Sweet Outside

Today I decided to give a treat to the part of my body that supports me and constantly holds me up—my two feeties!  Cocok’s was closed, so my exchange student and I decided to try Sweet Nails.  Oh, how sweet that was!  I may be going to Sweet Nails from now on.

Sweet Tea

We had the first appointments of the day—12:00 noon.  We were greeted as we parked and were immediately whisked in.  There were two seats all ready for us.  We sat down and were served sweet lemon tea and some Japanese treats.  One thing that was an added plus was the big screen TV that was in front of us and a lot of DVD’s to choose from — English with Japanese subtitles.  It was great, especially since the whole pedicure experience lasted two hours.  Our feet were given the undivided attention they needed while we snacked and watched “All About Steve.”

Sweet TV

Our pedicure included a heated foot bath, cuticle care, callous removal, a scrub, a relaxing foot massage, and of course the 3D nail art that included jewels and stones.  I may be missing other things they did because of the movie, but whatever they did, we left with our feeties happy!  They were silky soft and beautiful.

Sweet Toes

Here are the prices from the back of their business card:

Acrylic with 1 color – 5200 Y

Softgel with 1 color –  3700 Y

Manicure with 1 color – 2100 Y

Pedicure with 3D design, stone, flat art – 3700 Y

(Of course, there are more options as far as the nails go.)
Directions: On 58 across from Lester.  The building is in between Toyota and Blue Seal — you’ll see a big yellow sign that says “Sweet Nails”

Hours of operation: 12:00 – 19:00 everyday

Telephone number:  098-926-5441


  1. going north on 58, turn right onto 23. Drive down past coco’s and cocok’s until you are at the light with a closed kadena gate on your left. At this light, turn right. Drive to the second or third light and turn left(it’s the turn by the apple co-op building) then take the immediate first left you come to. It looks like nothing would be down there, but sweet nails will be about a football field’s length down on your right.
    Hope this helps.

  2. I just got back from an appointment with Sweet Nails. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! Firstly though, the parking was horrific! I’m glad I took my husband’s tiny car as there is no way I’d have got my van in the awkward spot I parked in!
    Small upon entering but the staff were fast to greet and very polite! Yes, the nail art isn’t as plentiful as Cocok’s & the massage not quite as long, but I will definitely go back again! Maybe I’ll alternate between the two?!

  3. I hate to say something to the contrary, but after going to Cocko’s for the past 2.5 years I was disappointed after the rave reviews Monette gave Sweet Nails. I couldn’t get in to Cocko’s and Sweet Nails had an opening. There was another customer who had already started a movie so we watched, from the middle, a movie that was offensive to my husband and I (I brought my husband along because I wanted to show him what I’ve been doing every 8 weeks for the past 2.5 years!) They brought sweet tea, which we don’t drink, and when I asked for water they said they didn’t have any. The soak was in lukewarm (at best) water and I was chilly. After hearing Monette talk about a 2 hour appointment I expected a longer massage than the 30 minute one Cocko’s offers. To my shock they massage only lasted 5 minutes and didn’t have the lovely scented oils Cocko’s has (just a regular lotion). My husband’s chair was broken so he had to hold up his legs the whole time in order for her to reach them. I thought their nail art offerings weren’t as classy as Cocko’s either. All in all, it was better than a pedi in the States, but miles behind what Cocko’s has to offer.

  4. Sweet Nails is the best! I went to Cocok’s once upon arriving to the island, but didn’t really feel comfortable. Plus the long waits for an appointment were slightly annoying.
    I decided to try Sweet Nails after a friend told me about it, and I have been a loyal customer every since (2 years). The ladies in the shop are the sweetest ever and go out of their way to provide amazing service. They even remembered my birthday from a year ago and when I got my nails done this year for my b-day, they brought out a cake and flowers and sang to me. I was so shocked. I will definitely miss them when I leave the island….

  5. This place is my favorite! It’s not as fancy as Cocoks but it’s great and the prices are better. They will also let you bring in your own movie and will also start a returning customer card that I believe will eventually result in a free pedicure. Best of all, they will post your cute new tootsies on line so you can share with your friends!

    (see above)

    Enjoy, this place is a great place to relax.