Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


An Okinawa Hai reader is looking to buy cake decorating supplies:

Hello – I’m hoping you can help me.  I’m trying to find out if there’s anywhere on island to buy cake decoration stuff – i.e.: icing color gels, decorating tips.  I’ve checked the BX and Crafty Things, and they have some things, but basically nothing I need.  I know they do cake decorating classes on base all the time, so it seems to me there must be somewhere for people to get everything they need.
Thanks in advance.

Anyone out there who can help?


  1. I do not post on the Society section of Okinawa Hai, but saw your post saying that you are still having trouble finding someone to do a cake for you. Hopefully this helps. On OYS, type the following into the search box, one at a time:
    Dream Cakes
    Sweets and Treats Cakes
    Piece of Cake
    Everytime I typed one of those words, I was shown results that included the person’s ad. The only one that I am personally familiar with is Dream Cakes and I do know that she has a link to her website on her ad and you just contact her through that. Good luck in getting an AWESOME cake!

  2. I know this is an old thread but wanted to update information about classes for those who may stumple upon this post.

    The instructor had been having pregnancy related problems summer of 2008. Everything is fine, baby was born healthy and classes resumed Aug 2008.

    Cake decorating classes are being held at kadena Crafty things monthly. You can check the services website (link in previous comment) or you can stop by the arts and crafts store and pick up their calendar.

  3. Last I checked, they were not doing the cake classes on Kadena. I’m not sure about Foster. You can check out the craft classes offered at Crafy Things on You can also check out the 100Y stores for tips and piping bags. I have also found tips in the cake decorating sections of the Kadena BX (by the baking pans) and the Foster PX (by the baking pans).

  4. Could you or someone elaborate on where someone could find out about the cake decorating classes? I bought a whole bunch of stuff in the states so I could learn but with the PCS never could make the classes. Thanks!