign up but I couldn’t stop long enough to read all of it with traffic behind me. I just returned from TDY and had to park at the airport when I saw Sky Parking was closed. That 1000 Yen per day at the airport really adds up.

  12. We use Sky Parking and its by FAR the best option out there. To get there you drive down 58 like you are going to the airport and continue on 58 towards Itoman. Sky Parking is on the left, right after the second stoplight. Usually there is a man with a flag directing you into their parking lot standing in the street or sidewalk. Once you get there in true Japanese fashion one person quickly inspects your car and marks down any dents/dings while another unloads your suitcases. You go inside to pay (you have to prepay) and they only accept YEN. You give them your return flight information so they know when to expect you back. Once you have paid they will load your suitcases in a van they have waiting and take you to the airport. Its about a 3 minute ride to the airport and they will drop you off at the appropriate airline counter. Its THAT simple. And the best part? When you come home you just give them a call once you’ve gotten your luggage and they bring your car right to the curb. They usually get there within 5 minutes of you calling. If you park for more than 10 days they will wash and wax your car for free.

    In the event that you arrive after they close they will park your car in the airport parking lot and you can just pick it up there.

    Their hours are 0600-2400 and their phone number is 098-891-8670. The pricing starts at Y800 for 1 night/2 days and gets cheaper the longer you stay ( 2100Y for 3 days, 6000Y for 10 days etc.)

    We have used Sky Parking multiple times and have never been disappointed. The service is great, its WAY more convenient than taking a shuttle or taxi from one of the bases and its cheaper than parking at the airport.

  13. More Airport Shuttle info (Leaving from Westpac on Foster):

    WestPac Airport Shuttle
    Individual | Family of 3
    WestPac to Naha $10 $25
    WestPac to Kadena AMC* $5 $10
    Bus fees are paid at the time of boarding.
    Naha Shuttle (Monday-Saturday)
    Departs Lodge: 0600, 0800, 1000, 1200
    Departs Naha: 0700, 0900, 1100

    *AMC drop off only by passenger(s) request.

    Schedules may vary based upon the number of passengers and traffic.
    Buses may run continuously until all are at the lodge. For more information call 645-7516.

  14. Lisa,

    Thanks for all of the great detailed info! Too bad we just got back after we left otherwise we could have let you know what our experience was parking at Kinser!

    We came back on a Sunday afternoon. Gate 1 was already closed for the day (I think they close at 2 pm on Sundays). So Chun had to go to the gate by Monakids and grab an on base authorized taxi. The trip ended up being 2100 yen from the airport to the gate and then another 700 yen to get back to gate 1 through the base. It’s a 1.5 mile hike. Chun thought about running it but he was sick from unwisely taking ice in his drink in China! I warned him he would regret it! Anyway total time for the trip back ended up being close to 40 minutes.

    Going from Gate 1 to the airport by taxi was 1800 yen and 20 minutes on a Thursday morning.

    Hope this helps anyone else traveling!


  15. We just returned from Tokyo so I thought I’d post my two cents worth. The shuttle sounded like a great plan, but the only evening shuttle leaves Naha around 11 pm. Kadena services has a link with the info:

    We opted to leave the car at Kinser. Of course no one we know had actually done it, just knew it could be done. So we left early. Here’s what we learned:

    1) Park your car in the parking lot of building 107. This is the first building on the right as you enter Kinser Gate 1 (Gate 1 is NOT the first gate you come to when driving from Kadena).

    2) Do ask the guard at the gate to call for a taxi. If not, drive down towards the commissary and or clubs to find one and ask them to meet you at Gate 1.

    3) Our cab fare going to the airport was 2700 yen and it took about 20 minutes (Sunday morning).

    4. For the return trip, cabs are located to the right of baggage claim (domestic flights), not the left as the signs would have you believe.

    5) We could not find a on/off base taxi, so just took an off base one. He dropped us off at Kinser Gate 1. Fare was 1700 yen (don’t know why the difference) and it took 25 minutes on a Friday evening.

    6) I have not confirmed this, but it appears that Gate 1 closes at 8:00 pm. We just barely made it in. Definetely something to consider if your plane arrives after 6 pm. The other gate was open, but if you don’t have an on/off base taxi, it would be more difficult to make it back to your car.

  16. Thanks for the info Chun! Wanted to add that Kadena AB has a shuttle that goes to the airport daily. They leave from the Shogun Inn in the morning at 6:25am, 9:10am, and 11:10am. At night, they pick people up from the airport leaving the domestic terminal at 11:15 pm and returing to the Shogun Inn by 1 am. Tehnically, the shuttle is supposed to only run if there are 2 military people on TDY orders going. In my experience however, they will run as long as anyone wants to go, civilian or military. I use it a lot to transport guests to the airport. The number for the Shogun Inn on Kadena is 632-1010. The shuttle is not as reliable at night. To confirm pickup from the airport call vehicle dispatch at 634-4505.