UPDATE: This storefront is now closed, but lives on in its online form at www.thefabricgirl.com. See the comments below.


Most people know about House of 66 as the go to place for fabric and notions. But what they lack is that colorful fun and modern feel American designer fabrics have. While in the States, I always looked for the little Ma and Pa shops that I love so much. They are by far my favorite places to shop at. The Fabric Girl is located in American Village and has just that. The store has fabric designers such as Moda, Amy Butler, and Michael Millers just to name a few with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Also sewing pattern are in English with fun funky designs sure to get your creativity flowing. I even found a fun little jelly roll there that I plan on making a quilt with.

Fabric close Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, 10:30-5:00pm

Phone: 080-3522-2548

Website: www.thefabricgirl.com

Payment:  Accepts US dollars and Yen

Directions: Located within American Village. Coming from Kadena gate 1 you will take a LEFT out of the gate.  Take a RIGHT onto the road between Jusco and the Ferris Wheel. Go through the 4 way light (ferris wheel on your right) and take the next RIGHT driveway into the American Village parking lot. The Fabric Girl shop is located in Plaza F. Plaza F is the white 3 story building with Poco-a-Poco in it. The Fabric Girl is up the spiral stairs on the second floor in the middle.

Fabric Patterns


  1. HI All. It’s Jennifer, The Fabric Girl. The storefront has been closed down. I had a baby in April and it just wasn’t possible to keep it open. An online store is still up and running and I try and meet customers for orders as fast as I can. I’m sorry for any confusion. I’m also planning on attending Market Day in October and thus forward. Thanks everyone for the support (:

  2. My husband and I went to American Village looking for the fabric girl only to find out she wasnt there anymore… I have tried to find her at craft show’s and got ahold of her to meet her to buy fabric but guess i will have to keep looking

  3. The hours posted here are incorrect. If you go to the website it shows that her hours are Wed-Fri from 12-5pm. I only discovered this after going there twice when it was supposed to be open and finding it closed 🙂