We were heading towards Cape Zanpa and decided to check out the view from up above. The view was indeed beautiful. As we gazed down we saw a person snorkeling in the amazing blue waters. Instantly we are on a mission to find the way down there. We took every turn possible and we came across a dirt bike course, a golf course, tombs en mass, and several dead ends. Finally I spotted the path.


Please note that this is for the adventurous. Please do not bring small children. Please do not go if you are afraid of heights. I would suggest going on a “snorkeling date” to this spot. This is for the snorkeler and diver in you. If you like Maeda Flats, but HATE the crowds this is for you. A little difficult to find, somewhat hard to get to, but well worth it.


From Kadena Gate 1 make a right and go north on 58. Turn left on 6. Pass Torri Station, keep going. There will be a sign towards Cape Zanpa that points straight. Rt.6 will continue down the hill to your right. Go straight towards Cape Zanpa. Pass the houses on your right and keep going. You will now have sugar cane on your right. There is a vegetable stand with a mirror and a road on your right.It is important to have all three things together as there are many vegetable stands. So now you turned right and are going down a dirt road. You will soon come to a junction of some kind. There is a path leading to your left, straight, and to your right. If you are in a vehicle that has some clearance keep going straight by all means. You will know when to park. If you are in a Kei-car, like me, park and walk down the path straight ahead through the sugar cane. Follow the path, you will find remnants of a road. It will veer of to the left somewhat. The path to the right leads to the dirt bike track that you found if you turned too early. (Yes, I checked them all!) The path will narrow and turn down to the right and down. Follow it and you will come upon ropes and cables to hang on to on your way down.


This is it. Don’t bring too much gear, as you have to carry it back up, and enjoy!
This is one of the most beautiful spots I have found on this island and I am happy to share with you all.


  1. This area is known as Senaha Beach, and, from what I have read both on this site and other sources, Zero’s directions lead you straight to it. The pics remind me of how Maeda Point, so I hope the area is equally nice (I’ll let you know soon).

  2. Before I go ahead and start I am zero’s son (11 year old) and i have to say cape Zanpa was pretty fun. Of course for me any snorkel adventure is fun. Visibility was fine for me and so was the route to get there it was beautiful nature enviorment! I reccomend it for snorkling if you like adventuring.

    Overall I’de have to give it 3 out of 5 stars

  3. This Cape Zanpa place was an adventure for sure. I have a couple updates:
    1) Directions. Here are current and probably more applicable directions as of 5 Jul 2011. take route 6 pass Torii Station, when road splits (2nd time) follow direction towards Cape Zanpa which is straight. Go 1km and turn off on dirt road through cane field. Stay straight until you get to a fork (go left). Follow trail to an end. As you face the ocean there is a trail to the left. Follow trail down through the rock formation and to the water.

    2) Scenery. Natural and impressive. Wear proper foot wear and bring bug juice and sun screen. A camera or video camera are a must have. We have a Sony Cybershot that takes pictures underwater and it is a great camera to capture the aquatic world while exploring it with my boys (8 and 11).

    This site is definitely worthy of a return trip. I hope the visibility is a bit better than the 30-35′ we had today.

  4. You said the dirt bike track, I’ve just recently gotten on island(About a month ago) and I used to ride ALL the time. But when we moved we sold my bikes. I was wondering if you had any information on where I could purchase a new or used dirt bike here on island? Also, I plan on checking out this spot with my dad when we go snorkeling again. : D

    Thanks for the post. : )