Shisa Dog Park l Okinawa Hai!

One of the main things we associate with Okinawa is the Shisa Dog. They can be seen everywhere, guarding homes and businesses. Why not incorporate the Shisa Dog into entertainment?

The Shisa Dog Park does just that. As the park’s main attraction, the Shisa sits, mouth open, legs braced as if it’s just waiting for the weight of the children on its back.

Shisa Dog Park l Okinawa Hai!

One leg offers a ladder to climb into its body. Once inside, you can play in its open mouth and take a bridge from its mouth to its body. One front leg and one back leg each have a slide.

This is one of my kid’s favorite parks. There is not much of anything else at the park, besides a large, open, grassy area and bathrooms, but my kids have never complained about being bored! They can climb on the Shisa for hours if I’d let them! The Shisa isn’t exactly adult-friendly though. I’ve climbed around in it, while crouching, ducking, and hitting my head the whole time. It’s a must-see though!

Shisa Dog Park l Okinawa Hai!

Directions: From the commissary gate of Foster, head towards Naha on 58. At the first light, take a right on the 58 by-pass like you are going towards the convention center. Take a left at the intersection with the big torii gate that leads to the Ginowan Seaside Park, turning the opposite direction of the Seaside Park. Take a left at the first street, then the second street on the left. You’ll see the park on your right.


  1. I tried to find this place today with my son using the above directions and it sent me to the wrong side. I ending up finding it on my own. It’s in walking distance to another park : TreeHouse Park.

    Other directions are below:
    Take 58 past Futenma. You will pass a Nortori store on you right, once you pass it there will be a light. Turn right at the light. @ the second traffic light turn right and follow it to the end (you have to turn left). There will be construction on your right and a gravel parking lot on your left. Park in the parking lot. Across from the lot there is the TreeHouse park. (also very fun for the kids) but you can also walk about a block towards the seaw all and the Shisa Dog park will be on your right.