UPDATE: This establishment has closed. The comments section still holds relevant information that our readers may find useful.


Okinawa’s beautiful sunsets . . . how do you spend them? Are you running children around, preparing dinner or still at work?  When you do get to see them, are you amazed by how red the sun looks as it quickly sinks into the ocean?

Well, more often than not, you’ll find my husband unwinding from the day on the balcony enjoying this sunset while smoking a stogie.  And when stock runs low on the cigars he’s purchased online, we head to the Smoker’s Shop in American Village.


Smoker’s Shop carries a varied selection of cigars from the Domincan Republic, Nigaragua, Honduras, and other locations, but their best selection is probably from Cuba.  These include Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, Monte Cristo, and Punch, and even a few Graycliff’s from the Bahamas.  Most cigars at Smokers Shop are priced a little on the high side.  However, many of them are hard to find like the Cubans – where else are you going to find one? 

The shop also sells humidors and accessories, including this Sarome BM1 Turbo lighter with built-in cigar punch, which we found for half the price of the ones advertised online. On the other hand, Zippos are double the price as in the U.S.


In addition to cigars, Smoker’s Shop has cigarettes, a cigarette machine (seems redundant, no?), plus quite a few pipes and the tabacco to go with it.



Payment: Yen, credit cards only on accessory purchases

Locations: American Village Carnival Park: first floor at the end on the ferris wheel side

Kemuri-ya: 58 South near DFS. After you pass Camp Kinser, stay right on overpass. When you reach the bottom, turn left at the light (Ameku intersection). Go through first light and Smoker’s Shop will be on your right before the second light. Look for the large yellow sign:

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If you miss this turn, take the turn to DFS  (Ueruya Intersection), pass Rakuichi center on the left. Left at first light past the McDonalds, then left at thrid light. Look for the shop two blocks up on the right (there’s a Cocoichibanya on the left just before).

Hours: 1000-2300


  1. If you are looking for Cohiba’s and a wonderful place on Kokosai St, just to smoke a cigar, try Finca La Vigia https://www.facebook.com/FincaLaVigiaOkinawa (There is also a Japanese language FB page https://www.facebook.com/FincaLaVigia).

    I go there at least once a month to attend any special event taking place. I purchased a Behike the other month for about Y2,400.

    Masato-san is the manager of the bar and Chikashi-san is the bartender. Mint Mojito’s are his specialty. There are about 40 top shelf Whiskey’s and Scotch’s there, along with some Cuban Rums

  2. “I’s Public Ale House” is a great place for anyone who enjoys cigars (and microbrew beers too, I suppose). The humidors – thats plural – are well stocked and there’s even a cigar menu. The owner, I-san, is very knowledgeable and loves to discuss cigars in English.

    As for smoking etiquette in Okinawa, you can smoke most everywhere outside. The Starbucks will give you an ashtray (“haizata” in Japanese) and, get this, a blanket to keep you warm at night. Just try to find that kind of service in the US.

  3. The only place I have found Cohibas has been in duty free airport shops, but even there you may end up with only Montecristos to choose from. Cannot recall the legal duty free amount you can bring into Japan but it seemed reasonable.

  4. I’s bar (ale house) has a great selection of Habanos, priced similar to those at smokers shop. Cigars are sourced through Pacific Cigar Co. licensed distrubutor for Habanos SA. Located across from starbucks outside Camp Lester. If exiting starbucks parking lot, it’s at your 11o’clock acrosse the street, situated on the second floor next to an open parking lot. There is a one-way street, I’s bar is left of the one-way street. Open 5pm – 1am; closed sundays and every fourth monday of the month. accepts Yen/Dollar, no credit cards. As for smoking cigars in public, I relegate to enjoying my cigars in the comfort of my patio or with the company of I-san at his bar. Must stay conscious of the sensitivites of others. Cheers!

  5. Ed, good questions. I’m a newbie smoker (started in Jul) and haven’t tried too many places yet. Donald can probably answer the questions better than I.

    Smoking indoors on base is off limits, of course, but it’s generally ok to light up a stogie or pipe on the patios/smoking areas. Jack’s Place on Kadena has a nice patio on the roof that’s perfect for enjoying the view and a cigar. I know the Butler O-Club has a nice patio for the same. Since I don’t live on base, I’m not sure what the rules are for the housing areas. Come to think of it, though, my boss had a get together at his place where we enjoyed some stogies. I guess that means it’s ok…

    Off base, almost all places allow smoking, but I’ve heard that the locals aren’t too appreciative if it’s anything other than cigarettes. There’s at least one “cigar bar” that I’m aware of (I’s Bar), possibly more. Otherwise I think you’ll be fine if you do your smoking outside. The Japanese seem to be some heavy duty smokers.

  6. This is a question for either/or both Donald or Gregg and/or anyone else who wishes to share.

    What is the etiquette for smoking cigar and pipes on Okinawa (both on base and out in the town?)

    During 2010 my wife and I are thinking of visiting our son & family who are in Camp Lester. I am both a pipe and cigar smoker. Wondering what is the local etiquette regarding smoking on the Island. Today every country has different rules. What are the rules for on bases and off-base cigar & pipe smoking.

  7. Gregg,
    Yes, take a look at all of the places selling counterfeit movies, such as Da Right Touch, Wing Kings, etc. These are legitimate places right? The customs office in Japan could care less about counterfeit items unless it is being pushed by the respective governments. Anyway, the 21 store is in Sunabe right by the infamous “Bum Park” where the seawall begins. Hope this helps. Please post if you or anyone else has more questions.

  8. The liquor shop you are reffering to named ALTEK outside Gate two sells counterfeit Cuban cigars not the real ones at Smoker’s Shop. The 21 store in Sunabe also sells the counterfeits. Take a look at the rings on the cigar and also look closer at leaf. The bands are real, but recycled off of real Cuban Cigars along with the wooden boxes. Check out this website for more details and you will see exactly what I am talking about when you go there http://www.cubaverdad.net/cuban_cigars.htm