I received a fun email from Brenda last week about a video her son directed and edited and had uploaded to YouTube.  In the last couple of days, the video seems to have gone “viral” on FaceBook as well!  Here’s the story behind the video:


This is a music video featuring Okinawa.  It was directed and edited by Josh Jones, a Kubasaki graduate who is headed to Stanford University this fall.  Both current Kubasaki and Kadena high school students and alumni star.  The kids see this video as a celebration of the island and Josh says he made it partly to have fun and subconsciously to bid farewell to a home he sees as a large part of his life.  Whether you want to reminisce about your amazing experiences there or be reassured about your future stay on Okinawa, this video is great for getting a feel for the island.  We’re sure some of you will want to try and guess where each and every shot was filmed.  Sites featured in the project include areas of American Village (Mihama), the WestPac, White Beach, Plaza Pool, Torii Beach, Kubasaki High School, Yomitan, the Chinese Gardens, Shuri Castle, and Kokusai Street.  And if you’re wondering, Josh is the guy who opens the video.


And if you enjoy this video, you may have fun with its less relevant but still very Okinawan predecessor:



  1. Thank you for the video! I will be moving to Okinawa from the UK and seeing glimpses of the island is exciting! Just like in the UK, it is nice to see that Americans can integrate themselves into local culture while retaining the American uniqueness that is us! Looking forward to coming!

  2. Hello,

    I’m heading to Okinawa in a few weeks. Whenever I get a case of the nerves it’s great to watch this video. It always puts a smile on my face and makes this upcoming move not so scary. Thanks for putting this together! You did a great job.

  3. Yes, there are many young and immature Americans that come to this island. We are sorry for their behavior. Most of us are families with values of kindness and respect. I know the kids in this video are members of my church, a church that is based on Christian ideals of kindness, love and respect for all people. If you knew Josh you would realize he would never want to disrespect anyone by making this video.

  4. For Jessica,
    That may be part of what the persons who made the video intended, but it did not come across well to many of us. I did read boy’s post and one things that he did say is “America is alive and well in Okinawa”. That is a good example of what I’m speaking of. This is Okinawa to locals but so many Americans seem to consider it property of the USA. We want to foster good relation with sofa status, but it is very hard when they treat bad our island and our people.

  5. Yumi Im afraid you might have missed why the video was made. I remember when it was first posted and it was a school project. The kid that made it wanted a way to remember the wonderful place he had lived once he had moved on to collage. I don’t believe he wanted to disrespect Okinawa or her people in anyway. I was stationed over there for three years about 12 years ago and this video brought back many wonderful memories of the island I miss. We are moving back again this summer and can’t wait to catch up with our island friends and are excited to see one of the best places we have ever lived again. It is sad that you would think that this video was a insult.

  6. This video is a sad reminder that so many sofa status comes here and treats our island like a child treats a playground. Okinawa is not the USA. We strongly encourage our American friends to enjoy their time here on Okinawa but please be more respectful toward the island and our people. The attitude should not be that life here is like one big American party. You are our guests and not the opposite way around.

  7. GREAT JOB!!!I LOVE these videos, especially Party in the USA. How were you able to dance in the middle of the crosswalk like that??? I really wanted to see all the Okinawan faces wondering what you guys are doing and I hope they’ll know and cherish how there are many Americans who LOVE Okinawa and stop looking at the negative side of Americans.

    I was enjoying these video from the beginning to the end. I REALLY hope you’ll keep on and come out with a new video 😉

  8. My family and I just arrived on island nearly two months ago and I just want to say how much I love these videos. All the different places shown gives us so much to look forward to during our 3 year tour. I hope you guys keep your creative spark alive and goodluck with college!

  9. Great job to all the students who worked on this!! It’s so fun to watch and you folks captured the “American” part of Okinawa so well 🙂 Good Luck to all of you in the future and thanks for sharing w/ the rest of us!

  10. @Lynnae: It’s Josh. We used “Party in the USA” for a number of reasons. First, I thought it was terribly ironic. Second, to show that America is alive and well in Okinawa and to show the cooperation of American and Okinawan people/cultures in Okinawa. Thirdly, it’s a great party song. Fourth, I was annoyed Miley Cyrus’ video didn’t follow any of her awesome lyrics. =)

    @El I: It’s on the third floor of FamilyLand! And OkinawHai! already has a great article all about it. =)