It’s strawberry season in Okinawa!

Sure, you could go to the store and buy a package of the sweet red fruit that may have been shipped over from somewhere else, OR you could seek out the local Blue Sky & Green Field Farm. Located in the northern part of the island, this strawberry farm lets you pick your own.

We went last weekend, and sampled the offerings. We planned to make strawberry shortcake with them, but let me tell you, the delicious perfectly ripe berries didn’t even last the ride home!

The farm charges 1,300 yen for each adult and 800 yen for each child (500 yen for little kids) to pick and eat for 20 minutes. They hand you a basket and scissors, expecting you to eat all your berries within that time frame. I thought they’d let us take home free of charge whatever we didn’t manage to eat, but I guess they figured that we’d clean out their supply completely.

In any case, for 350 yen, you can buy a small container for your overflow strawberries to take home. If you decide not to pick, but you still want to buy the berries for take away, a person will go and pick the berries for you while you wait for about 10 minutes.

The Blue Sky and Green Field Farm also sells other kinds of fresh vegetables and they appear to offer horseback riding nearby.

Getting to the farm takes about an hour and a half and is a bit of a journey. Rather than driving up there for the sole purpose of strawberries, you might combine this excursion with Hiro’s Coffee Farm for a fun day outing.

When we arrived, they asked us if we made a reservation to pick berries (we did not), but they seemed happy to let us go ahead and pick anyway. In any case, the number to reserve your time is 0980-43-2542. They didn’t speak a lot of English at the front desk, but they did round up one of the farmers who happened to have a lovely British English accent!

You can probably expect there to be strawberries until the end of February.

Blue Sky & Green Field Strawberry Farm

Phone: 81 980-43-2542

Address: 382 Gesashi, Higashi, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture 905-1205, Japan

GPS Coordinates: 26.600623, 128.14999880000005

Directions: Take 329 north to Camp Schwab. Once you pass Schwab, continue on the 329 for 3.3 km. Take a right on the 331 towards Higashi Village and continue for 23.8 km. The road will be very curvy in parts and you’ll pass some gorgeous ocean vistas on the way. As you get close to the destination, look for a pineapple factory on the left side. You’ll go around a bend and you’ll pass over a bridge. Slow down here and be prepared to take a right after the bridge. On the left side, you’ll see a white building and a two story wooden observation deck and the Mangrove Tree Park.

Right before you get to that, take the first right after you pass over the bridge. You’ll drive along the water for a bit and you’ll pass some businesses and houses on the left side. The right side will be a shallow water area, where you’ll see kayaks and small boats. Follow the road to the fields and look for banners leading to the strawberry farm. The banners are red and white and have strawberries on them. There seem to be different roads leading to the farm, so if you just head towards the greenhouses in the distance, you’ll probably be okay. Continue to look for the red and white banners. Parking area is on the left side and the entrance is on the right. Good luck!

Look for this view when you enter the fields and head towards the greenhouses.

Entrance to the strawberry farm; parking is across this entrance on the left side.


  1. Julie,

    You cannot bring your own container. If you pick more than you can eat in the 20 min time frame, you have to pay extra to take those home. The top picture on this post is the size of the container, which costs 350 yen.

    It seems pricey, but those were delicious berries!

  2. Trying to understand…
    For 20 minutes you pick as many as you can and you CAN’T take them home unless you purchase a container? Can you bring your own container?

    How long is this place open…and when is this open? Thinking this would be fun for the kids after the Cherry blossom Festival if it’s open. Please let me know some updated info.

  3. サンフーズ港川ファーム東村慶佐次382

  4. I just called the number to make a reservation and the person who answered said that they were only open Sunday? I might of understood incorrectly since he didn’t speak much English. Has anyone gone or made reservations recently? Help!! I’m craving these berries!!

  5. You could always try Fashion Candy or Jacaranda Blue for chocolate-covered strawberries. I’m not sure if they sell them, but they definitely have tons of chocolate. You could always buy dipping chocolate (I know the commissary sells this) and strawberries and make them yourself if you can’t find any pre-made ones anywhere.