Su Su Soon | Okinawa Hai

Editor’s Note: Su Su Soon was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on October, 2 2008. It was closed for a short time, but has since be re-opened and it is re-reveiwed today for you by Kacey A. Original post is still available if you scroll down.


Su Su Soon | Okinawa Hai


I just want to clear up a rumor publicly for you: Su Su Soon is OPEN for business and has been actively and successfully satisfying my taste buds for a while now.

It’s a very small place, with about 5 tables in the main room and a separate room with tatami seating (great place to sit with a small group or with kids); it feels cozy, not cramped. The staff is friendly and cooks up an amazing variety of food.

Su Su Soon | Okinawa Hai

During the week, they offer a buffet that comes with both a soup and a noodle dish cooked to order. The menu includes 20+ affordably priced sushi rolls, rice bowls, pork and steak dishes; and 5+ pancake dishes. They offer a few alcoholic beverages, teas, coffees, juices and homemade ginger ale.

Su Su Soon | Okinawa Hai

I personally recommend any of their sushi rolls, the eel & avocado don (rice bowl), or the buffet. You’ll be happy with whatever you order.

Su Su Soon | Okinawa Hai

Hours: Weekdays 11:30 – 5pm, Closed Tuesdays. Fri, Sat, Sun, Holidays 6pm – 10pm (Last Order 9pm). Weekends & Holidays: Breakfast 8am – 11:30am, Lunch 11:30am – 3pm

Su Su Soon | Okinawa Hai Su Su Soon Menu 2Phone Number: 098-936-6237

Payment: Yen

Address: 208-8 Hamagawa, Chatan, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture 904-0112

GPS Coordinates: 26.330034, 127.748934

Parking: On site, behind building. Limited.






Original post contributed October 2, 2008


This little gem is located off 58 near Gate 1 Kadena. I think it’s relatively new as I have only seen the sign for a month or two. I recently went to lunch there with some friends so we were able to sample several menu items. You read properly – one side of the menu has pancake meals, the other – sushi meals. I can’t think of a better combo!

01pancakemenu_2 02sushimenu_3

Upon entering the small restaurant, you’re greeted (Irashaimasse!) and asked to leave your shoes behind and don some comfy leather slippers. We headed to a large table in a somewhat separate room where we could sit on the floor pillows, but there are about six regular tables inside the main room. There is a bookshelf with several magazines and books, even a couple of children’s books – and a couple of English books & magazines too. There are also a few toys in the larger room, and my daughter was particular to a stuffed cat and a small box that contained buildings, trees and such to make your own village. She was completely entertained until we received our food!

07slipperbasket_3 06counter_2 04toyvillage_2

Ice water with lemongrass is offered, and as you can see from the menu, you may order beer, wine, sake, hot or iced coffee (it’s GOOD coffee), tea, mango shake (also excellent, very thick and not too sweet), home made ginger ale, which I’m sure is refreshing, banana milk and other juices. There’s also a “passion frappe” available which I might try sometime soon – it looks delicious!

At our table a couple of girls had that day’s special, a tuna & avocado bowl set, one woman had the maple gorgonzola pancakes (which was topped with apple as well) and made very short work of them – and said it was incredibly delicious, my daughter had the banana caramel cream pancakes (yum!) and I had the bara-chirashi which was also on the lunch special menu. The service was great, everyone enjoyed the homey and peaceful atmosphere (Jack Johnson was playing in the background) and I was so impressed that I took my family there on Sunday for breakfast! So now we’ve also had the “home made bacon and egg” which comes also with a salad and it’s scrumptious!

Su Su Soon is definitely kid friendly (though I apologize, I didn’t look for high chairs…) and I plan to visit again for dinner as THAT menu also looks delicious (see the photo). It’s about on par with the local prices for what you get. Lunch sets are a better deal than breakfasts, in my opinion. The front counter has some trinkets and even some produce for sale if you’d like to buy something. The couple who works there is very nice, and the kitchen is right there in the main room just separated by the counter.


