okinawa hai



I don’t have to remind everyone of the strict drinking and driving laws here in Japan. The blood alcohol limit is .03 (which is really less than a half a drink). So don’t risk it. Pretty much, I don’t drink anything and drive. It’s just too risky altogether. The thought of injuring someone- or spending a few years in a hard labor camp should be enough to keep you from getting behind the wheel.

Plus, there is no excuse to avoid a good holiday shin-dig if you want to drink, with the brilliant invention of a service called DAIKO. How convenient is DAIKO taxi service? It’s available 24/7. They will pick you up on/off base, and transport you AND your vehicle home! The cost of the service is only 1.5 times the cost of a regular taxi. Not bad. When you call do the following:

Request “Daiko Service”

Give your location, description of your vehicle, and your final destination

Here’s the number to Daiko: 645-8888 OR 098-970-8888.


  1. They will drive kids as well (Diako). A friend called to find out, just in case she had a couple of beers with dinner she wanted to find out. They said it could take up to an hour for them to arrive so be prepared. Weekends they are the busiest – but wait or wait for 6 months for a rides around the island?! Hell I’ll wait an hour for a cab-I’ve waited as long in NYC!

  2. THats some really good info to know about the taxi. Sometimes people come to Japan and dont realize the strict lawas about such matters as drinking and driving until it is too late. Now peopl ehave the cab phone numbers here thay have no excuse not to call when pissed