Yomitan Glass Man | Okinawa Hai


My husband and I discovered someone that we now call “The Glass Man” on one of our first drives on the island, right after we’d gotten our own car and licenses. We were headed out to Cape Zanpa and I saw a bunch of glass cups and bowls sitting on tables on the side of the road. I knew we needed to pull over. I immediately fell in love with his pieces, and have since taken many friends and visitors to buy this beautiful handmade Okinawan glass.

Yomitan Glass Man | Okinawa Hai

The Glass Man doesn’t speak any English, but thanks to the Google translate app, we have found out that all his pieces are made from recycled glass. Such beautiful stuff! Sometimes he throws in a “present” with the pieces I have purchased and it totally makes my day. I have so many pieces of his now in my dish collection and they are some of my favorite pieces. I know I will treasure them long after we leave Okinawa. So if you’re looking for some great Ryukyu glass you must check him out.

Yomitan Glass Man | Okinawa Hai

Yomitan Glass Man | Okinawa Hai

Yomitan Glass Man | Okinawa Hai


Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 0900-1600

Payment: You can blow your own glass for about Y 1800; Yen Only

Address: Japan, 〒904-0301 Okinawa-ken, Nakagami-gun, Yomitan-son, Zakimi 県道12号線

GPS Coordinates: 26.406238, 127.747279

Directions: To get to his stand, head north on rt. 58 from Kadena/Foster. Turn left on rt. 12 in Yomitan (after the turnoff for rt. 6 towards Torii Station). Head down rt. 12 for a few minutes. After passing signs for Yomitan pottery village you will head up a hill and the Glass Man is on your right hand side. If you see the turnoff for Zakimi Castle you have gone too far.

Yomitan Glass Man | Okinawa Hai



  1. Either my Japanese is getting better or they’ve changed their hours… (probably the latter!). The man told me yesterday that they’re open every day from 0900-1600, and you can do the glass blowing experience every day except for Sunday. And, the glass blowing experience is Y 1800, not the Y 3000 that I had previously posted! I love this place.

  2. Annie Castro is a very good judge of the fine people and things on this island. Every time she wanted to explore a new place, we would go on an adventure, and what an adventurous gang we were! Those glass pieces are’t just dishware. They are memories of this island, these people, and the amazing friends that are made here. Annie nailed this article. I know that if she says to go somewhere, I’m going! So this will be visited again very shortly

  3. This is one of my favorite places. It’s called “Seiten.” I seemed to understand, with my limited Japanese, that it’s open Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00-17:00. You can blow your own glass for about Y 3000. GPS coordinates: Latitude: 26.406238 Longitude: 127.747279.


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