You should get to know this park immediately. There’s a beach, a field, a dolphin-shaped play structure, gazebos, a skate park, a fast slide and SPACE galore.

Directions to Sunabe Ba-Ba Park (Dolphin Park):

Turn left out of Gate 1 of Kadena onto Hwy 58.  Get into the far right lane to turn right at the next stoplight.  There will be a large “US Autosales” sign in red.  Go down this road to about the 3rd stoplight – this will be the LAST stoplight on this road before you hit the seawall.  Turn right until the road dead-ends into a junkyard.  Turn right when the road dead-ends.  About 100 yards down this road is Dolphin Park on the left side. Parking will be on your right facing a baseball field.


  1. It’s open again. As far as taking your dog here….for the love of all that isn’t disgusting pick up your dog’s crap. We tried to go to the beach here today but it smelled so strongly from all of the poop that we left.

  2. i am a okinawan girl and i am currently in okinawa and learned english at OCSI… did you ever hear about that school? i love okinawa. i was born in okinawa and had visited america … brrrrr i LOVE okinawa nice people nice place . i love ba-ba park AKA dolphin park….expecially the beach 🙂 a to de ne!

  3. I don’t think there’s a plug for a jumpy, and since I wouldn’t know where to obtain permission, I wouldn’t set up a jumpy at Baba park (plus I live in the neighborhood and have never seen one out there)

    Julie – there’s a “Dog Park” a few blocks away but it’s really not large. It’s tiny and I think you can let the dog run there without a leash (most in the neighborhood do) but if you have a larger dog it isn’t too much of a workout! If you want to check it out, it’s behind the Seaside the Beach Hotel where Hokulea is. Go past Coffee Casa and make the LEFT where the sign says “THE BEACH hotel”. Then pass the coral-colored hotel on the right, and make the right to go around & behind it. You’ll see the small park back there. Bring baggies to clean up after the dog and there are NO public trash cans for the bags, FYI.

  4. LOVE this park! It’s been very good to my family for the past 3 years and we’ll miss it sorely when we return to the states this summer. Natalie, I believe you can create a flickr account and post a link to your pictures that way. Or you could send pics to the TO DO editor and she could add them to this post.