When my girlfriend told me about the new reflexology place in Jusco, I really didn’t think much of it. I mean I have CoCok’s right? Then a few weeks later after a long day of my kids stressing me out, I decided I needed a break, and went to get some reflexology done.

What exactly is reflexology?

It is an “alternative therapy” that promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet, and encourages overall healing.  The belief is that certain areas on the feet and hands are linked to other areas and organs on the body.  By applying pressure to these reflex areas, you can promote health in the corresponding organs.  See chart here.


The place I went to is called Raffine. It is a new place that opened next to Starbucks in the Chatan Jusco. It is a fairly small place, but very cute.  I did not have an appointment, but they were able to see my friend and I both right away! They offer a few different services, Reflexology (feet & hands), Body care (back), and Face therapy.  I selected to receive the Foot reflexology, and the face therapy.  The lady had me fill out a couple short papers, asked me if I wanted a member card (of course I do!), and then had me sit in a little area until she was ready for me.


In true Japanese fashion, Matsuda  brought a basket up front and asked me to put my purse, and sweater into them. Then we walked back to the chair. This was not just any chair, but a super plush, soft, sink down into it COMFY chair. She reclined me back until I was comfortable, then went to work on my feet.  I must tell you, I am not too ticklish, and I do enjoy a good foot massage, but this. . . . this was AMAZING! It wasn’t a super light touch, but not too rough either. I became super relaxed, and nearly fell asleep.  The facial therapy was wonderful as well.  I personally carry lots of stress in my face (as a lot of women do), so this was extra relaxing.  When it was over, we went back to the little sitting area, and they brought us a selected tea (there were 6 kinds to choose from).  We paid, and were on our way feeling a little less stressed, and light as a feather.  Go check out Matsuda and the other girls at Raffine soon!  You will be SO glad you did.

Services as follows –

Reflexology (feet)

20 min – 2,100Y, 40 min – 4,200Y, 60 min – 6,300Y

Hand Reflexology

20 min – 2,100Y, 40min – 4,200Y

Body Care

20 min – 2,100Y, 40 min – 4,200Y, 60 min – 6,300Y

Face Therapy

15 min – 1,575Y, 30 min – 3,150Y


Raffine is located on the 1st floor of Chatan Jusco next door to the Starbucks. They are open . Phone number is .  Website can be found Here (in Japanese). They do take yen and credit cards.  Also with your point card, there are double point days! The girls will explain it all when you pay them a visit. You will be glad you did.

Raffine Reflexology & Massage

Phone: 098-926-2621

Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Address: 〒904-0115 Okinawa Prefecture, Nakagami District, Chatan, Mihama, 8−3, イオン北谷ショッピングセンター

GPS Coordinates: 26.3163889, 127.75686489999998


  1. I still love Raffine in Chatan. I rotate between this massage place, a Thai Massage place and acupuncture. Raffine is always consistent. All the staff give great massages and are thoroughly trained in the skill of giving a great relaxing massage.

  2. A note about Raffine – the chairs are the most comfortable around (they recline and are soft) – much more comfortable than Temomin (good for a nice nap). They don’t wear gloves either – some Temomin do and I think the massage feels better without. I will say they don’t do the soak before hand (they just use wipes to clean your feet) but that’s OK with me, the soak doesn’t really do anything for me. I prefer to get right to the massage. Get the hour foot massage and they’ll massage your calfs up t othe knee. Highly recommend!

  3. I went to Raffine with my husband last month. We just stumbled upon it, we didn’t have an appointment but they took us right away. I LOVED it, my whole body felt like it was asleep by the time it was over, I got the 40 minute full body massage. It was quiet, I could faintly hear people in Jusco, not enough to disturb me but enough to keep me from falling asleep lol. I loved it and I’m going back today, they do a great job at Raffine.

  4. To Gwynne.
    Thank you very much for coming to our salon the other day. We are very appreciated to hear that you liked our reflexology. We offer more than reflexology; body care (deep tissue massage), face therapy, hand reflexology and fall limited offer is coming up too! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Yoko at Relaxation salon ‘Raffine’

  5. To Anastasia, Thank you very much for posting nice article about us, Raffine.
    We hope you come back soon.

    To Sarah, to answer your question, we have Maternity Menu at Raffine: Face Therapy and Hand Reflexology, however; for Foot Reflexology, if you have a written permittion from your doctor, you definetely can receive Foot Reflexology.

    To Veronica, thank you for coming to our salon in June. You will notice the difference when you come back next time.

    Please come and enjoy Reflexology and Body Care to promote relaxation and well-being!!

    (Please feel free to ask me any question about our salon, Raffine.)

  6. My husband and I went in on a Friday afternoon to unwind from walking around all day. We did not have appointments, but they accommodated us very quickly. We had the option of immediately being seen (one after another) or within thirty minutes (together). We chose to wait. We both went with the 20 minute foot reflexology. It was amazing and worth every ‘yen-ny’.

  7. My husband and I stopped in while at Jusco. We did not have an appointment and they took us immediately. The 20 minute upper body massage was great. There were 3 downfalls to our whole experience. The first was hearing all the noise from the shopping area. The second was the lady giving me my massage felt the need to have a conversation. The third was the lady giving my husband his massage had to stop half way through to tend to a customer at the counter. Had it not been for these 3 issues it would have been a fabulous 20 minutes. If these types of things don’t bother you then I would definitely recommend going. If peace and quiet is your fancy than this isn’t the place for you.

  8. Okay. Of course I would come across “your coffee” just days after saying it couldn’t be found. Whole bean French Roast can be purchased at the Starbucks inside the Jusco in Chatan.

  9. Okay, Leah. I have looked high and low to see where you could buy Starbuck’s whole bean French Roast. The answer is, that you can buy ground French Roast at the commissary all the time, and you can buy ground French Roast at the coffee shops on base as available. As far as off base Starbucks go, I have not seen ground or whole bean French Roast at any of the stores that I’ve been to (mainly the Starbucks closest to base). They seem to stock the more earthy blends off-base, however, their supply may vary.

  10. I went today and really enjoyed it! I was able to get in, right at 10:00 am. I did a 40 min. body massage for 4200 Yen. I changed into some very comfy lounging type clothes and then went to lay on the table. Everything was very nice and the woman working on me did a great job. I will be going back again soon!

  11. Joanna – thanks! We have a few months before we get there, so no rush!

    I’ve been searching this board and a few others for all of my nit-picky-proclivity answers. Starbucks is a huge checkmark on my list!

  12. Leah~ There are quite a few Starbucks here now. I was very surprised when we arrived here last fall for our second tour to Okinawa to see all of them. There was just one when when we were here the last time, and it had just opened so it was always crowded. I will keep my eyes open for your coffee!

  13. Leah~ I’m not sure if the off base Starbuck’s sell whole bean French Roast specifically. However, I do know they sell coffee (whole bean and ground) to brew at home. You can also buy Starbuck’s coffee at the commissary, as well as several on base locations. I’m sure you are bound to find what you are looking for at one of these places. I hope this helps, and I will look the next time I am there if I can remember.

  14. That looks wonderful. Quick question for anyone who knows – does the Starbucks sell whole bean French Roast? Or is my option to have relatives mail it to me? I am completely spoiled and that’s the only coffee I can bear to drink at home. (Currently state-side, but just found out we’re Okinawa-bound).