Sea Glass Beach l Okinawa Hai!



It’s no doubt that Okinawa is one of the best places to find sea glass. Let’s face it, we can’t help looking down at the beautiful sand from time to time and spotting a gorgeous piece of frosted glass. It makes us wonder about the story behind it.  Sea glass pieces may always be a mystery, but the enjoyment of a new discovery will always remain. Therefore, I’m here to tell you about a wonderful beach that we all call “Sea Glass Beach.”

Sea Glass Beach l Okinawa Hai!

From my understanding, “Sea Glass Beach” use to be a dumping grounds location, which resulted in thousands upon thousands of bottles, plates, and countless other finds. At one point in time these where tossed as worthless trash. Well, Alas! The phase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is the motto that I would use at this beach.

I am a collector and a nerd for researching all of my rare finds. Believe it or not different colors (red, pink, orange, yellow, purple etc.) are considered rare finds. So naturally, being the nerd I am, I went to “Sea Glass Beach” in search to find my missing colors. To my excitement, I have found a red, two purples, a yellow and a few marbles! I have also found other treasures that are not necessarily sea glass but are still displayed proudly on my window seal. Did I mention, you can find the ‘oh so sought after’ sand dollars? Yep, found a few of those too.

Sea Glass Beach l Okinawa Hai!

My husband and I have also rented kayaks (from Camp Foster) and kayaked around in the beautiful clear water. If I could live on this beach, I would. I feel like I am in paradise when I’m there.


  • Take the expressway towards Nago
  • Get off at exit 9
  • Take the first left heading towards 329 (once on that road there will be a big silver dome on your right)
  • Take a left onto 329
  • Drive until you see the second 13 and take a right onto it. (it will be just after the College of Technology)
  • Take a right just before the “y” in the road and go down a hill
  • Take a left at the light (there is a gas station at that light)
  • Drive on that road until you come upon a huge house with a red tower-like roof
  • Take a left onto the gravel road directly across from the house
  • Drive straight down the gravel road. You will come to a “y.” Here, you will turn right.  There will be a a sign (all in Japanese) that leads to the path down to the beach.

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  1. The directions were perfect! I would just say that when you turn right at the second 13, the next right is immediate and you see that you will be going down a hill towards the gas station. Initially I was confused because right as I turned at the second 13, you could either go straight or turn right. Also to find more sea glass, wear really good water shoes, walk left on the beach and walk over about three sets of rocks. Most people don’t climb over those jagged rocks (they are layered and look like the earth shifted to make them that way – probably a long ago earthquake).

  2. The directions on here got me and a few others super lost. So I thought I would take pictures of where you need to go to get to sea glass beach. The pin also doesnt help at all and spits you back onto the 13. Use the directions given until making a right onto the 13. Take it down the hill (dont turn like it says) take it down until you see the a red castle looking building on your left. Make a right onto that gravel road. Make your first quick left when on that gravel road. Take it alll the way down When you see a fence “blocking” you take that left. Every Y in the road from there just curve right and you will see it. Here are the pictures 🙂

    1. Where you take that quick left on the gravel
    2. keep going
    3. keep going
    4. keep going
    5. (“blocked in fence”
    6. keep curving to the right
    7. Arrived!

    • The first set of directions are fine. You turned at the FIRST turnoff for 13. The directions say to take the SECOND turn off onto 13. That is why ultimately she turns left on the gravel road, while your directions say to turn right. Regardless, your photos will help so many people, as it is confusing once you turn onto the gravel road. That beach is incredible. We kept going to the left to the next beach and the next beach. All of that debris is just shocking! And I have never seen so much sea glass in my entire life. I collected more in one day than I did in my entire 2.5 years here. And there were just still so many piles of it!!

      • Kathryn. THANK YOU for adding those directions to the 2nd beach. I can’t figure out how to add photos so will add to my facebook if I can tag Okinawai Hai. I scored all kinds at the 2nd beach (lots of blue). Although not as plentiful a good sized purple piece made my drive worthwhile. 3 other American families/couples were there but I met some charming farmers at my 2nd stop. Will definitely return

  3. There is also another beach just north of this one that has AMAZING sea glass. From the 13 after you pass the big house that is pictured above, follow the road around as it curves to the left (you’ll pass the gravel road mentioned above that is directly across from the pictured house). Turn right on the next gravel road AFTER the road curves to the left (very close to the first one, in fact you’re still in view of that big house). You’ll be able to see the ocean out in front of you behind farmer’s crops and tall grass. Take this road straight, then turn toward the ocean (you’ll be going into a farm), follow it straight down until you pass a chicken coop on your right. At the chicken coop the road will look like its disappearing. Stay to the left and you’ll go through a rough dirt/ sand path to a little beach with a shrine.
    This is hands down the best beach I’ve found on island for sea glass! I’ve never seen another American there, but I have gotten treats from a Japanese family visiting the shrine. They even helped me out when my car got stuck in the sand!

  4. Awesome post and finally directions! I’m so jealous of your finds. My husband and I love sea glassing and even our kids (2&5) get into it. Our only issue with Sea Glass Beach is, as he puts it, it feels like cheating. You don’t really have to look for the glass. You do, however, have to look for UNIQUE glass. We found yellow, purple, and even red.