Okinawa Hai fallback

Join the Howe Family as they prepare to PCS to Okinawa.  If you’ve missed any of their journey, you can find more here:  PCS I, II, III, IV, V, VI


Sorry about the delay in updates to our ongoing PCS adventure; life threw us a bit of a change up.  My wife’s grandfather passed away and between getting her to Maine, playing Mr. Mom, soccer practice and college I just didn’t have the time to string together a few words.  My wife did bring up a good point though.  She said this was a blessing in disguise.  She was home within 24 hours of finding out her grandfather had passed away and was able to be there to support her mother and family throughout the entire process.  If he had passed away after we arrived at Kadena, it would have taken much longer to get there, if she decided to go at all.  I just wanted to thank Joelle in a public forum for understanding I couldn’t write as often recently.   So, thanks, Joelle…

I’ve been writing these journals for a bit and my kids wanted to get into the act.  So after broaching the subject with Joelle we decided a Q&A type format would be best.  I wrote out a few simple questions and asked for candid feedback.  Without any further ado, Q&A with Makayla and Alexis.

1.  You’ve been reading up on Okinawa quite a bit during the last few months.  What are you most looking forward to doing in Okinawa?  Why?

Makayla:  I’m looking forward to going to the beach!  We had a beach in Italy and we went all the time.  It was so much fun and we don’t have a beach here.

Alexis:  I want to try all sorts of different types of foods.  I really want to experience the different flavors and textures.  Except tofu…that tastes funny.

2.  What are you going to miss about being in the states?  Why?

Makayla:  I’m going to miss the mall, because if has all my favorite stores (Hollister).  I’m going to miss cable TV and I’m upset I’m not going to be able to drive when I’m 16.

Alexis:  I’m going to miss all of my friends.  I feel like they’re my sisters.

3.  What aren’t you going to miss?

Makayla:  Wind blowing dust everywhere.

Alexis:  It’s so HOT here.  And windy and dusty.

4.  If you could ask the Okinawa Hai readers one question, what would it be?

Makayla:  Is the on-base housing nice and will I have a big room?

Alexis:  How are the schools on Kadena?

Well Okinawa Hai, can you give my kids any info?

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  1. Hello,
    My husband and I are will be PCSing to Kadena AFB, Okinawa on August 21, 2014. We are trying to bring our “fur babies” two cats with us since we don’t have kids. So far we have run into a lot of dead ends. Our cats, Chica (4years) and Boo (6 months) have all their shots, rabies, micro chipped, and FAVIAN blood work done. We will be flying on commercial airline from Philly to Seattle, and the cats will be able to fly with us. Then from Seattle to Kadena my husband and I will be flying on a rotator, and the cats wont be able to fly on that plane. I have been searching for pet transports but some of them are extremely expensive (2500 just for one cat). If anyone could help me out, I really want to take our cats with us, and info or suggestions or ANYTHING would be greatly helpful and appreciative. I know I am running out of time, the military gave us our orders less then 3 months. so once again anything would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ksenia,
      About your cats. I am not sure why you cannot bring them in on the rotator. Is that the Patriot Express? I have heard many people PCSing to Yokota or Kadena using the Patriot Express and flying with the their dogs/cats. We just arrived this week and flew commercial and brought our two small dogs. We had to go through Naha airport and deal with the Animal Quarantine office, but after showing all of the appropriate paperwork (Health Certificate, FAVN test results) we were good to go. Can you fly commercial with the cats and be reimbursed for the cost of your ticket?

  2. You don’t have to go without cable. There is a device called the Sling Box. You can hook it up at a relative’s house in the states and you can take the box with you anywhere in the world and watch your cable through the internet. It works kind of like the Vonage system. I’m not going to give you all the details here, but you can google it. Also, there are many ways to watch tv online by downloading or streaming your shows. There is lots of fun shopping here if you can fit in the clothes, otherwise, you will have to shop online, which is really not so bad.

  3. Hi RJ….by open air I am referring to the hallways..they are outside….think strip mall or outlet mall. The classrooms are indoors but the “hallways” from one room to another are outdoors. I hope this makes sense. It’s different but in a good way.

  4. Hey girls!! Depending on where you live some of the houses are really, really nice. We recently arrived on island and were fortunate enough to be assigned one of the newly remodeled houses. I would guess that your rooms will be pretty similar in size to your current on base bedroom. As for the schools….My oldest son attends Ryuku Middle and LOVES it!! The staff, from the front office to the teachers, have been extremely helpful. My youngest attends Kadena Elementary and is really enjoying the open air feel. The staff, while helpful, haven’t quite achieved the awesomeness of Ryuku….although, the school counselor and nurse have been great!! Life for my 5th grader has been more of an adjustment than he realized. Remember, being the new kid isn’t forver. 🙂