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Years ago, and long before we met, my husband was an avid mountain biker, racing through the hills of Texas and mountains of Colorado.  When he spotted the Ringyo Bicycle advertisement in the latest version of the MCCS Okinawa Guide book, his biking interest was reinvigorated.

Ringyo carries a wide variety of brands including Giant, Cannondale, Specialized, Bianchi and Scott.  You’ll find road and mountain bikes, young adult and children’s bikes, wagons, and even unicycles.

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Any Hello Kitty fans in your household?

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Ringyo has a large selection of helmets, baskets, clothing, shoes, tires, tubes, and the all-important spare parts and upgrades.  Plus they have all the cleaning and lubrication chemicals to clean and tune-up your bike to replace the ones you couldn’t ship over from the states.  Ringyo will do the fixing and tuning for you right in the front of the store.  You can also rent bikes by the hour.

Whether you are a casual or competitive cyclist, Ringyo Bikes is worth the trip.  And if you’re a distance rider or preparing for the upcoming Tour de Okinawa, you might enjoy drooling over this 1,200,000 yen (yes, that’s $12,000+) carbon fiber, electronically-controlled shifting beauty.

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Ringyo has two locations – we visited the Haebaru-cho shop.  See website for Naha City location.

Ringyo Bicycles

Hours: Daily 1000 – 1900


Phone: 098-888-0064

Address: Japan, 〒901-1111 Okinawa-ken, Shimajiri-gun, Haebaru-chō, Kanegusuku, 沖縄県南風原町 兼城517-3

GPS Coordinates: 26.1985043, 127.72566230000007

Directions: Okinawa Expressway exit A1 Nishihara JCT.  Turn right onto 329.  Pass Nitori and Jusco, then a Max Value on the right side just before the light with Ringyo on the left corner across from a Family Mart.


  1. I purchased an airline travel bag for my bicycle from this shop recently along with a few other odds and ends to help keep my bike safe when I flew with it to the states. I was having trouble securing everything just right in the bag and ended up taking it all back to the shop to get their help. All of the workers were either busy with customers or maintenance on other bikes but one stopped his work and helped me situate and secure my bike for over 20 min. Granted neither of us understood each others words very well but I still felt like a valued customer. I will definitely return here for any future bicycle needs, even though it is a ways away from me. Well worth your time to come to this shop.

  2. Can you tell me how much if your Hello Kitty Kids bicycle? My daughter is 2 & 9 months old. Will she should be riding 10 inch or 12 inch or 14 inch??? Not sure. Is the price for these are the same? How about delivery fee? I live in Naha now but moving to Chatan. Which is cheaper? or delivery fee is on the house?

    Thank you

  3. Ringyo has AWESOME customer service. I’m sorry if you’ve experienced otherwise. My wife and I have been here in Okinawa for a little over two years now. This is the ONLY shop I take my bikes, both mountain and road, to. I’ve replaced almost all the components on my MTB and anything I couldn’t do myself, they can do, and for a decent price. As a matter of fact, I’m leaving right now to go pick up my MTB after having a new fork cut and installed. I dropped it off on Sunday and I received a call Tuesday telling me it was ready for pick up.

    In 2011 when I was in search of a road bike, Ringyo was the only shop that offered to special order a FELT in my size for about $150 more than I could have gotten it in the states at the Local Bike Shop (LBS).

    They are a great LBS and if they don’t have what you want or need on-hand will order it for you in a heartbeat. I would recommend taking an English to Japanese translation dictionary for use in communicating.

  4. I went there today and some of the bikes they have are amazing. I looked specifically at fixed gear bikes and the prices are comparable to the internet averages. Their bikes tend to run in smaller sizes (in the 50cm area) so if you ride a 56 I was told the wait time could be up to 2 months. The mechs didn’t speak much English but were very helpful once approached.

    They sell Fuji, Cannondale, Biachi and Specialized. If you’re headed that way next week, give me a ride so I can buy my Specialized Langster and beat you back.

    Great shop.

  5. SO! Totally went there today, was SO easy to fine and the associates there were SO helpful. it was awesome, I loved it! Now I got the parts to fix my husbands bike! He’s going to be so happy when he gets home!! Thanks for the post this was awesome….

  6. After getting the run around on base with trying to order a cannondale in my size, I went to this shop. I highly recommend it. They are a little pricey due to the yen rate but they are a very good shop. They ordered my bike and it was here in a week. They originally quoted two week. The even registered my bike with cannondale. The only thing I would add is in the directions. It is about five minutes down 329. You will go thru several lights.

    • Went there today(29 July 2011). The shop was great. They had the tires and tubes I needed (700×23). They have much more of course and lots of bikes. I needed a tune up and they did a good job. Limited English but super friendly. They took credit card.