We went to Primo Kitchen for dinner the other night and ended up having a little bit of a wait, so we decided to walk around. Right across the parking lot was a cute little bakery called Petite Fours that had some wonderful smells emitting from it. I love the smell of fresh bread. So, of course we HAD to go in!


They had coffee, bread, scones, cakes, candy, cookies, pie, and even a little stand for wine. It’s a little romantic café/bakery. So, we decided to start on dessert before dinner. I had one happy toddler!

We got their shortbread cookies (a pack of five for around 250Y) abd a homemade sucker that my toddler loved.


We also got a piece of their cheesecake which was comparable to the Cheesecake Factory. They had a bunch of other deserts you could buy by the slice or a whole cake or pie. And a whole stand of cookies with about 10-15 varities like oatmeal raisin, macadamia nut, caramel fudge, peanut butter, shortbread, and some sugar cookies we didn’t try, but looked great. They also make custom cakes for birthdays and such.

More cakes


Petits Fours

ParkingPhone: 098-978-5814

Hours:  10am-8pm and closed on Sundays

Payment:  Yen Only.

Directions: Take the 329 north towards Hansen. After you pass the Pedestrian Circle where the 75 & 329 connect (with a circular walkway for pedestrians above the intersection), Petits Fours will be on your left next to the Primos Kitchen about 1km.


  1. Upon arriving fairly recently (2 months ago) we have come to appreciate this bakery. There are 3 locations of Petits Fours we have found and tried. They offer a nice assortment and they offer loaf bread usually (they did sell out once I think). I have not found them to speak English (we have been a lot!) but they are as is customary, very gracious as you gesturer and ask. They have GREAT little goodie baggies that are wrapped nicely for about $5 that I have given as small gifts. Also, if you have not tried a bakery on island, they wrap your goodies beautifully (this bakery does the best job Ive seen so far) and add ice packs so they don’t ruin on your way home.

    • Oh, also….From the Courtney directions above I think perhaps it moved. It is NOT next to the A& W, but next to the Mori drugstore. (just keep going past the A&W a bit) They have a parking lot. There Is a dessert bakery place next to A&W that looks fantastic, but it is not this named business. And this location is open from 9-9 I think the sign said.

  2. This place is amazing. I enjoy going going with the hubby and picking out the most amazing treats. We try something new all the time and devour every single one. Especially their cream puffs. Hmmmm