Tina's Top Ten Nail Salon l Okinawa Hai!

Feel like you need a little time away from the circus of life? Step right up to Tina’s Top Ten.

Desperate for a traditional pedicure, I was recently referred to Tina’s Top Ten by a friend. I was skeptical at first. The nail salon is located in Tina Neal’s home on Camp Courtney, and I was concerned it would not have the ambiance I craved and cleanliness I require. Boy was I wrong.

Tina’s salon is in the quiet, spotless and sun-bathed front room of her townhome. She only allows one guest at a time—no boisterous neighbors in the next row over. I sat down in the comfy recliner and tranquility was the only thing on tap for the next hour.

Tina's Top Ten Nail Salon l Okinawa Hai!

Tina kicked of my deluxe pedicure ($40, regular pedicure is $30) by examining my feet for wear and tear, and cleaning up my nails. After 28 years in the nail business, she told me, the health of her clients’ skin and nails is her utmost concern.  She provides each client with a new and sanitized bucket for their soaking pleasure. There is no tap or drain on the bucket, thus it is more sanitary than traditional pedicure chairs.

Tina's Top Ten Nail Salon l Okinawa Hai!After marinating my feet for a bit, it was on to cuticle and callous care. This is where Tina really stood out from other area nail salons. With a regular regimen of yoga, my feet are always, ahem, accessorized with a little excess skin. After Tina got ahold of them, I think I lost a few pounds!

Next Tina massaged my feet and legs and wrapped them in warm towels. My feet then continued on their path toward radiance with a paraffin wax. For those of you who haven’t tried it, it’s kind of like a warm, silken bath for your appendages. The wax hardens as it dries, allowing the moisture on your hands and feet to stay put.

After the paraffin, it was on to the grand finale—the nail painting. As it is a small shop, one might think Tina would have only a few colors to choose from. Not so. She offers a plethora of options, even gel (Shellac/Gellish) polish. I was focused on the beautiful shape of my feet post-pedicure, so I picked a natural shade of pink. They were painted perfectly.

I was so sad my treatment was over. I was in such a relaxed state that I was certain the deluxe pedicure had included a free nap!

In addition to pedicures, Tina also offers manicures ($20, gel- $25) and every natural-nail treatment one could desire, including basic nail art. Because her business is home-based she was able to fit me in around my crazy schedule.

I was hesitant to drive to Camp Courtney from Camp Foster, but it was a quick hop on the expressway for pure nail heaven! I now plan to make a stop at Tina’s Top Ten a regular part of my routine.

My friend recently had a manicure done here as well, with a design on one nail.

Tina's Top Ten Nail Salon l Okinawa Hai!

Facebook Page: Tina’s Top Ten

Hours: Flexible

Payment: Dollars

Phone: 080-3009-5235

Address: Camp Courtney, Building # 4544, Room C

Directions: From Camp Foster, take 330 North, going towards Kadena. You will pass Gate 2 Street on your left. Continue on 330 until it runs into 75. Continue on 75 until you see Camp Courtney on your right. Once you see the towers/family housing, take a right at the light (you will see an Eneos). Then take an immediate right into the family housing gate.

From the expressway (From south of Courtney): Head north. Take exit 5. Once you exit, go straight through the light. Follow that road until it intersects with 75. Once it intersects, take a left and follow 75 until you see Camp Courtney on your right. Once you see the towers/family housing, take a right at the light (you will see an Eneos). Then take an immediate right into the family housing gate.



  1. I recently received a gift certificate from my girlfriend to get a mani and pedi at Tina’s Top Ten. Tina did a wonderful job on both the mani and pedi. I’ve been a nail bitter since the six grade (maybe even since before but this is my first recollection of bitting my nails) and the shellac she applied on my nails has prevented me from bitting them, miracle! The shellac is great quality, after two weeks it hasn’t peeled or lost its luster. Awesome if you are like me, careless with your nails. The shellac doesn’t feel heavy or unpleasant either. The pedi was heaven, my poor little feet needed some TLC and Tina did an excellent job there too. After two weeks the polish still looks great as if I just walked out of the salon! I definitely recommend Tina’s Top Ten.

  2. Absolute best place on the island to get a manicure or pedicure. Tina is a sweetheart and beyond friendly. I love that she takes the extra time to get all of the calluses/dead skin off the bottom of my feet. The gellish and shellac is so pretty and natural looking, with a wide variety of colors to choose from. She’s also very flexible. Definitely recommend!