Banana Caramel Pancakes!


Tuna Avocado Bowl!

Hours: Closed Mondays, Tuesday through Friday open 11-2:30 and 5-8 (last seating at 9, closes at 10), weekends open 9am-9pm, closed at 10. Telephone number is 098-936-0237

Directions: From 58 northbound make a LEFT at the light where the Family Mart/Pizza Inn/GI Bill Pay shopping center is (just before Gate 1). At the first light, make a LEFT, it’s on your right side immediately behind a banana yellow apartment building. The driveway to the parking lot is immediately on the right after you turn – it’s small though, only holds about 4-5 cars max. When I met friends they walked from the Pizza Inn lot.


  1. I just went by there today (nov 25, 2012) and there were 2 signs, one said “closed” and the other said “closing” and the rest was in kanji and I couldn’t read. Not sure but I suspect it has closed down for good, I would call before heading there to be sure.

  2. Sarah – are you still having problems? We’ve been a few times since you posted, with no problems. They were closed for a few days in June or July, I’m guessing vacation or something, but have been open every time we’ve wandered over.

  3. My friends and I have tried to go to this place twice now and they are never open anymore. I drop my baby off at the daycare across the street so I look for their sign -and they will be open at 9am… we all come back at 11:30am and the closed sign is out even though the hours hang right next to it and it reads 11-4 daily! Not sure what’s going on here. We will try again next week!

  4. Went this past Sunday. Awesome place with AWESOME food! We will definitely be going back soon! Great food. Great customer sevice. They even guided us out and looked out for traffic for us when we were driving out the driveway!

  5. Oh! This place was wonderful! My kids loved their “animal” pancakes (80Y – can you beat that anywhere!?!), and I would have moved in once I tried the food! We had a cooked Okinawan pork with sea grapes (who would have known they were edible!) sushi, which knocked my socks off. I cannot wait to go back for breakfast and devour some of those pancakes…

  6. We just went this weekend and it was good! We ate dinner Saturday night, and went back Sunday morning for breakfast. I impressed some friends with my “ability” to find cool little places to eat. 🙂

  7. This has become my husband’s favorite new restaurant! Every roll we have tried has been phenomenal (and we have tried most). I have to give a big thumbs up to the homemade ginger ale! It is very ginger-y, but wonderful!

  8. Hi, We went last night – must say that the portions are quite small. No high chairs so be prepared. My 14 month daughter polished off our entire serving of edamame! However, the food is delicious….even the fig and seaweed pancakes! For the 3 of us, we ended up spending over $40 – a bit pricey considering we had only 2 adults. I think we’ll go again at lunch

  9. This place is awesome. The staff is incredibly nice. One of the cooks came out of the restaurant and helped us back out onto the street. The food is amazing- the sushi was tender and just the right temperature. We had the gorgonzola and maple syrup dessert pancakes. I highly recommend them! If you’re in the mood for a little “kick,” try the plum wine. Go immediately before the place gets too crowded all the time 🙂

  10. I stopped here for lunch today, it was nice to find a place with sushi rolls for lunch. I had the combo roll set and it was the perfect size for lunch – 4 pieces of 3 different rolls, veggies, soup and fruit and yogurt for dessert. Very yummy and a beautiful presentation. As I left I mentioned to her that I found her on an American website and she was very surprised, but I also just saw a write up in the Stripes supplement, so I’m sure business will pick up for them! Their dinner menu sounds good too.

  11. Hey! I passed that place so many times last year…Its been around, but the sign is pretty new. WILL DEFINITELY stop in. Thanks Aviva! Kelley, Korea!?! You are one well traveled lady! 🙂 Have a safe trip!

  12. This place rocks. Particularly its mango shake. Unfortunately, my computer is doing crazy things on me for some reason, and won’t let me post all of Aviva’s other pictures of mouthwateringly beautiful food. Will remedy that ASAP! (But going to Korea tomorrow so be patient.) Good stuff though…I also like the BLT roll.