Sticky Pics l Okinawa Hai!

Sticky Pics l Okinawa Hai!Have you seen high school kids walking around with these fancy decorated pictures all over their binders? Perhaps you’ve seen people tagged in them on Facebook and wondered what it was all about. Ever wondered how people got pictures taken and they looked like a doll with the big doe eyes?

Sticky pics is the answer! These are huge in Japan, and especially popular among the younger generations, but make no mistake, these can provide hours of laughs with a group of friends even if you aren’t a teenager!

I was recently introduced to sticky pics by two friends who have teenage daughters. I was instantly hooked. I wanted to have the big doe eyes and look like I doll. I wanted silly poses and weird characters stamped onto my pictures too! How was I missing out on this fancy photography craze?!

The best place to go for sticky pics is the Dragon Palace in American Village. On the 2nd floor (near the karaoke phone booth things) there are many machines to make sticky pics.

Your hardest decision is what kind of pic you want to take (with what kind of features, etc). Once you choose your machine then you can let the creative juices start flowing!

Sticky Pics l Okinawa Hai!

If American Village is too overwhelming for you , or if you just want to start off small in a slightly less chaotic environment, the Bx on Kadena now has the machine in the seating area that is to the left of the main doors.

Sticky Pics l Okinawa Hai!

Sticky Pics l Okinawa Hai!This machine is not as complex as the ones in American Village, and therefore doesn’t have all of the features (this one does not give you doe eyes or make you look like a doll), but still gives you the experience of sticky pics. It’s like a warm up to a good workout!

Payment: Most are 400 Yen and you get a variety of different picture combinations (there are a few 200 yen machines in Dragon Palace. The ones in the Bx are 400 yen)

Directions: From Kadena Gate 1 drive to American Village. The largest number of sticky pic booths in one place is in the Dragon Palace on the 2nd floor. Many to choose from with many different options/features.