This is a fresh produce market. It’s like a farmer’s market with a roof over it. In addition to lots of fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs,
and fresh flowers, they do have some fresh fish, prepared foods (in the front area you can taste the goods!), toiletries, cute hand-made pottery & crafts, rice, teas, and sweets.

Outside the market there is a tako-yaki stand with some of the BEST tako-yaki I’ve ever tried! There’s also a stand selling pork (for soba or just for munching on), and one selling azuki & sno-cone treats. Next door there is a plant nursery with flowers, veggie plants, seeds, and pots/gardening supplies available. The prices are really reasonable and everyone there is friendly.

Market25_2 Market27_2




Directions: Go out gate 3 of Kadena (straight through Kadena on Douglas from gate 1) and head straight past Camp Shields. JUST before you hit route 329, there will be a driveway on the left (the sign is in the “SIGN” photo), turn left there. There’s plenty of parking.

Market20 Marketsign_2


  1. The Ja on Ginowan bypass coming from Kinser: make a left before McDonald sign going tiwards Don Quiote. Make another left passing Don Quiote. Drive straight towards the pink Bay Club and turn right. Follow the road to Ja.

  2. Lexie, there is a beautiful one between Foster and Kinser – not sure if there is one even closer to Kinser, but here’s what I know about the one in Ginowan:

    If you take the 58 bypass from Kinser toward Foster (North), look for the statues of dolphins on the left – they are kind of near the Water Hotel and all of those shopping centers. Turn left there and follow the road down to the dock.

    There is also a fish market and restaurant there. Great market.

  3. I’ve been calling this place “JA” instead of “Chanpuru Ichiba” since that’s what they have on their sign — it’s the closest thing to a farmers’ market that I’ve found on Oki and I’ve gotten some great deals on vegetables there (goodbye, crazy $8 cabbages from the commissary. you are ridiculous) …

    Here’s a link to a Google Map of this location, for those who are more visually inclined — I have a difficult time with the written directions sometimes, and I find I use the maps on my phone more than anything else to get around:,0x34e50e252a5eb6b9:0xd40467268cf73af5,0&ie=UTF8&ll=26.371724,127.811583&spn=0.00001,0.000011&t=h&z=17&vpsrc=0

  4. This was a great little place and it was hopping today (Saturday morning.) The little pineapples are amazing, low acid and so sweet. The mango must be amazing! They were selling boxes for Y5000 and up. I bought some of the tiny, less pretty looking mango to try for Y400.

  5. Min-Aviva’s directions (in the comment above yours) are pretty accurate. I have not been out that way in a while, but I remember that I passed the turn off for Camp Shields on my left, BC Motors Garage on my right, and the sign for the no longer open Botanical Gardens on my left. I remember seeing one of those blue over-the-road signs telling me that 329 was coming up and then I saw a CoCo’s convenience store on my right. The entrance to the parking lot is on the left directly across from the CoCo’s. I believe this is actually a side entrance to the market because I pulled in there and then drove around to the front of the building. It is right before the 329 intersection, so if you hit 329, you have gone too far. I would just look for the hot pink CoCo’s on the right hand side and remember to turn across from it. Take a look at the picture of the building above to help you make sure you are in the right place. Hope that helps!

  6. Is this place still open? I went driving down the gate 3 street for several km’s past Camp Sheilds and didn’t see the sign, the building with JA on it or a flower/plant market…?? Can anyone tell me exactly what to look for (since the original post is 3 yrs old–has it changed?) or better yet, how far–exactly– it is down the gate 3 road? (i.e. 4.7 km from the light or something like that)? The lousy overpriced commissary produce is killin’ me!! I’d LOVE to find a local place to try…

  7. Soph, not sure about the fruit stand, but if that’s near Courtney it’s quite a bit further than the market. There are lots of other options for fresh fruit around Foster/58 though – like inside San-A (the yellow sign with 3 red triangles) and Jusco, or Co-Op. Directions from Commissary gate, which would also work for Sarah from Kadena: Out of Foster’s commissary gate, make a RIGHT onto 58, then continue past Camp Lester and make a RIGHT into Kadena Gate 1. (Across from a Family Mart & Pizza Inn shopping center.) Continue straight through the base allll the way through until you leave again, that’s Gate 3. Stay on that road, don’t turn, and when you’re about to hit the end which is 329, the market is on your left side. You turn left into the parking lot. (There’s a “Coco de Bake” on your right over there, hot pink sign.)

  8. I really do love this farmers market. This afternoon I needed to make a last-minute salad. I already had the sald, but nothing else to go in it. I absolutely wanted to avoid the commissary since the parking lot is such a mess right now and, given the time of day, I knew it would be busy, busy, busy. So the kids and I hopped into the car and drove out Gate 3 to the market. I was able to get carrots, tomatoes, and green peppers, not to mention a very pretty bouquet of flowers, all for 510 yen. We were in and out of there in under ten minutes.

    If you have reusable grocery bags, they really appreciate it if you bring one or two of those in with you to take your produce home in.

  9. From Kadena Gate 2, you have 2 choices:

    Option 1: Turn left outside Gate 2, onto 23. Follow 23 until it turns into 74 (following the fence of the base), drive around Kadena to Gate 3 and turn right onto 26. Keep going on 26 past the sign for the Botanical Gardens. You will see the sign for 329 in 300 meters, then watch for a green sign with red Kanji on your left. The driveway is a steep ramp up.

