Sixty seven uses for the small towel. That’s my goal. One percentage for each moment I have left of being pregnant. I know that sounds dark to most of you, but small goals help me feel like I am making progress. Plus, I am trying to organize my living room and minimize.  I’ve somehow managed to accumulate quite a few of these “hankachi” (Japanese towels).  There must be some other creative uses for these towels rather than to cough in them. Humor me dear readers. I have 176 days of my pregnancy to go- or 67% to be exact.  I’ve added 22 uses. Can you add 45 to help me reach my goal of 67%?  Add a “use” at the bottom of my list.

1. Regular olde’ hanky

2. To show your preferences in the worlds of Snoopy or Hello Kitty

3. Easier to hang dry as opposed to the “bath towel”

4. It hangs on a hook

5. Eco-friendly napkin

6. Can use after the bathroom if no hand-dryer

7. Something new to purchase at 100 Yen

8. Instant status symbol (Louie Vuitton or Gucci Towel), cheaper than the actual bag

9. Use to cover your mouth while eating

10. Use to cover your mouth while commuting and eating

11. Use to cover while eating, commuting, sleeping and hanging on the rail at the train. Cough. That’s twelve.

13. Wash a small window

14. Use as a diaper for a small puppy

15. To wipe off your base makeup from your cell phone screen.

16. A crafty, waterproof patchwork quilt of sorts could be sewn

17. A flag for a small vessel

18. Use to rub the perfume off your neck when returning from a love motel

19. Use to collect various fruit seeds (in your purse)

20. Something to just cover your privates

21. An “I surrender” sign for a tree full of cicadas

22. Something to oil the frame of your self-portrait you had taken at Olan Mills

23. Cut eyeholes and make a Halloween ghost costume for Barbie (or Ken)

24. A soft tissue for each eye after you’ve finished The Thorn Birds

Now it’s your turn dear readers. Add a use below! Humor us!


  1. New idea–Hand-Holding Helper! Yep, you read that correctly… We went to Butterfly Park on Sunday and used our little hand towel for wiping sweat, getting wet and then wiping bloody knee scrapes, and last but not least for getting kids to stay together (can’t hold hand since it is too hot and hands get sweaty ) so the girls each held one side of the hand towel. It made for a nice bit of sharing and a very cute picture!

  2. To make your own Shroud of Turin type of impression for the Easter holiday. Just of course of the face! (Our Catholic Youth Group actually did this in the mid 90s!- of course we didn’t have the handy towels)

  3. 1-Hang it strategically while driving to protect my face from the sun. I’m short and the visor doesn’t hang low enough protect my face from the sun.

    2-Sit on it. (To keep my white summer pants clean on a park bench.)

    3-Wrap it around a cold drink in the car so the condensation doesn’t drip all over my pants. (Bonus: The added insulation keeps the drink cold longer.)

  4. Yeah, sweat rag was definitely mine.

    How about to clean the table after your child has decorated it with spilled food & drink?

    I honestly used mine to dip in cold water and put on the back of an overheated person’s neck.

    (Great post, Staci)

  5. I am thinking of using mine a diaper wipes.(If you fold them in half they fit in the disposable wipe box, then mix up some water and a drop of baby bath and you got you wipes.) I am one of the crazy cloth diaper moms though.

  6. When Em was younger and would fall asleep in the carseat or stroller…I would roll it up into a log and then use it to brace her head so it wouldnt fall to the side. Those “other” things that are meant for the carseat never seemed to work. Either too big or too small. The towel always did the trick!