Today is the day we share our favorite holiday shopping spots on the island. I’m so excited about this, and I hope you all participate!

I picked Shima’s Hobby Shop – the go to place for models and slot cars.


I admit, I was fascinated when I walked inside. I have never seen so many varieties of models in my life! They had various price ranges as well as experience levels, ranging from snap together to high-detail Gundam models. I could easily see my five-year-old putting together one of the easier type kits. They also offer a wide variety of paints, one choice being a paint/maker set that I know he’ll be able to use as well.


The store also offers a selection of slot cars. There are many options for decorating the cars and pimping the engine. I was listening to my husband tell me all the things you can add to make it perform better… Honestly, I didn’t understand any of it, but the enthusiasm was there, so that’s a plus.


Finally, they also sell vintage action figures (according to my husband you cannot call them toys!) and Airsoft guns (which I wouldn’t recommend playing with on base – just sayin’).

I think over the next three years I’ll be spending a lot of money here, especially if my husband and son have anything to say about it.


KAB Gate 1 turn LEFT onto 58. Turn LEFT on the 130. Make a RIGHT onto 330. Pass the Futenma Antique Mall. Shima’s Hobby Shop will be on your LEFT hand side. Currently there are lots of trees in front of the entrance so look for it carefully.


  1. Back in the mid 80’s when I was station on Camp Foster (1st Marine Air Wing), I used to spend many hours at Shima’s. To this day I have very fond memories. These pictures take me back and remind me of the very kind owner who always had a smile on his face. Someday I wish to return to Okinawa and revisit this great and wondrous toy and hobby store. Thanks for posting these pictures!