Shanbio Yoga
Shanbio Yoga

After reading one of the monthly Okinawa Living magazines, I came across an advertisement for a spa and yoga studio called he Shanbio. I had missed my yoga routine back in the states and I wanted to check this place out. The next day while I was walking on the Sunabe Seawall I stopped in at The Shanbio, located along the seawall in the same building as Bella Napoli pizza. The staff there was very friendly and spoke English (always a plus), I signed up for the next yoga class. The yoga studio is located on the fifth floor of the building with the most amazing view of the China Sea.

Shanbio Yoga Room
Shanbio Yoga Room

My first class was awesome; I was hooked and will definitely be returning. The class consisted mostly of local Japanese and myself. The instructor taught in Japanese and in English and made every effort to make me feel confortable. The classes are about 75 minutes. The final savasana is my favorite; you are lying on your mat with a scented towel over your eyes listening to the sounds of the ocean. All I can say is AMAZING!

Shanbio Massage
Shanbio Massage
Shanbio Facial
Shanbio Facial

The Shanbio offers many other spa services. I have had one of their traditional massages and it was great. My husband and I have had a couples massage, he had the hot stone massage and I had a facial. It was amazing. The whole process is wonderful. First you have a mini consultation where they ask a few questions about your health. Then they let you smell several scented oils that they will use during your massage. You are then taken back to a small room that has a wonderful view of the ocean. For the couples massage they had a special room they call the VIP room. They are very concerned with your satisfaction during the massage. After the massage you are taken back out into the lobby area and served some tea or flavored water. I will definitely be going back for another facial. Every month they have a new special on one of their spa services, so during your time here you will be able to enjoy them and probably get a discount.

Prices are comparable to the States, even with this Yen rate. I feel pretty spoiled and will have a hard time finding a yoga studio back in the States to compare to the Shanbio.


For Questions:

Spa: Open daily from 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Closed Wednesdays.
Yoga: Shanbio studio offers daily yoga classes. Class schedule are update on our Facbook page. Please visit for most updated schedule information.

Payment: Yen, USD, and all major credit cards

Phone: 098-983-7778 (Reservations can be made for both yoga and spa services)

Directions: From Kadena Gate 1, turn left onto 58. Take the first right at Family Mart. Drive straight until you come to the seawall. The Shanbio Spa is on the 4th floor in the first pink building on your right. We are in the same building as Bella Napoli Pizza.

Parking: The Shanbio Spa has 4 parking spaces available for spa customers. Please give us a call when you arrive, and we will show you to the spot. Phone: 098-983-7778
(For our yoga studio customers, please find parking along the seawall. Street in between CoCok nail salon and the park is subject to ticketing. Please do not park there.)



  1. I met one of the instructors at the 0900 yoga class on Camp Foster, and her teaching style absolutely resonated with me. When my schedule changed, I asked her if she taught any other classes and she told me about the studio at The Shanbio. I took my first class there today – a Flow Yoga class – and loved it! There were only two students in the class, including me, and Yukari (the instructor) taught the class in English because neither one of us were native Japanese speakers! Even better, the essentially one-on-one attention allowed for more adjustments and fine turning during the poses, which is something I appreciate as I grow in my yoga practice. The view from the fifth floor is so inspiring…it helps me forget the worries of the day and focus on the class.

    I am looking forward to taking more classes here, and would highly recommend this studio to anyone looking for a challenging class with a friendly, intimate feel and one of the best views of the East China Sea. Namaste!

  2. I went to yoga on Sat. for the first time and liked it so much I came back on Sun. If you are looking for a yoga studio that offers many different styles (versus what is offered at the gym on base) this place is for you. If you buy the multi-pass then the prices are reasonable at Y1000 a session. Views are gorgeous. Park along the sea wall so you don’t get ticketed as along the park is no-parking but you see many cars. I am going to be a regular at this studio.

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  4. Shanbio is a great place to go if you’re looking for a couple’s massage, where you both can be in the same room. I recently went with a friend of mine for their “Girl’s Special” for a full body massage and facial and we were able to be in the same room. It was a fun experience but there wasn’t much privacy in the room for us to undress. That wasn’t a big problem but it was unexpected. The spa is beautiful and very relaxed. All the staff seemed to speak very fluent English. Oh, and the body massage was wonderful! It didn’t feel rushed or like it was too short. The facial was very nice and the products Shanbio used seem to really soften up my skin. However, there wasn’t much of a facial massage. I would definitely return for the body massages though!

