Roseri is a girls’ style clothing store. The style is very young and trendy, think Avril Lavigne’s new clothing line (AKA “Rock Glam”).

I loved most of what they had in there. I have not figured out the clothing-size system yet (in any of the Japanese stores), but I did pretty well with the hold-it-up-to-see-if-it-might-fit thing.

They also have changing rooms to try things on. It’s Japanese-style, so you’ll be requested to take your shoes off before you enter the changing cubby.

If you have a young and trendy teen – or if you’re trendy yourself, you should check this store out.

Hours: Noon – 10pm


From KAB Gate 1 Make LEFT onto 58. Turn RIGHT at the San-A in front of Foster. Go to sea wall (dead end) make a RIGHT. Make a RIGHT on the next street. Roseri will be on your LEFT hand side.

UPDATE: Adding map from phone book pg 173 (click to make larger).

Roseri map copy


  1. San-A is the shopping center with the sign that has a yellow box with the three red triangles (almost directly out of the main gate of Foster traveling towards Lester). There is another store in front of it that’s directly on the 58 (I can’t think of what it is right now but the San-A is BEHIND it). The sign is big on the corner of the 58. Next time I drive over there, I’ll tell you what the other shops on the corner are and I’ll come back and post them.

    Basically the San-A between the commisary gate of Foster and the 130 on the 58. If you go farther than that in either direction you’ve gone too far. That should narrow it down to about two blocks for you.

    And if you find the San-A — you should go inside there too. It’s fun. 😉

    This has become more confusing as I’m trying to explain it. Sorry!

  2. My friend and I tried to find it. We drove up and down 58, in front of Foster, for about 45 min but have no idea what/where San-A is? Since we can’t find that, the rest of the directions are pretty much lost on us too. Help please because the store looks cool! Thanks 🙂