    Option 2: From Gate 2, turn left onto 23. Watch for the right turn onto Highway 85 (under a pedestrian bridge). Once on 85, watch for the intersection for 329 (about 3 traffic lights). Turn left on 329. Follow 329 for about 3 km, until you see the sign for Road 26. Turn left onto Road 26. Then turn immediately right onto a small side street. You will see a JA (green and light green sign) shop on the corner. Just after it, turn left into the parking lot.

    Either option should take less than 15 minutes. It is really close!

    The farmers market is run by JA – if you look on the building itself you will see JA in English lettering, so you know you are in the right place. Also, there is a good-sized garden shop in the same parking lot, to the right if you are standing at the main entrance. I love this market, and go once a week when possible.

    I have also seen chilis there before – they are usually in the very back, by the green peppers – but I have also seen them by the small containers of herbs. I have even seen some kind of bonnet peppers, maybe habaneros, a few times. Good luck!

  10. Cherry I’d love to check out that fruit stand. I cannot find the post for “the fruit stand” in the search engine on the site. Could you please post a link to which entry it’s in or some directions to there from Kadena:)? Thanks so much!

  11. This place is my favorite to buy fresh veggies. The veggies are incredibly fresh, they have fresh herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary for 100 yen. It’s a fantastic place with really really fresh vegetables and tofu for ridiculously low prices.

  12. Cherry… I have been to the fruit stand too!! That is my favorite place. I make the drive once a week from Foster. THey have peaches now!! I think I pay 300-400 yen for 2 of them. I love the fruits and veggies there. The people are wonderful also.

  13. Tiffni — there’s a place called “The Fruit Stand” close to McT and Courtney. if you search it on here, it will give you directions on how to get there. their fruits vary all the time but the apples over there are one of the staples to buy. the prices range from $1 to $150 each on up depending on the kind you wish to get. that place also has some veggies. i just took 3 ladies with me to come check it out last week and they had a ball. that price is better than the commissaries, where a $4. some a pound will only give you an apple and a half. good luck!

  14. Tiffni – The prices are definitely as good as you’ll find them on Okinawa; They have LOTS of greens – i can’t remember if there were a lot of apples and what the prices were, but in general the apples here are expensive, unfortunately. I just look for the reasonably priced fruit when I go. It’s like a fun family excursion for me.

    SO cool about the performances, that’s fantastic!

  15. Hi everyone!
    My family has been in Okinawa for almost a year now. I am still trying to learn the “best” places to go! I heard about this website and this great place. I am checking it out tomorrow!! I am so excited!
    How are the apple prices?? Lettuce??

  16. They sometimes have performances there, too. We stopped by there one Saturday as there were tents all around. I think it was during the Eisa Festival season (there were different groups performing). They had many vendors outside and we walked around to see what we can try. We had a pancake looking thing stuffed with sweet beans inside – they were pretty good. 🙂

  17. For all those still interested in the business hours: they are open daily from 0900-1900. i was just there yesterday. this place rocks!!! you can binge on veggies cuz the prices are so l-o-w and they are so fresh too! ladies (and gents) come and check this place out.

  18. Love it! Thanks, Kandy – and what a great lesson, Jackie. I’m so happy you went and I cannot believe your daughter ate a fish! Classic.

    Joelle, now that you’ve read that answer you know what it is b/c you’ve seen tako-yaki at all the festivals & such. I really love it, when made fresh like that. YUM. I discovered that place right after their grand opening too, my friend had seen it in the paper – and now it’s a regular haunt for sure. Glad you’re all enjoying!

  19. Aviva! I so love your pictures. I’ve been up to the Chanpuru Ichiba right after their grand opening. And, Kaho, after this post I wanna go again!!

    Joelle: I believe tako-yaki is a pancake batter with a little piece of octopus (the tako) which is fried into a round shape then drizzled in sweet-savory sauce. Yummy stuff.

  20. We just returned from Chanpuru Ichiba, not a far drive at all from Kaihocho (near the Gushikawa Jusco Mall). I brought my three kids and in the name of a homeschool lesson on consumerism and money management, I gave them each 500 yen to spend. I was curious to see what they would choose with such a large selection – and we only saw inside the building. They chose everything from baby pineapples to tomatoes, candy, a mesh market bag, fresh flowers. Prices on produce were low and everything was fresh. My 8 year old pushed the cart, everyone around us was so patient and kind. Someone offered my 4 year old a deep fried minnow-looking _whole_ fish, about as long as an adult’s pinky. And she ATE it. My jaw dropped, as did her brothers’ jaws. I can’t wait to tell her father.

  21. This place is great. I have been there a handful of times and there is always something new and different for my family to taste test. We got some corn there a month ago and it was the sweetest fresh corn we have ever had. My boys are still raving about it! I haven’t tried the stuff outside or checked out the garden area but maybe we will do that today. Thanks Aviva for the great post and the super pictures.

  22. Hi Kaho, I love this market. I pass by it every day coming to Kadena and again going home to my house in Gushikawa. Quick note, the street you DON’T get to is 329, not 330. If you’ve arrived at that light on 329, you’ve gone too far. Coco (formerly known as Hot Spar) is on the right side and you’ll want to turn left on the street right before the light in case you missed the parking entrance sign. Hope this helps!