  5. I purchased a couple’s massage for my husband’s birthday (halfway selfish present I and it was fabulous. We especially liked the ambiance of the Shanbio. I have been other places to get massages, and haven’t found a place that had the spa like atmosphere. We found that the Shanbio has hit this out of the ballpark from the moment you walk in. The music is playing, the aroma of oils and the decor all exude the spa aura. The staff are very prompt with the scheduling and are expecting your arrival. They have personal shoes for you when you arrive, and then sit with you and discuss your treatment for the day, making it very personalized, and detailed. The room our massage was in has a breathtaking ocean view, and it bright, inviting, and you feel luxurious in it. After your treatment you are invited back to the lobby for tea while the staffer takes care of your payment and scheduling your next visit. We felt we had the royal treatment from the moment we walked in to the moment we left.

  6. The Shanbio spa is always an enjoyable experience. All the staff make every effort to taylor sessions to fit your individual needs–They are very knowledgable. The view of the ocean is wonderful and the therapists are very friendly. I keep going back.

  7. Yoga at The Shanbio was my first time ever attempting yoga. I must say, Yukari has made my experience enjoyable and look foward to going as often as I can. The small classes is a plus and allows for more personal contact. I promise if you try it once you will be hooked. I purchased the monthly ticket which is 10,000 yen for unlimited yoga sessions. Classes are offered everyday except Wed. this month.

    The pedicure with oil massage I had after a yoga session was the most RELAXING and nontraditional pedicure I’d ever had. I was taken to a small room with a view of the ocean and laid on warm bed/massage table. Yukari then massaged my legs with oil. To be honest, I don’t remember much after that because I fell asleep. When I just so happen to wake up, she was gone and pedicure was perfect.

  8. I recently had my first massage at Shanbio spa ~ a gift from my husband for Valentine’s Day. I was impressed by the spa and all that it had to offer. I had a 1 hour aroma massage as well as a 1 hour facial and they were both amazing. I told my masseuse that was one of the best massages I have ever had, truly!! The staff is very professional in answering questions and meeting your personal needs. The setting is spectacular!!! I highly recommend trying!!

  9. i love this place! i think this was the best present i got for valentines day…. they do couples massage…. its so peaceful… the ocean view room really makes u feel amazing, and the service is just impeccable, they make you feel so great…. you get some tea and chocolates after the massage and its just so nice to sit and relax for a little bit instead of just getting dressed and leaving right away after the massage is done at other places… this is a perfect place to get away without ever leaving okinawa…. i made a second appointment before leaving because i want to keep going back, my husband and i are going to escape and relax once a month…. so much more worth it than going out and drinking and feeling like crap the next day…. this replaces bar hopping 🙂 and its well worth it…

  10. I have been going to the Shanbio for over six months and this place is awesome. They turly cater to making sure you have the full experience of spa treatment. I usually don’t submit comments, but for The Shanbio I will. If you don’t go and try it at least once you got problems.

  11. I have been enjoying the services from Shanbio for over a year now. I typically go at least once a month but usually every two weeks as my schedule allows. It is a beautiful facility – but the staff there really make this spa exceptional. Their guest services are top notch and they take great care of their return clients. I frequently take advantage of the monthly specials they run in OkiLiving and enjoy trying the new massage courses they suggest to me. Don’t miss the opportunity for some pampering!

  12. I have been going to the Shanbio for the past six months, and I love it there! I have tried all of the massages and think the are wonderful. There are also many other services, such as the facials, and they recently told me they started a waxing service. All of the ladies are polite, genuinely invested in guaranteeing a positive experience for you, and excellent at giving massages! I have been on their mailing list for months – I get maybe one email a month and it always advertises a great discount or upcoming special. I’ve recommended the Shanbio to several of my friends and I’m so happy to see them so well advertised on Okinawa Hai! You can’t beat a massage on the Seawall, I definitely recommend it.

  13. My husband and I first visit to Shanbio was for their Valentine’s Day Special. Upon arriving we were greeted at the door and promptly taken to the “VIP” room for our couples massage. The view was breathtaking and our foot scrub and aromatherapy massage was tailored to our specific needs. We had an lovely experience and will be returning sometime very soon. The Shanbio is a definite visit while on the lovely island of Okinawa.